Lotos TIG 140 Review

[imgbox asin=”B00TEOZ7YW” imgurl=”https://www.kitestring.io/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Lotos-TIG140.jpg” imgalt=”Lotos-TIG140″] Lotos brings you the most affordable TIG welder ever available with all the advanced features. It’s a compact IGBT based inverter welder capable of DC TIG and Stick. If you require a good and portable low-cost TIG welder that offers precise quality performance, then Lotos TIG140 is a perfect welder for your need.
This TIG tool is ideal for welding all ferrous metals including mild steel, copper, stainless steel, and many other metals. The materials can be Omni-bearing welded in all desired positions. Lotos TIG140 is a very flexible welder as it can be operated in dual input voltages of either 110V or 220V, literally making it possible to run wherever a power outlet is available.
With the weight of only 10 pounds, this unit is profoundly portable and ideal for rental shops and outdoor applications. Lotos TIG140 can be operated with small clean-powered generators. So it’s also highly recommended for remote sites.

Special Features

Some of the notable features of Lotos TIG140 are given below;

  • Light and sturdy plastic construction with the handle to carry around.
  • Dual functionality, capable of DC TIG and Stick welding.
  • Automatic dual voltage compatibility and dual frequency of 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Transparent and flappable cover over the control panel for safety as well as user convenience.
  • IGBT inverter controlled by analog.
  • Lift-start ensures high quality and clean welds.

Lotos TIG140 serves maximum output power of 140A and 35% duty cycle at 140A, which is considerably good for the hobbyist as well as professionals dealing with light welding applications. It can weld metals that are up to 1/4 inch or 6 mm thick and materials as thin as 18-gauge. This unit is as powerful as other high-end TIG welders of the same category.


  • It’s very light in weight, so you can simply carry it around like a small bag. The handle adds more portability to the device.
  • With Lotos TIG140, you don’t have to worry about accidental changes in the settings of the unit while working as the unflappable transparent cover prevents you from accessing the control panel unnecessarily or accidentally.
  • Unlike some of the advanced and complex TIG welders, this device comes with the simplest control panel. It has only a power button and a simple knob with fundamental settings. Even if you are a learner or beginner, you can use this unit effortlessly.
  • Most importantly, it’s very affordable, available at the lowest rate. Still it has everything that a standard DT TIG welder must contain.


  • Lotos TIG140 is a DC TIG welder and cannot provide AC output, so it’s not recommended for welding aluminum. Even it does, it can’t weld that efficiently like an AC TIG welder does. If you also need to weld aluminum and can invest a little more, then you can go for AHP AlphaTig 200X.
  • It’s good for novice and small shops but not approved for thick and heavy duty applications. In case you need a welder for heavy industrial duty purpose, then please look for the high-end TIG welders in the review list.


Lotos TIG140 DC TIG/Stick welder is simply perfect and it doesn’t leave any space for mistakes. If it really matches your welding needs and requirements, then you are never going to regret this choice of yours. In fact, it can be very beneficial for both novice and experienced welders.
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