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If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile word processing program, Microsoft Word is a great option. With a Microsoft Word free trial, you can use all the features of the program for a limited time. This can be a great way to see if Word is right for you before you make a purchase.

How Do I Register For A Free Demo Version Of Microsoft Word?

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You can try out Microsoft Word for free by joining up for a free trial:

  • Microsoft’s 365 Family Subscription
  • Microsoft 365 Standard Edition for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium Service
  • With these subscription plans, you can access every feature of Word and other Microsoft applications for a month.

Follow these steps for a free one-month trial of Suite:

  1. Microsoft account if you do not have one already.
  2. Enter your credit card details to establish recurring monthly billing.
  3. Once your payment method has been verified, install Office programs by following the provided steps.

Is There A Mobile App For The Office?

Yes, there are, and you can use their basic versions for free.

You can get them from the following places:

  • There are currently applications available for Android for Microsoft Office.
  • Apps for the iPhone and iPad that are compatible with Microsoft Office.

Free Office Apps Are Available For Ios, Android, And Windows.

Microsoft’s OneDrive intends for all of your files to synchronize seamlessly between devices. Consequently, the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications for Android and iOS are all available for free download. Listed below are all of the relevant links.

iOS Apps

  1. Word for iOS
  2. Excel for iOS
  3. PowerPoint for iOS

Windows Apps

  1. Word for Windows 10/11
  2. Excel for Windows 10/11
  3. PowerPoint for Windows 10/11

While these are available for free on any device, they do not allow comprehensive access to all features; full functionality is reserved for Microsoft 365 subscribers. Refer to our Microsoft Office purchase guide for further details.

You will always be able to open and read documents for free, but you will only be able to create and modify documents for free on devices with screens smaller than 10.1 inches. That means you can edit Word documents on a smartphone or small tablet, but only view them on a larger tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

On iOS, at least, the distinction is clearer: any iPhone, regular iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Mini may create and edit documents for free, whereas iPad Pro users can only read them.

Even on a smaller screen, you will only have access to the ‘core’ Office experience, which excludes a number of editing tools and capabilities for free users.

For A Short Period, Microsoft 365 Is Available For A Free Trial

If you’re using a device with a display greater than 10.1 inches, it’s not enough to simply view documents; you’ll need more functionality.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that costs £5.99/$6.99 per month or £59.99/$69.99 per year for a Personal account. It gives you access to the same apps listed above, but it unlocks their full feature set on any device and stores your work in the cloud so you can view it from anywhere. In addition, you will have access to internet technologies such as Exchange and SharePoint.

The rebranding of Office 365 to Microsoft 365 in April 2020 will offer a few new features, but none of them are anticipated to significantly alter how you utilize the applications. Among these are a consumer-oriented Teams subscription, a new Family Safety app, and a multitude of new capabilities across Office’s core programs.

The good news is that Microsoft 365 provides a one-month free trial, allowing you to test it without incurring any costs.

Microsoft Teams Is Offered At No Cost

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Microsoft Teams, which features Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote Online, is a free alternative if you routinely communicate with others. Teams provide the ability to communicate, share files, and make video conversations from within the application. There are additional premium options available, beginning at £3/$4 per user every month.

Microsoft provides a one-month free trial for all subscriptions.

After The Free Trial Period, How Much Will Microsoft 365 Cost?

The cost of your Microsoft 365 subscription is determined by the plan you select during the free trial period. Before registering for a free trial, think twice about entering your payment information, or using the DoNotPay free trial card.

For details on the rates and features of each subscription plan, see the table below.

1. Microsoft 365 Family

  • Annual price: $99.99
  • Monthly price: $9.99


  • Maximum of six people
  • Premium apps include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access (only on PC), and Publisher (PC only)
  • Per-user, 1 terabyte of cloud storage
  • App security that is superior

2. Microsoft 365 Business Standard

  • Annual commitment $12.50/month


  • Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool.
  • Emails for professional reasons
  • Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are all programs that can be used to create presentations.
  • Safe cloud services include OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams.

3. Microsoft 365 Business Premium

  • Annual commitment $20/month


  • Protection from ever-changing cyber threats
  • Intune and Azure Information Protection are two cloud services that are extremely secure.

Microsoft’s Home Use Program Discount

Microsoft’s Home Use Program for 365 Family or Personal memberships allows you to save 30% on a Microsoft 365 subscription through your employer.

You only need to provide your company’s email address to determine eligibility. If your business qualifies, you will receive an email including a link to validate your Microsoft account and gain access to the 30% discount. Determine whether you are eligible.

What Happens Following The End of My Free Trial?

Your free trial will automatically convert to a paid subscription unless you disable recurring payments in your Microsoft Account. Depending on the subscription plan you select, you will then be charged either a one-time or recurring fee.

If you’re having problems accessing your Microsoft account and don’t know how to cancel your trial before it expires, you can rely on DoNotPay to do so on your behalf.

If you insist on doing it yourself, you must remember to cancel your free trial (if auto-payment is enabled) prior to its expiration, as Microsoft will not tell you.

Is It Possible To Sign Up For A Second Trial Subscription To Microsoft?

It is possible, but not immediately. Two trials must be separated by one year, and a third trial is available one year after your paid subscription expires.


Overall, the Microsoft Word free trial is a great way to try out the program and see if it is the right fit for you. It is easy to use and has a lot of features that can be very helpful in creating documents. If you need more than the free trial offers, you can always upgrade to the full version.

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