Lincoln EasyMIG 140 review

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Power and Applications

Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 140 MIG welder is a versatile handheld tool with maximum output power of 140A. The system offers 20% duty cycle at 90 amps and its feed speed control ranges from 50 to 500 IPM. In addition, it’s also capable of flux-cored welding. Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 140 can weld metals including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. It’s capable of welding mild steel ranging from 24-gauge to 3/16 inches thick. This tool is ideal for small auto body workshops, rental shops and home projects.

Portability and Flexibility

Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 140 weighs around 60 pounds, which makes it quite light and portable. It’s an ideal choice for small scale welders who need a powerful and portable MIG welder.
This welder can operate on input power of 120V and can run on normal household power plugs. Literally, it can be used almost anywhere. Unfortunately, this tool is not compatible with generators, so it’s not applicable for remote welding sites.

Special Features

Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 140 has some special features that you won’t find in any other tool in its class;

  • Fully adjustable drive system in order to reduce tangling or crushing of wire.
  • Brass-to-Brass gun connection to enhance conductivity.
  • Durable cast aluminum Gear box, which not only delivers added drive torque but also reduces sound when the system operates.
  • Easy-turn numeric drive that indicates if there is any tension in the machine and also identifies the optimized ranges from wires of different diameters.
  • Tool-less design delivers a hassles welding experience. Neither MIG nor flux-cored welding require any tools for polarity changes or drive roll changeover. It also has plug-and-play feature and ready to use spool gun feature where the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00CP96KJO” locale=”US” tag=”pickwelder07-20″]Lincoln Electric Magnum 100SG spool gun[/easyazon_link] only needs to be plugged in, making it easier for welding aluminum.


Here are some advantages of Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 140;

  • Delivers proven and forgiving arc performance that makes the welding process easier.
  • Simple two-knob control system makes this tool easy to use, even for novice welders.
  • Versatile due to dual-process functionality; flux-cored can be used for penetrating thicker steel or stainless steel materials, while MIG welder is for thin gauge or materials made from aluminum.
  • It offers smooth arc starts every time with minimal spatter being formed.
  • Rugged construction offers maximum durability to the device.


  • When used as MIG welder, it requires additional gas cylinder, constricting its portability.
  • The tool is not very light and it needs a cart to transport the welder.
  • It is not recommended for welding materials thinner than 24-gauge or thicker than 5/16 inch.
  • As this welder is not compatible to generators, it is not recommended for remote sites like farm or field.

Cost and Warranty

Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 140 comes ready to use out of box and it costs affordable. For a high quality tool likes this, the cost is comparatively low and it’s a very good advantage for you. In a quite affordable rate, you get a powerful tool with dual-functionality.
The system comes with 3 years warranty. In case any technical defect is encountered during the warranty period, you can get free replacement or cost free repairing service. You can also invest a few bucks to extend its warranty period up to 5 more years and enjoy prolonged benefits.


Overall, Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 140 is one of the most reliable and accurate MIG welders. In an affordable price it offers optimal performance and delivers satisfactory results in less time. If you are looking for a powerful MIG welder for small metal fabrication projects, then this is a perfect welder for you. However, if you need a more powerful tool for thicker materials then maybe you could go for Lincoln PowerMIG 180C or Lincoln PowerMIG 210 Mp.
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