Lincoln Square Wave 200 Vs Miller Diversion 180

After you have mastered your TIG and MIG skills, you may need to invest in a top-notch TIG welder machine, as this machine will amp up and help brush your skills definitively. However, you need to have a high level of patience and dedication to finding the right TIG welder among so many options available. Therefore, I have brought a sweet comparative review between two of the best-selling TIG welders from two reputed manufacturers: Lincoln Square Wave 200 vs. Miller Diversion 180.

These two welders are highly compatible with all kinds of metal welding. Lincoln is equipped with high-grade adjustable features for professional use; the Miller welder has much limited adjustment, which may not satisfy the professionals. On the contrary, Miller is effortless to set up, and intuitive start; the Lincoln welder requires a bit of practice to start off with. So, let us look at an in-depth comparison and review between the two.

Lincoln Square Wave 200 Vs Miller Diversion 180

Comparison: Lincoln Square Wave 200 vs. Miller Diversion 180

Before starting, let us have a look at the detailed comparison between the Lincoln Square Wave 200 vs. Miller Diversion 180 welding machines. Reading this will provide you a comprehensive knowledge about the differences between the welding machines before you jump onto their reviews.

Manufacturer: The square wave 200 is from Lincoln, which is a US-based worldwide manufacturer of all kinds of welding products. Lincoln has been a leading welding industry since the late 19th century, so you can already determine its manufacturing quality. On the other hand, Miller entered the welding market in 1929, and it is also the world’s largest welding equipment manufacturer.

Build: In the case of build, both the manufacturers provide excellence, durability, and reliability. You can use these machines for years without harm externally, such as corrosion and rust cannot overpower them. To be precise, these may outlast you too. The Lincoln square wave is slightly heavier for a slight difference, weighing 73 pounds, whereas the Miller weighs 65 pounds.

Price: In terms of price, the Lincoln Square Wave 200 is cheaper than Miller Diversion 180; the price difference is noticeable. You can check Lincoln Square Wave 200 price here. Also, check out the price for Miller Diversion 180 here.

Usage: Both machines have exceptional welding usage on different types of metals. For professionals who require a welding machine with varieties of adjustment features and an unlimited degree of controls to get your desired output level, then trust Lincoln Square Wave 200. However, for beginners who are looking for a welding machine to carry on less demanding welding work such as DIY welding projects, household use, then the Miller Diversion 180 has perfect use.

Welding Process type: Lincoln Square Wave 200 has and Miller Diversion 180 both have AC and DC welding process type. Where the Ac frequency range for lincoln is 60-150 Hz, and for Miller, the frequency requires pre-setting that limits flexibility in many ways.

Power:  Both the welding machines have dual input power systems. The Lincoln Square Wave 200 has 120 volts for standard household usage and 230 volts for extreme professional use. At the same time, the Miller has the same 120 volts as the lowest input power for light welding and 220 volts for high welding works.

Interface: The Lincoln Square Wave 200 has a moderately simple interface which requires a little bit of practice and inspection for expertizing properly. It has only four control buttons for its purposes. Whereas Miller diversion has a beginner-friendly interface where you just need to select the type of metal on the control panel you will weld. For your ease, there comes DVD and manual instructions too.

Warranty: Lincoln square wave comes with three years of warranty from the manufacturer. On the other hand, Miller diversion comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Overall performance: If we look at the overall performance, then the Lincoln square wave has more flexibility and adjustability in its features that extract maximum performance from the user. However, the Miller diversion has lesser adjustments on some essential features, such as pulse mode, AC dimension, and frequency, but we have to accept that it is made for less demanding welding work.

Lincoln Square Wave 200 vs. Miller Diversion 180 Reviews- 2022

1. Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review

Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder, K5126-1

Starting from small craftsmen and fabricators to professionals and hobbyists, this Lincoln Square Wave 200 is the perfect TIG welder available for everyone. This TIG welder consists of everything you need to get started with and is effortless to use from the first go. It is incorporated with all the unique features for a reliable performance, which you can efficiently function and increase your expertise.

This incredible welder offers both AC and DC power, where AC TIG is meant for aluminum welding, and DC TIG is for welding steel, chrome-moly, and stainless steel. Other than that, you will find versatile options of TIG and welding with the Lincoln Square Wave 200.


Interface: Initially, you might find the interface quite confusing. But, as you glance through it, you will instantly get accustomed to it. The interface contains four main switches- a power on/ off switch, a setting adjustment switch, a welding process choosing switch, and a knob to adjust pulse frequency, amperage, AC balance, and frequency.

Power: This welder works with two different types of power. One is 120 volts for standard household usage, and the other is 230 volts for extreme professional use. There come two power cords for each of the outlets making power switching an easy task.

Pulse mode: The pulse mode range for Lincoln Square Wave 200 is 0.1-20 pulses every second. You can use the lower pulses for welding moderate metals, and for metal distortions, you can use the higher rates.

Inverter technology: The inverter technology design of the welding machine gives it more portability to be carried around anywhere you go. Because this design helps store more power in a compact box, you can carry the welder on a cartwheel for more comfortable movement.

Starting method: The Lincoln Square Wave 200 has a high-frequency start, which is considered one of the most advanced starting methods. It is a non-contact way to start the machine, and it helps to keep the torch’s contamination away from the workpiece.

AC frequency: The Ac frequency range this TIG welder offers is 60-150 Hz. It determines the current’s changing capability from positive to negative every second. Usually, lower frequency leads to wider beads, and higher frequency leads to narrower beads.


  • It is a versatile TIG welder for all skill levels.
  • It offers both AC and DC power.
  • The interface is simple and easy to use.
  • The welder has 120 volts outlet for standard household usage and 230 volts outlet for extreme professional use.


  • It is a very expensive welding machine.

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2. Miller Diversion 180 Review

TIG Welder, Diversion 180, 120-240VAC

The Miller Diversion 180 welding machine is the perfect trusted place for beginners to start with. This welder creates intricate welds with utmost detailing and has versatility for all kinds of welding jobs. The machine takes time to finish welding; after all, it is a process that needs much patience and time to excellent output.

If you want a welding machine with world-class quality and high reliability, then look at the price tag of Miller Diversion 180. You are guaranteed to be provided with a top-notch build and superior performance without leaving you hanging. This machine is the right choice for all DIYers, hobbyists, and house projects that are related to welding.


AC and DC welding: This welder comes with both AC and DC welding options, one of the advanced features of a high-quality welder. The post flow of the AC frequency and balance adjusts to the amperage with the preset option present. This preset feature is helpful for beginners and not required by professional welders.

Start of the machine arc: Like a premium TIG welding machine, this one comes with a high-frequency start paired with an advanced AC square wave. This unique feature is essential for precise, smooth, and quality welds.

Ease of use and set-up: Another proof that this welding machine is made thinking of beginners is its ease of use and set-up. Its intuitive set-up is what sets it apart, as you will learn to operate it within a minute. You just need to select the type of metal on the control panel you will weld and its thickness.

The machine comes with DVD instruction and a manual guide to help you through the set-up and usage for even easier usage.

Build quality: It will not be a surprise if I say that this welding machine has extraordinarily high build quality. Just because it is specially made for beginners does not mean you will be provided with cheap knock-offs. It may look huge, but it is lighter than many welding machines. Two of the foot pedals and the TIG torch are also made exceptionally well. You will be paying for quality here!


  • It works with dual volt input power.
  • Its spare parts are easily available in any local store.
  • You will get precise welding on different types of metals.


  • This machine has a preset AC frequency, balance, and pulse setting that limits its flexibility.

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Lincoln Square Wave 200 vs Miller Diversion 180: Comparison Table

Attribute Lincoln Square Wave 200 Miller Diversion 180
Input power 120/ 230 120/ 220
Weight 73 pounds 65 pounds
AC pulse 60-150 Hz Preset
Warranty Three years One year
Duty cycle 60% @ 175A 20% @ 150A

Should you buy the Lincoln Square Wave 200 vs Miller Diversion 180?

Both the TIG welding machines have exceptional features that would attract any potential buyer. Lincoln and Miller have infused dual-volt input for all types of metal welding, made the machines with high-quality material for years of usage, making your money worthwhile and work fruitful. However, if you are confused between the two, then let me help you.

If you are a professional who requires a welding machine with varieties of adjustment features and an unlimited degree of controls to get the exact output you want, then there would be no better option than the trusted Lincoln Square Wave 200.

However, suppose you are a beginner looking for some welding machines to carry on less demanding welding work such as DIY projects and household use. In that case, the Miller Diversion 180 is definitely a great use for these.


Finally, we are at the end, and I hope that my Lincoln Square Wave 200 vs. Miller Diversion 180 review was helpful for you to pick your desired TIG welding machine. Both of these come from the house of two exceptional and reliable welding machine manufacturers that serve the purposes they claim. Although they are pricey but are so much worth that, they won’t give you a chance of regret; of course, they are the best-selling welding machines for a reason!

If you think that I have missed any important information regarding any of them, let us know in the comment box below and share your personal experiences.

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