Lotos MIG 175 review

[imgbox asin=”B00AFM8OCO” imgurl=”https://www.kitestring.io/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Lotos-mig-175-welder-reviews.jpg” imgalt=”Lotos-mig-175-welder-review”] Lotos MIG 175 welder is a welding machine that any serious entrepreneur would want to have in their garage. While working with my welding machine that I used to think was the best in the market, I came across the Lotos MIG 175 in a friend’s garage. This solid machine had some really nice and superb weld penetration together with a wire feed motor system of functionality. Together with other unique features that made me to order one unit for my garage, I have never regretted having made the decision of buying this welder.
The Lotos MIG 175 welder has the following features which include;

  • 30% duty cycle at 135A and 20% duty cycle at 175A
  • It also features an individual together with an infinite Volts together with wire speed systems of adjustment
  • MIG welding stainless steel, aluminum and other materials.
  • The product measures 18 x 10.5 x 12.5 inches and weighs 85 pounds
  • The steel gas supply is: clean, dry and oil free 25% carbon dioxide and 75% Argon.
  • Aluminum gas supply is clean, dry and oil free Argon

Previously, some cheap was not easy for me to weld aluminum products and other light metals such as a bicycle frame. The Lotos MIG 175 with its versatility has now enabled me to be able to weld any given type of metal. All the kinds of metals can now be welded in my garage. By the use of a spool gun, you will be able to weld aluminum, something that’s not possible with most of the other cheap welders.
Ranging from a bike, a vehicles body, the chassis of a truck, the heavy metals from the farm machineries and others. Since I bought this product, apparently I have been able to make more profits. 🙂 smile.!
It’s not the world’s best welder, but you can perfectly happy with capabilities and its performance for the money it cost.


The Lotos MIG 175 welder comes with many advantages namely:

  • reliability together with performance stability is enhanced by the advanced transformer technology
  • the product can easily be connected to a 200 – 220V wall outlet that exists in your garage
  • The Lotos MIG 175 welder can easily be set up within a period of only ten minutes.
  • With a temperature controller together with an overload breaker, the Lotos MIG 175 welder is equipped for machine protection
  • It is also designed with two automatic circuits for the protection of the wire feeder motor.
  • It’s very suitable for the welding of aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel among other metals.
  • It comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Gauge 18~ 1/4″ is the stainless steel and the mild steel’s welding capacity while the capacity of aluminum is 1/8 plate or even thicker.
  • Its wire feed rate is 4.9Ft/min ~ 39.3 Ft/min, and the applicable wire sizes are of 0.025″ ~0.030″
  • Has a power efficiency of 80% and the output current is between 30~175A


Shipping can only be done within the U.S.A together with the APO/FPO addresses hence almost impossible or quite expensive for those out of these two brackets to get the product in their localities.


With my experience with the Lotus MIG 175 welder, I give it a rating of 4.5-star not only from its functionality but starting from the purchase. The product comes in a package that includes an MIG welding wire, a welding protection mask, an argon regulator, an argon horse, a ground clamp and cable, an MIG spool gun and an MIG torch. I have been in the welding business and for a long time now have bought several welders. Very few of them will come with such a number of side products in the package. There is not a single disadvantage that I have singled out in relation to the functioning of this machine


It is very normal that when a new product comes in to the market, people tend to fear to try them. It is also a common saying that “if the deal is too sweet, think twice. For the Lotos MIG 175 welder, do not think twice. Do not also fear being the first one in your town to have this new product in the market. You will never ever regret having spent your money in it. For the doubting Thomas, I have already tried using the welder and the results are good. You can as well give it a try. After all, you won’t be the first one to go for it.
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