Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Review

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Power and Applications

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 is the most affordable MIG welder that you’ll ever want. It’s a full package of affordability and quality. With output power ranging from 35A to 88A, just the right tool for those who have a low budget but needs a strong and powerful welder.
This MIG unit is also capable of flux-cored welding and it offers 20% duty cycle at 70A. Lincoln Electric K2185-1 can weld mild steel ranging from 24-gauge to 1/8 inch thick sheet. It’s ideal for hobby projects and home repairs on light gauge mild steel materials that are found in most households.

Portability and Flexibility

Designed compact, light, and portable, this tool weighs around 46 pounds. You can even use it for outdoor sites where a power supply outlet is available. This unit is not recommended to be used with generators.
Lincoln Electric K2185-1 can be used wherever an 115V power plug is available. It’s user-friendly and quite convenient to use. Everything in this welder has been developed and designed through to assist you to weld more efficiently and effortlessly.

Special Features

Some of the basic features of Lincoln Electric K2185-1 are given below;

  • Four voltage settings allow the user to have more control over the weld and add more versatility to the welder.
  • Continuous wire feed speed adjustment feature allows the wire to be fed continuously with good control, so that the welding could be done more easily, accurately and really quick. In fact, this tool is quite speedy and it can weld 3 to 4 times faster than other units of the same category.
  • Cold contractor safety feature ensures that the welding wire is electrically cold until the gun is triggered.
  • Fan-cooled design prevents overheating while operation, literally increasing the durability of the welder.


  • The best thing about Lincoln Electric K2185-1 is that it’s available for such a low price. With all the precise quality features, the price is comparatively low.
  • It’s much lighter than other tools of the same category.
  • It can weld varieties of metals including aluminum, carbon steel, and mild steel. The tool is comparatively stronger in structure and more durable.
  • Lincoln Electric K2185-1 offers basic safety as it consists of all the features like cooling-fan and voltage control. You can use the tool for welding at any position.
  • This unit requires very little maintenance as compared to other tools.


  • This MIG welder is not recommended for heavy duty applications or industrial purpose.
  • It’s not applicable for welding materials that are thicker than 1/8 inch. For thick materials, you can go for Lincoln EasyMig 140 or Lincoln 210 MP.
  • The unit may be compact and portable, but the included accessories might somewhat constrict its portability. Also, it’s not recommended for remote sites where a power outlet is unavailable.

Cost and warranty

I have already mentioned above, that Lincoln Electric K2185-1 is the most affordable MIG welder that you’ll ever find with such considerable features and precise qualities. If you want a good MIG tool for home use and small projects in the lowest possible budget then you have landed at the right place.
Even if its cost is low, Lincoln always maintains its quality and so your investment on Lincoln Electric K2185-1 is also secured as Lincoln has provided a 1-year warranty period on parts and labor for this tool. Also, the gun and cable have a 90-day warranty period.


Lincoln Electric K2185-1 is a real handy MIG welder and it’s an optimal choice for your project. It’s the best for money and one of the best MIG welders in quality and performance, constructed by Lincoln.
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