Longevity Tigweld 200SX review

[imgbox asin=”B00ATBQF5Y” imgurl=”https://www.kitestring.io/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Longevity-TIGweld-200sx.jpg” imgalt=”longevity 200sx review”] Are you looking for a good TIG stick welder that is capable of welding on both your 110V and 220V power- Then, I would say Longevity Tigweld 200sx is the welder model you are looking for! As per the Longevity Tigweld 200sx review, this has been built as a compact and versatile unit and would offer you with a simple set of controls for making your welder to perform a wide range of jobs for you.

Features that Stand-Out:

Aren’t you willing to know the features of Longevity Tigweld 200sx that stand-out from the other similar products in the market- Here is the list of those features for your reference:

  • Highly Efficient IGBT Inverter Technology: According to Longevity Tigweld 200sx review, this has been equipped with highly efficient IGBT Inverter technology which is responsible for emphasizing the portability of the machine. In addition, the efficiency as well as the reliability of the IGBT components would provide you the great welding experience.
  • Dual Voltage Option: You can be able to use your Tigweld 200sx as a stick welder on both the 110V and 220V power with just the flip of a switch. As such, the stick welder would give you an output of 160 amps over these power inputs.
  • Operations with Panel and Foot Pedal: In this welding machine, you can gain a full control over your welding operations no matter whether you are using the panel or foot pedal. The foot pedal model would allow you to set the amperage limits when at the same time you could variable adjust your amperes.

Performance and Capacity of Longevity Tigweld 200sx:

What are the capabilities of your TIG welder- As per the reviews on Longevity 200sx, firstly, this machine can be operated on both AC and DC voltages. This welding unit would allow you to switch easily from 110V to 220V by using the adapter plug that is being included. On both AC and DC voltages, this welding unit could produce around 200 amps. The following features of this TIG welder will provide you an ultimate welding control:

  • Pre-flow
  • Post flow
  • Clearance effect

On the other hand, the stick welder which can also be operated on both 110V and 220V voltages is capable of welding the following stick welding electrodes: 7018 and 6013. It can also weld some other electrodes as well.

Ease of Use:

First of all, this machine is extremely portable by weighing just around 37 pounds. You could easily carry your machine to any job site. Next, the 110V adapter would make it easier for you to connect the welding unit with a standard power outlet. In addition to these, Longevity Tigweld 200sx review suggests that the following features would provide you with the greater ease:

  • Simplicity in Design: This welding machine is a user-friendly model which would provides you the greater convenience while using. The simplicity in design along with the easy dial in options would give you the perfect aluminum and steel welding.
  • Easy-to-Use Dial Setup: You would see that all the adjustments in this machine are properly spaced as well as coded thereby allowing for easier on-the-fly adjustments. Yes, you could even make adjustments while you are still welding.
  • TIG Start is of High Frequency: The high frequency TIG start makes it easy for you to strike the arc. You will never have to scratch for starting the arc. In addition, this method would keep your tungsten free from contamination.


  • The dial setup of this welding unit will be easy to setup and operate.
  • This switching from 220V to 110V voltage is much easier as per the review articles on Longevity Tigweld 200sx.
  • This welding machine has an in-built thermal overload protection feature.
  • This can be easily transported as it is weighing lighter.


  • The torch of this welding unit might look huge while you weld smaller stuff.

If you are a hobbyist or professional who is looking to buy a great TIG machine then I would say that Longevity Tigweld 200sx will be the ideal choice for you. The outstanding features along with its capacity and ease of use make it a great machine of current times.
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