Mens Athletic Supporters Of 2022

Men’s athletic supporters are a great option for the active man who needs additional support in his midsection. Athletic supporters offer built-in cups – often made of nylon or spandex – that create a comfortable, snug fit at the front and back to prevent unwanted movement while exercising. You’ll find an assortment of men’s athletic supporters, including briefs, bikinis, boxer briefs, and more! Shop online today.

Here are the men’s athletic supporters available on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Mens Athletic Supporters

Mens Athletic Supporters Reviews In 2023

1. GYM mens 3″ Wide Band Classic Athletic Supporter

The GYM 3″ Old School jockstrap is a classic 3″ wide band athletic supporter. The jockstrap is available in 6 colors: White, Black, Royal, Heather Grey, Red, or Yellow. Made with a hefty 3″ wide waistband and 1/2 leg straps. This is not a cup supporter (no cup pocket).

Athletic Supporter Is Designed

Perfect for all sports, this classic 3″ men’s athletic supporter is designed to provide maximum support. The 55% nylon, 25% rubber, and 20% cotton provide breathable and comfortable wear. The belt features a hook and loop closure that makes changing fast and easy.

Athletic Supporter Is An Excellent

The Gym mens 3″ wide supporter is comfortable, durable, and soft! Made of 70% Polyester and 30% Rubber with a 1/2″ elastic waistband, this supporter will stay in place during your workout. The pouch is made from 55% Nylon, 25% Rubber & 20% Cotton. This athletic supporter is an excellent everyday gel padded supporter that works perfectly for sports and other activities.

2. SKYSPER Jockstrap Athletic Supporters for Men Jock

The SKYSPER Jockstrap Athletic Supporters for Men is made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It features an elastic waistband with soft edges to make it comfortable and easy to wear. The supporters come in 5 sizes to comfortably fit most men’s waist sizes.

High-density Stitched Elastic

SKYSPER jockstraps are made of soft/non-irritating cotton and stretch elastic waistband, and the lack of fabric in the back means zero bunching, which has excellent moisture wicking and keeps you cool dry all day. The jocks are breathable, stretchy, silky smooth waistband with high-density stitched elastic that will give you more comfort during your workout.

Double Elastic Straps Affixed

SKYPE men’s jockstrap underwear is designed with double elastic straps affixed to the base of the pouch, which are a different type of men’s underwear from briefs and thongs; once worn, they will completely change your perspective on underwear and love these jockstraps.

3. papi Men’s 3-Pack Jockstrap, Athletic Supporter

Papi’ is a slang term of endearment for ‘daddy’, and men seeking fashionable, fun, and sexy style will certainly find Papi men’s underwear endearing. Founded in 1995 by James Sonzero, an LA commercial producer, Papi underwear has a distinct Latin vibe–bold, slim-fitting, and hot. The styles include briefs, Brazilian trunks, and men’s thongs. All are comfortably body-hugging–just right for men who want to make a bold statement. Papi underwear fits well without giving you the feeling that you’re squeezing yourself into a pair of underwear. Each style of underwear, from boxer briefs and trunks to briefs, to thongs, is made with that special Papi touch and flavor. The most conservative in design are the boxer briefs.

Body-defining Cut

These feature the longer legs favored by many but with a low rise to keep them functional and comfortable. They’re designed for a great fit and softness with a body-defining cut and 100% Cotton fabric. The same is true of the shorter-legged trunk, but the features and possibilities are greater in number. Like most fashion-minded males, Papi has embraced trunk-style boxer briefs above all other underwear styles. Whether you want bold solid colors or exciting patterns, you can find them in a trunk 2 pack from Papi. Papi trunks also cover the three major underwear fabric groups.

Stretch Fabric For A Better Fit

You can choose from 100% Cotton, a cotton blend with stretch fabric for a better fit, or a microfiber option with a sleek feel and perfect fit that you’ll barely notice as you go about your day. Papi briefs are cut for the body-conscious–low-rise and physique enhancing, with fun pops of color to keep things from boring. There are plenty of other underwear manufacturers that make boring, everyday underwear. Papi customers wear Papi because it’s comfortable and familiar but aren’t afraid to show some personality. What sets Papi apart is the sexy cut that still maintains a classic style. Nothing too outrageous here: just fun, bold underwear for men who know how to look great.

Comfortable All Day Long

Our jockstraps will make you feel confident and comfortable all day long. Each jockstrap is made of 100% Cotton, a super soft material that is breathable and comfortable so you can stay relaxed during any activity. Available in the X-Large size range (38” – 42”), these jocks are perfect for any man looking to spice up his wardrobe!

4. Summer Code Men’s Athletic Supporter Performance Jockstrap Elastic Waistband Underwear

This men’s performance leg underwear is designed with a comfortable, stretchy waistband and adjustable front straps. The jockstrap will adjust to your perfect fit with an elastic waistband that stays in place.

Super Soft And Stretchy Fabric

This comfortable jockstrap is made of super soft and stretchy fabric and provides a snug fit while still breathable. The elastic front pouch evenly distributes the weight from your manhood, keeping you on top of your game.

Comfortable Fit

This is a classic-style jockstrap. It offers a secure, comfortable fit. The wide waistband with double suspenders and soft, elastic material ensures a snug yet flexible fit that provides all-day comfort. The performance nylon/spandex fabric allows for breathable support and strength when playing sports or working out at the gym.

5. Men’s Jockstrap Underwear Briefs Athletic Supporters Sexy G-Strings Thongs

Men’s jockstrap underwear comprises 95% premium fiber and 5% spandex material. The jockstrap men’s underwear is designed in a manner that is comfortable to wear, gives relief to male private parts, and snug fits in place. Men’s stretchable jockstraps are well-known for their durability in terms of longevity. Jockstrap briefs are easy to wash, soft, and smooth on skin, giving you a comfortable feeling whenever you use mens pull on sports supporter underwear. You can easily keep your belongings secure in these men’s g-string thongs with a perfect fit in your bum and give a stylish look too when wearing them.

Traditional Jockstraps

This is a very soft and comfortable jockstrap. It has a pouch covering almost all areas that need support and protection, not narrow like other traditional jockstraps. The waistband is soft and stretches well. The wide straps support weight lifting, exercise, or other activities.

Ideal For Formal Suits

Men’s jockstraps are without visible lines, ideal for Formal Suits, Sports Fitness and Gym Workout, Bike Cycling, and Performing other strenuous activities. The Men’s Jockstrap Underwear Briefs is made of cotton material to ensure that it stays soft and comfortable on your skin during sports or everyday activities. Perfect for men who want to look good in a suit, office, or gym.

6. Tyhengta Men’s Athletic Supporter

Our designers are devoted to enhancing your stylish and sexy fashion look. When you’re seeking total minimalism, our Tyhengta assortment offers maximum style and function. Popular styles include Underwear, Jockstrap, Swim Trunks, T-Shirt, etc. Selected fiber, which keep you cool and dry for everyday use, working out, and sports.

High-quality Material

Our ultimate goal is to make “WOW” products we want to wear and use or buy as gifts for friends and family. That’s why we are dedicated to every production process, from selecting high-quality materials to making strict manufacturing policies, from tuning every graphic pixel to double-checking every stitch.

Comfort And Great Suppor

Pair your favorite jockstrap with the comfort and great support of the Tengta Supporter. This jock features a contoured pouch, wide elastic waistband, and soft fabric to wear all day long.

7. BSHETR Men’s Jockstraps Athletic Supporters

Men’s Jockstraps Athletic Supporters. Features cotton pouch with breathable mesh, a comfortable and very supportive design. Made from 90% spandex and 10% lycra material that makes it stretchy and soft in the inside yet firm on the outside for support. This jockstrap will not sag when it get wet like others in the market.

Wide Waistband

BSHETR men’s jockstraps are classic and timeless, built to perform with you at the gym and beyond. The 1.9″ waistband brings an elegant metallic highlight while remaining soft and supple against your skin for an excellent fit that doesn’t pinch or bind as you move and sweat. A knit tagless band keeps it comfortable against your skin at all times.

Big Pouch for Better Support

With a wide waistband and comfortable leg straps for a secure fit, our athletic supporter is the perfect way to keep your “balls” in place. Made of lightweight, fast-drying fabric, these jocks are built for freedom and comfort. Made in the USA, you can feel confident and patriotic when wearing them.

8. Shock Doctor Athletic Supporter Jockstrap with Cup Pocket

The Shock Doctor Athletic Supporter Jockstrap with Cup Pocket has a cloth-like fabric that provides comfort and durability. It features a pull-on closure and an integrated technology that gives you the ultimate support. The Mesh cup pocket provides maximum ventilation, keeping you cool and dry throughout your game.

Allows Maximum Ventilation

The Shock Doctor Athletic Supporter Jockstrap offers a secure and comfortable fit for any athletic activity. This jockstrap has an ultra-soft, sports mesh fabric that allows maximum ventilation, two adjustable leg straps, and a cup pocket to hold your cups firmly.

Mesh Cup Pocket Is Designed

The Shock Doctor Athletic Supporter Jockstrap with Mesh Cup Pocket is designed to provide increased ventilation and support. Featuring a 4-way stretch fabric, wide waistband, and leg straps, this supportive jockstrap offers you all the benefits of the Shock Doctor brand.

9. BSHETR Men’s Jockstraps Athletic Supporters

These BSHETR cotton athletic supporters with spandex will make you feel free all day. They are made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex, so they are breathable and comfortable. It has a built-in pouch that lifts, supports and shapes perfectly to give you a bulge boost! The waistband is flexible, soft, elastic, and durable. This is the ultimate jockstrap for athletes or those who want a great boxer brief look.

Perfect Comfort And Suppor

These 95% cotton jockstraps made by BSHETR offer the perfect comfort and support of athletic supporters. The cotton material allows for a more breathable feel for your skin, as well as an added elegance with the premium, soft wide logoed mercerized waistband (1.9″).

Jockstraps Athletic Supporters

Feel comfortable, secure, and athletic in BSHETR Men’s Jockstraps Athletic Supporters. Our superior design is made from ULTRALIGHT fabric that wicks moisture away from your body to keep you cool and dry during your workout. At the same time, our front pouch is better for keeping cool; a lower temperature benefits male health. At the same time, keep your assets well-supported while presenting a very masculine profile.

10. Arjen Kroos Men’s Sexy Jockstrap Underwear Athletic Supporter

Each piece is made with extreme care to provide a high-quality finish and long-lasting wear. Athletic supporter, designed for high-performance needs.Made with Round Pouch and Nylon/Rubber fabric.

Feeling The Butterflies

This classic jock with a new twist will have you feeling the butterflies. This sexy athletic supporter is your go-to for playing any sport with a contoured front pouch and mesh detailing.

Provides A More Comfortable Fit

The Arjen Kroos Men’s solid color jockstrap is built for comfort, style, and performance. The high elastic rubber wide waistband provides a more comfortable fit. The breathable large knit bulge pouch will provide better support and freedom of movement to give maximum comfort throughout your sports activities.

How To Choose The Men’s Athletic Supporters When Purchasing

Supporters in Various Forms

The sport requires supporters in many cases. Genitalia is protected and held without impeding movement inside something comfortable. Male athletes protect themselves further by wearing cups and supporters. Examples of this include:


Supports are jockstraps. A fabric pouch at the front holds a cup, and the outfit has an elastic waistband and leg loops.

Compression shorts come in the following styles

A recent trend in wearing shorts has been form-fitting compression and flexible shorts. Shorts with built-in protection are available in some designs. Jockeys Straps can be uncomfortable.

Videos With An Impact 

The shorts also come with hip guards and thigh guards. The cup is tucked into a pocket, while the hip and thigh guards are pockets.

Protectors for the pelvis:

A female athlete needs pelvic shields or jockstraps, whether training or watching sports. The lower part of the jockey strap covers an individual’s abdomen and groin.


It requires this information to decide on support. Measure your waist with a tape measure. Measure both the hipbone and the belly button. Measuring your waist circumference while wearing pants is easiest when worn in the normal position. Wear clothing to cover the supporter’s underside while you measure.

It is important to measure your waist before purchasing a supporter. Please read the label carefully since each brand is different in size. Male supporters usually come in the following sizes:

  •  A small adult is about twenty-one inches tall
  • A young adult between the ages of 22 and 23
  • Approximately 24 to 25 inches tall, it is available in youth large size
  • An extra-large mattress is 36 inches or larger.
  • 34-38 inches is the average height for people of medium size.
  • 40 to 44 inches are considered large.
  • In the United States, a large window is defined as one that is 45 to 50 inches across.


For the athlete’s genitals to remain close to the body, they need to be able to wear a sturdy and comfortable supporter. Too small cups can cause chafing and are protected from it by foam or gel. The use of small cups can be important for limiting genital size, but they can be inadequate in enclosing the genital area, which may cause pinching when the impact occurs. If the pouch is too large, it may be uncomfortable.

 Even if you wear non-slip cups.

Purchase Considerations 

You should also consider the support’s quality, construction, style, and size.

  • Ensure the cup stays put by choosing a waistband of at least two inches wide.
  • This garment is secured and adjustable with a drawstring.
  • Cushions should be made of foam or gel. Maintaining machines is easy with machine washing.


Protective gear is essential in combat sports like martial arts, in which coordinated attacks are unlikely to cause harm to opponents. Prepare your safety equipment before entering the room or standing on the mats. All these items are included here, including mouth guards, hand wraps, and head and mouth guards.

Frequently Asked Questions

 In What Way Did Stanford Athletics Make A Decision Today?

The board of trustees is enforcing a reduction of athletic staff and programs. In addition, squash, synchronized swimming, men’s volleyball, and fencing for men and women will be discontinued after the season. In the event of future seasons, the participating teams are eligible for participation. 

How Were Decisions Made?

When athletics is financially secure, officials and trustees from several universities have been deliberating about how to support national competition. In detail, we explored opportunities to reduce costs and generate revenue.

 How Many Alternatives Have Been Considered Besides Discontinuing These Sports?

As ticket sales alone are insufficient to overcome financial challenges, other options are being considered, including broadcast revenue, university funding, philanthropic support, and reducing operational budgets.

When Was This Announcement Made?

This announcement was delivered via Zoom today, amid uncertain times in our country and amid the announcement’s timing. 

Despite the challenging financial situation, we must evaluate all our choices quickly and address the financial challenge before seriously changing our programs. There are now a variety of options available to students and staff. You will be contacted as soon as possible if you provide this information. As a result, we made the proper arrangements for the 2020-21 season.

Whether Any Of These Sports Receive Donations, Do They Have A Chance Of Remaining Varsity?

If these sports become club sports after the 2020-21 school year, philanthropic support will be directed toward them.

Stanford Athletics donors provided generous support, but our 36-sport program’s escalating costs were not sustainable.

The Decision Impacts The Future Stability Of Stanford Athletics In What Ways?

Our program remains committed to excellence despite Stanford’s high number of student-athletes. Around 9% of undergraduates will play a sport regardless of the school year.

This move will also allow Stanford Athletics to maintain its top position in three complementary areas: athletics, academics, and athletic training.

In What Ways Do These Changes Impact Title Ix And Gender Equity?

Our decision was partly influenced by Stanford’s policies regarding gender equality and Title IX guidelines. However, we believe Stanford’s status as a committed institution to gender equality in NCAA athletics has been preserved. Long considered one of the country’s best men’s sports programs, Stanford offers a variety of sports for men.

Stanford women have also won 78 national titles and 123 Olympic medals. We can achieve excellence in academics and athletics as long as we are given equal opportunities.

The Changes Will Impact Student Athletes’ Diversity To What Extent?

The athletic department is committed to the mission of building an inclusive and diverse community on campus. We tried to maintain diversity among students when we evaluated these changes. There will be no disparate effects on any particular demographic if these sports are discontinued.


There are many differences between the athletic supporter for men and women. For example, a man’s supporter is designed to be worn over your underwear, while a woman should not have anything underneath it. This difference in design can lead to discomfort or chaffing if you’re wearing an incorrect size. The other major difference between male and female supporters is material; they use different materials because their anatomy requires them to.

Men typically wear cotton with spandex, whereas women usually wear polyester blends, which offer more stretchability and comfort features like moisture-wicking properties. Another key factor about choosing mum’s sports bras versus women’s sports bras is price point – most stores carry both but only one gender-specific style.

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