25 Large Artwork for Wall

A piece of wall artwork can completely transform a room. It’s the perfect way to express your personality and truly bring your room together. To maintain a clean, organized room with a minimalist design, don’t forget to install the right art in your home. Whether you want to make a statement about your passion for paintings or hope to add more life to your bedroom wall, it’s always a good decision to choose a large artwork for wall. With some of these unique decor pieces, you can really make your room stand out.

Large artwork for walls is the one that uses walls as the canvas. Large Artwork has become more popular due to the advancement of technology and printing techniques. It is so easy to print out large wall artworks with computer technology. But choosing the right one can be a challenge. This blog is all about large artwork for walls. Here you will find the best 25 examples of large artworks that are available in the market.

25 Large Artwork for Wall

Large artwork for walls is a great investment for your home and office. This type of art can make your home look more fashionable. Most people think that this type of decor can only be added to expensive homes, but they are wrong. This type of item can work well even if you want to redesign a smaller space in your house just to give it a more dramatic and sophisticated look.

1. Cherry Blossom Artwork

Cherry Blossom Artwork in wall

If you’re looking for something you can hang on the wall, I just love this cherry blossom large artwork. It’s simple but really stands out and looks great in any room or space. Cherry blossom large artwork for walls is perfect for modern home decor. The painting captures the beauty of the warm spring weather and the calming feel of spring.

2. Oil Painting of a Ship at Sea

Ship at Sea Oil Painting

A ship at sea is an exciting oil painting that would make a wonderful addition to your home. This original, colorful piece of art will be a special reminder of the past and a great conversation starter. It will have anyone who enters your home amazed with admiration and awe.

3. A Rainy Day

Rainy Day large artwork for wall

This type of large artwork is perfect for your home. This stunning large artwork of a rainy day for wall will truly bring warmth to your home with it’s subtle colors and inspiring design. A perfect choice for modern and contemporary homes, also great for kids rooms or as a gift idea.

4. River and Bridge of New York

River and Bridge large artwork for wall

New York is a city of extremes – a place of contrasts, with some of the finest urban architecture in the world. This type of artwork of New York’s river and bridge can be placed anywhere in your home: bedroom, living room, dining room, or hallway. This art print wall décor is best suited for bedrooms that have a more simple style look, with much of the color scheme either in cream or soft brown tones.

5. Sunset Over a Flower Field

Sunset Over a Flower Field artwork for wall

Sunset over a flower field large artwork for walls.  The artwork is filled with color and will be a great choice for decorating the interior of your house in a modern or classic style. If you enjoy images with sunset, suns, and flowers, this type of large artwork can be a great addition to any living area or bedroom.

6. Colorful Flower Trees

Colorful Flower Trees artwork

Beautiful flowers and beautiful colorful trees. Perfect for the room with windows, especially for the winter season. This large artwork can be used as a decoration for the walls of your living room, dining room, kitchen. This painting will certainly glamorize your interiors and put a smile on your face every time you enter the room where it is hung.

7. Autumn Landscape

Autumn Landscape artwork for wall

Autumn Landscape is specially created for thousands of people who love autumn and its beauty. The bright composition is sure to infuse a little decisiveness in any interior, as well as cleanliness and freshness.  It will be a real decoration of your interior, with which you will always feel comfortable.

8. Poppies in the Morning

Poppies large artwork for wall

Large Poppies in the morning artwork for walls. You would be amazed what large wall art can do to make a room. One of the biggest advantages is your walls can instantly be dressed up with a bit of color, fun, or interest.

9. Landscape Painting

Landscape Painting artwork for wall

Landscape painting on walls can really bring your living space to life and introduce you to a closer connection with the outdoors. You can think of it as “bringing the outside in” without actually having to go outside. When we live in a city, we often feel very disconnected from the natural world, surrounded by concrete and noise. But there’s no need to leave your apartment or house feeling claustrophobic all the time. Simply add a landscape on your wall, and retreat right back into nature any time you want.

10. Tropical Sea Beach

Sea Beach artwork for wall

This tropical sea beach image is made especially for your interior design project. The tones and light are beautiful, the water is transparent and you can see the green color making this artwork unique in its kind. Transform any room into a tropical paradise by adding a large artwork for the wall.

11. Roses

Roses oil painting artwork for wall

Roses are the most popular flower species in the world. It is also known as an excellent gift that can never go wrong. A gorgeous blend of pastel shades on this rose’s picture shows us the living iconic symbol of love. The soft pinks and blues create a very comfortable surrounding. This floral wall art print will be appropriate for most home decors.

12. Watercolor Mountains

Watercolor Mountains artwork for wall

Life is just like an adventure to your own world. Life is similar to an adventure to you, and a large part of the excitement is the balance between security and precariousness. Watercolor mountains artwork for walls can help you to re-balance your energetic system and discover your life purpose.

13. Sunrise Over Mountains

Sunrise Over Mountains artwork for wall

Mornings are hard, especially when you have a really long day ahead of you. Adding a large artwork for a wall like this spectacular, can help you cross off some of your to-do lists and make your mood better. If the sunrise over a mountain is your forte I am sure its sheer beauty can brighten up the rest of your home or office space.

14. Lotus Painting

Lotus Painting artwork for wall

Painting with flowers and a lotus is not a new thing. Actually, for centuries people have been decorating the walls with lotus looking but only in the last decade has it become more popular. Lotus flower art is gaining popularity nowadays because of its simple yet elegant floral design and color contrast.

15. Street View of Paris

Street View large artwork for wall

An artwork of Paris street with the Eiffel Tower. This Street View of Paris makes an ideal bedroom, living room, or dining room wall artwork. Create your own beautiful space with a unique elegant photo of a street in Paris that looks at you!

16. Large Paint Strokes Oil Painting

Large Paint Strokes Oil Painting artwork for wall

This striking painting is made up of separate strokes of dark and light paint. The eye dances over the canvas as you try to make out what’s on it. Made of oil paint on canvas, the picture type is modern abstract painting. The picture is painted with a palette knife with oil paints on a white background. The artist uses different textures in his painting process to give the paintings his own touch. It’s a perfect home decorating that will be perfect as home decoration or decoration for any business establishment.

17. Street View of New York

New York Street View artwork for wall

The Street view of New York artwork for walls is the perfect example of a city landscape. City landscapes are very realistic and are also recommended as a home decor item.

18. Fruits Paintings

large artwork for wall

People are always searching for really big wall art paintings of fruits? Did you know that most people that buy large paintings of fruits, don’t know why they do it? They just love to buy them. I guess when you’ve got a lot of unused wall space, some fruit paintings are truly a great choice.

19. Retro Car Oil Painting

Retro Car Oil Painting artwork for wall

Spice up your living room or bedroom with this stylish retro car oil painting. It will be a focal point of conversation in any room. Mid-century modern art is one of the hottest trends today. This piece features a sleek mid-century muscle car, along with muted earth tones to make it a statement piece in any room.

20. Painting of Blue Butterfly

Butterfly artwork for wall

If you want to purchase butterfly paintings or large artwork for your home, you can consider butterfly artworks. You can buy butterfly artwork or wall art to decorate your walls. This type of large artwork may decorate your living room, bedroom, or office.

21. Colorful Abstract Tree

Colorful Abstract Tree artwork for wall

If you are looking for a beautiful and modern large artwork for wall, a colorful abstract tree is probably the one you need. The artwork is modern and fresh, great to decorate any room. Abstract art can decorate your space with its beauty.

22. Colorful Eye

Colorful Eye artwork for wall

This large artwork is quite colorful! The artist has painted the eye, while you can see the artwork with different colors on the other side. The beautiful colors and patterns will add a unique touch of color to your home and make it stand out from the rest. This colorful eye painting is perfect for an apartment or office. Artwork can be easily found in our store. The artwork will add a nice touch to your living room, bedroom, nursery, and other interior design ideas.

23. Running Horse

sturdy Horse artwork for wall

If you love the image of a running horse in large size wall art, you must have it immediately. Running Horse large art print is a great idea for decorating your house as it has captivating images of a horse running. Running horses are a classic symbol of freedom and vitality, often portrayed in thundering motion on horse racing posters or western movie scenes.

24. Spring Flowers and Birds

large artwork for wall

Spring is a perfect time for adding some color and happiness to the home and one of the best ways to do that is to get some wall art. Hang it in any room to create a fun bright atmosphere. Enjoy this type of spring picture with high definition printing and order them as prints to brighten up your day and add style to your living space. Brighten up your home with Spring foliage, vibrant tulips sprouting out of the ground.

25. Couple Looking at Hearts

Couple Looking large artwork for wall

This Couple looking at hearts’ large artwork for walls is absolutely beautiful. A soothing look to be enjoyed by all who gaze upon this lovely picture. They are the perfect couple, one with a radish pastel colored heart and the other with one that is bright and a bit bolder. Put this picture on your living room wall or above a fireplace to add romance to your decor.

Final Words

The size of the artwork you choose for your walls and the frame is important. Make sure that your budget allows for both. You may also want to consider renting an art installation service if you are not very knowledgeable about wall art installation. This will help you avoid the added expense of hiring someone to put up and take down your wall art. In this list, you can find inspiration from excellent types of collections. These are good reference points to create new fabulous large artwork for wall.

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