25 List of Drawing Prompts

People are often reluctant to start working on their artwork because they don’t know where to start. If you want to become a better artist or just draw more often, it can be helpful to have prompts to inspire your creativity. That’s why this list of drawing prompts in this article is so valuable. There are plenty of good ideas in it, including funny drawings and easy drawings for beginners. If you’re stuck in a rut, looking for some inspiration, or just relaxing as an artist, you could use this list to get started on something new.

Drawing prompts help break the ice and get you started drawing. We have selected the 25 best list of drawing prompts, which provide varying degrees of difficulty to appeal to the majority of artists. There is enough variety among the prompts that there will be at least one that inspires you. Use your imagination, draw to the best of your ability, and have fun!

25 List of Drawing Prompts

The list of drawing prompts is organized into categories based on its topic. This will make it easy to look for your next drawing or brainstorming topic. If you are looking for a new drawing prompt, you could find the perfect one from this list.

Character Drawing Prompts

Character Prompts oil painting

1. Draw Crowds

If you love character creation and drawing, character drawing prompts are the perfect tool for you and your imagination. Often drawing crowds is much easier than drawing one character. It’s actually a lot easier because our brains like to compare things and see them in sets. They do this because it makes identifying and recognizing images a lot easier.

2. Draw a portrait of yourself or someone else

As a character drawing prompt, you can draw yourself as a character or someone else. Maybe it was your boss, it was your childhood friend or an enemy. Maybe it was just someone who needed help, and you were there to give it. Draw that person as a character to make your drawing more unique.

3. Draw a clown

It is important that your drawings bring a smile to your friends and family. The jokester aspect of this prompt can help you do this, along with the shock value. Even if you are having a serious conversation with someone or writing something very professional, when they remember the clown drawing you made for them, it will smile on their face and make them laugh for sure. This character drawing prompt is perfect for any situation, any time of the year.

4. Draw a cowboy

The cowboy is one of the oldest and most iconic character drawing prompts around. Their memorable hats, rugged clothing, easy-going nature, and iconic revolver that seems to come out when they call “YEEEHAAW!” make them a favorite among this list of character drawing prompts.

5. Draw a pirate in a hammock.

We have a prompt that is good for drawing pirates. You may have to angle things because the hammock should be angled. But you can do that, and then when you draw the rope strung between trees and the pirate in the hammock, you can work on your skill.

Funny Drawing Prompts

cat dancing art

6. Draw a stick figure falling

When it comes to funny drawing prompts, there are a lot of what you draw ideas out there. One of the most basic human activities is making our way across a floor or terrain while walking or jumping. Draw a stick figure falling in a humorous way. For example, you can draw a stick figure that is holding on to an umbrella as he falls or show him falling out of a hot air balloon while waving.

7. Draw a cat dancing

Cats are one of the funniest and most popular animals that exist today. They can be enjoyed in many different ways, like books, stories, drawings, and many other things. Yes, this drawing prompt may seem silly and juvenile, but who doesn’t have a place in their hearts for funny and cute cats? You can also draw a cat dancing on a piano. If you really really want to get creative you can incorporate dancing cats into other objects. 

8. Make a drawing that looks sticky

For this drawing prompt, you’ll need to create a piece of art that looks sticky. This can be achieved by making a drawing of a person with a lot of syrupy-like gunk running down their chin or arms. You could also draw a waffle dripping with syrup or a pancake overflowing with maple syrup.

9. Draw an interesting form of transportation

 If you are looking for funny drawing prompts, this drawing prompt is perfect for you. Draw a funny form of transportation. Transportation draws most people. What is your favorite type of transportation or mode of transportation? You are going to have a lot of fun drawing a funny form of transportation.

10. Draw something false

Drawing things false is a great way to show off your artistic abilities. But it can be difficult to decide how to draw something false in the first place. You can draw a fictional object, idea, or concept. It can be a tall tale, made up story, something that is only half real, or a chimera of sorts.

Drawing Prompts for Beginners

rose oil painting

11. Draw fresh fruit or vegetables

Are you new to drawing or returning to it after a break? Drawing fresh fruit or vegetables is a great starting point for two reasons. It’s simple, and your results will look amazing. How could they not when you’re using such a vibrant subject? And the truth is, despite what it might feel like, drawing isn’t actually as hard as it looks.

12. Draw a flower

As drawing prompts for beginners, you can draw a flower. While drawing a flower is suitable for anyone with art experience, there are also degrees of difficulty when it comes to drawing a flower. And since you’re new to drawing – you can make it simpler.

13. Draw an object melting

Drawing an object melting is a preliminary drawing exercise. This drawing prompt has been created for those just starting out on their art journey. It’s important to keep your sketches simple as a beginner. The best way to start is by studying figurative drawing and observation.

14. Draw a moon

Drawing prompts for beginners are great because they get you trying out new things. Imagine if you had never drawn a line before and then you were tasked with drawing a chair, that would be hard. But drawing a moon is really easy, even for the newest of drawing beginners.

15. Draw a house

Houses are a great way to get people warmed up to drawing. It gives them an idea of how things will look since they’ve already seen one in real life. There are plenty of examples as drawing prompts for beginners out there, but many can be quite advanced. But, this is a simple topic and is easy to draw.

Silly Drawing Prompts

Taco drawing

16. Draw a butterfly eating a steak

Sure, a butterfly eating a steak sounds silly, but there’s more to it than that. A few prompts that begin with this simple idea can be a silly way to get creative, and your drawings can even serve as an outlet for emotional expression.

17. Draw a cat chasing a dog

As silly drawing prompts, you can draw a cat chasing a dog. When you want to be creative with your drawing skills, you should use these silly drawing prompts or gain confidence in your drawing abilities.

18. Draw a piece of fruit in outer space

Draw a piece of fruit in outer space. ​ You could draw a watermelon, an orange moon, or perhaps you’re feeling more like a berry purple galaxy-apple? This silly drawing prompt is an exercise in creativity and imagination!

19. Draw a walking taco

As silly drawing prompts, you should attempt to draw a walking taco.   To be more specific, this means that a taco should appear to be walking on two legs (due to the placement of the ingredients) or have the appearance of an anthropomorphic character with a taco shell for its head or body.

20. Draw a plant with a face

Drawing a plant with a face is one of the sillier drawing prompts. I know that sounds weird, but plants can be funny looking when you think about it. Their leaves can sprout in different patterns, they can drop down, and their stems can look funny joined together. So if you really try, there should be plenty of inspiration for you when drawing a plant with a face.

Drawing Prompts Ideas

natural view painting

21. Draw Seascape

Drawing the ocean can be great fun and also a wonderful challenge. To draw the seascape, grab your pencils, paints, or charcoal and find a white piece of paper. If you want to make it easy on yourself, then you can use a white computer page. With this type of prompt, your main focus is to get the sense of movement across that water.

22. Draw landscape

What you see when you look out your window, what you see can be an interesting drawing prompt idea. For example, looking at the outdoors, drawing green views or a lake, and drawing reflections in the water.  Landscapes are a great way to start when drawing. They’re simple enough to keep you from losing interest, but adding details later also leads to a very rewarding feeling when it’s complete. You can choose any landscape drawing ideas like trees, hills, lakes, etc.

23. Draw a light object in a dark environment

Light objects in dark environments are one of the best drawing prompt ideas because they are relatively easy. If you had a light object in the dark, it would shed some light on the object and show more details. The best types of light objects include shiny objects, lights, and reflective surfaces such as water and mirrors.

24. Make a detailed drawing of a rock

Rocks are hard, and most people wouldn’t spend much time drawing them. That’s why you might surprise yourself with how much detail you can add to rock if you take the time to do it.

25. Draw a bridge and all of its details

This drawing prompt idea is a great way to challenge your skills and improve upon them. Bridges are an important part of our transportation infrastructure and have been around for hundreds of years. There are lots of different kinds of bridges, but they all have a few things in common, and that’s what your drawing should focus on. Don’t just draw a simple bridge, study pictures of bridges to develop your own unique style.

Final Words

The drawing prompts above can help you overcome creative blocks and refocus your mind on the subject you are working on. Think of the prompts as a way to get your creative juices flowing again and jumpstart the creative process. With so many options to choose from, you should be able to find something that strikes your fancy.

The list of drawing prompts is also a great resource if you are looking for a topic that you could use in your art journal. It would be easy to create several pages of drawings based on one topic just by changing the medium. It would also be easy to make an entire book of mixed media drawings using some of the prompts from this list.

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