Lotos Mig140 Review

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Power and Applications

With output power ranging from 30A to 140A and duty cycle of 20% at 90A, Lotos Mig140 can weld an industrial performance and quality at a very affordable cost. It’s the most versatile welding unit for both professionals and DIY users, in its class.
This tool is also capable of flux-cored welding and it can weld various metals ranging from 24-gauge to 1/4 inch thick sheet, including steel, stainless steel and even aluminum with the additional spool gun. It’s ideal for small home projects, auto body workshops, and other light professional applications. Lotos Mig140 is best for the learners.

Portability and Flexibility

Lotos Mig140 has an average weight of 54 pounds, which is not so light or too heavy. It has been designed to be a very portable unit as it comes with a handle on top so that it can be carried around easily. Unfortunately, this welder doesn’t have an inverter design, so using it with generators is quite questionable. Even if used, this tool might not work as efficiently. It’s less recommended for remote sites.
Lotos Mig140 is a flexible welder as it can easily be connected to any existing 110V power outlet. It comes with a very simple design and hence, can be set up in a breeze and ready to be used within 10 minutes.

Special Features

Given below are some of its notable features;

  • Thermal overload protection system protects the welder from overload and prevents the tool from heating up due to overuse. It also ensures the durability of the tool in the long run.
  • Easy setup feature allows you to assemble the welder in very less time, ultimately saving a lot of time.
  • Also, making it ideal for novice welders and beginners.
  • The dual function makes this unit more versatile as it can be used as gas-shielded MIG welding as well as self-shielded flux cored welding.
  • New aluminum wire feeder offers better stability and more convenient user experience.


  • The main advantage of this welder over other MIG welders of the same category is that it’s the simplest and most easy to use. The super simple assemblies feature makes it quite easy to setup, that almost all the users find it useful. The job can easily be done with very less hassle. It’s the ultimate tool for the learners who are just starting to explore welding profession.
  • Quite light and portable as compared to other welders.
  • The tool is much affordable.


  • The gas cylinder is not included with this tool, so you’ll have to buy it on your own.
  • It cannot be used with generators, so its portability is somewhat constricted if you need a welder for remote sites.
  • Its features are not as advanced as some of the other top welders with the same capacity. In case you need a more advanced tool, you can go for Lincoln EasyMig 140 or Forney 309-140A.

Cost and Warranty

When compared to other top-rated and high-quality MIG welders, Lotos Mig140 costs quite less. Even if its price is lower than others, this unit doesn’t lag behind when performance is considered. It’s equally powerful and versatile. Although it has been designed for novice welders, but many expert professionals also prefer this unit due to its simplicity.
Your investment is totally safe with Lotos Mig140 as it comes with a 1-year warranty. If in case any defect is encountered in its materials and workmanship during the warranty period, then Lotos will cover the damage repair or replacement charges.


Lotos Mig 140 is a top choice and it’s preferred by many professionals who have to deal with wide variety of projects. This unit comes with almost all the basic accessories and can be a perfect tool for all welding tasks. It might be good for mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, but this welder can also weld various other types of metals. Ultimately, it makes a great home unit.
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