Lincoln PowerMIG 180C Review

[imgbox asin=”B007XS47WO” imgurl=”” imgalt=”Lincoln PowerMIG 180C Review”] Lincoln PowerMIG 180C welding equipment is a reliable industrial device, weighing 81 pounds and standing 14 inches tall, with 18.6 inches depth and 10.2 inches width. The input power of the Power MIG 180C is 230 volt, which helps in thicker metal welding. The output of the device ranges from 30 Amps to 180 Amps DC depending on the welding requirements and the wire feed speed ranges from 1.3 meter per minute to 12.7 meters per minute. With MIG welding, it can weld up to 3/16 inch and with gas-less flux cored welding, it is able to weld up to 1/2 inch.

Special features

Lincoln PowerMIG 180C has many special features, making it unique welding equipment;

  • Diamond core technology gives a perfect out-of position arc action with excellent arc formation in a huge range of voltage and very low spatter at a specific wire feed providing sweet spot in the metals and it can be used in metals like aluminum, steel as well as stainless steel.
  • Industrial cast aluminum drive feature, in which the drive is driven by a dual gear system that delivers positive traction. There is no condition of critical conductivity as the brass-to-brass connection of the gun in the equipment protects it and also the wire alignment optimally is ensured by the split wire patented guides. The drive also delivers performance with zero trouble and improved torque because of the technology of close-designed large motor drive specialized for industrial application.
  • Spool gun ready, which can be used instead of the MIG gun. The spool gun 100SG that comes with the equipment can be plugged to the welding machine and used in order to enhance the performance of feeding aluminum wire.
  • No Hassel tool-less design that is necessary for input power and polarity changes. This design is also helpful in mounting of spool and servicing wire drive.
  • Toughest PC board protection is potted, which is necessary in sealing the sensitive components in the device. In this the sensitive components are packed in tough plastic material in a tray like design to keep inside materials rigid and make the equipment shock resistant.


Lincoln PowerMIG 180C is used for a variety of purpose and in many fields like metal fabrication, maintenance and repairing, Auto body shop and light industrial area, this equipment is a very good choice; metal fabrication can be done by this equipment in order to create and build any type of metal structures. Maintenance and repairing of metal bodies can be performed to join any defects in the metal and also this welding tool helps in repairing old and weary metal structures. Auto body shop is one field in which this welding equipment can be most useful at, in making as well as repairing the metallic body of automobiles. It makes the work easier and less time consuming. This welding machine can be used reliably in light industrial areas as its input power is good enough for any small scale metal industries. For larger scale or heavy industrial, the power and might be low to give enough satisfactory result and also this equipment is not compatible with heavy metals.
This tool is not compatible for welding thicker materials than 3/16 inch. For thicker materials, one can take a look at the Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210 Mp, which is more powerful and can weld thicker materials; and for thinner material welding Lincoln easy MIG 140 is recommended.

Additional equipment materials

Lincoln PowerMIG 180C with its dual processing system if MIG and flux core costs less thanĀ $1000. This equipment comes complete with the following extra materials,

  • Magnum pro 100 L gun that measure 10 feet
  • Gas and gasless nozzles
  • Cable liner
  • Contact tips of length 0.025 inch and 0.035 inch
  • Clamp and work cable wire
  • Adjustable gas regulator as well as hose
  • A spindle adapter
  • Spool sample measuring 0.025 inch and Super Arc MIG Wire 58L Spool sample measuring 0.035 inch and flux cored wire inner shield NR-211-MP
  • A DVD manual user guide
  • 025- 0.030 inch as well as 0.035 inch drive rolls and 0.030- 0.045 inch knurled drive rolls
  • 025-0.030 and 0.030-0.045 wire guide

All these materials make the welding equipment, Lincoln PowerMIG 180C complete to work in different applications and in delivering satisfactory performance.
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