Top 5 Best Kitesurfing Lines of 2022

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A kite line is a cord or rope used to control the movement of a kite (except the beginner’s square ones). Often wound around a bar or handles, the lines are connected to controls on the bar or handles. Kite lines are up to 100 feet long and when taut, give the kite stability and allow the rider to steer it. Most of us try to avoid having them break but as Murphy’s law says – what can go wrong will go wrong – it might happen again. Hopefully, this article can help you next time you need to know about kite lines.

Editor’s Pick-Kitesurfing Lines

Kitesurfing Lines Reviews

1. emma kites Hollow UHMWPE Braided Cord 1.3mm

emma kites Blue 1.6mm UHMWPE Braided Cord Spliceable Utility Cord DIY Leash Tent Tarp Guyline Hammock Ridgeline Whoopie Sling Bear Bagging for Camping Backpacking Survival Boating 100Ft 750Lb
  • TANGLE RESIST! Smooth to touch, slick to move on most surface and stiff. These features make line less tangle prone. No more tangling trouble during use and organization. We also have UHMWPE line wound in a spool to help well organize.
  • LONG WEAR LIFE! UHMWPE is capable to resist intense abrasion and wear during use. With tight and firm braid, our UHMWPE line has a long service life for you! With low moisture absorbency, resistance to most chemicals, to UV, to severe abrasion and wear, our high strength UHMWPE line will do a lot of help for you in outdoor life and you'll find a great deal of applications out of it.
  • 100% UHMWPE Braided Cord 1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2mm: 750~1000Lb high strength provided, hollow braid, spliceable for making whoopie slings, extra light. High adaption to wild outdoor environment, widely used as guy line, ridgeline for tent, tarp, rain fly and hammock, powerful cord at hand when camping, backpacking, survival, emergency, hunting, boating, etc.
  • High Strength-to-weight Ratio! Made of 100% UHMWPE fiber (UHMWPE is known as different trade names, like dyneema, spectra by different manufacturers), yields highest strength in lightest weight, 15 times stronger than steel by weight. Holds greatest energy in lightest weight! Weighs much less than nylon and polyester cord, also much less bulkier, excellent for outdoor carry.
  • LEAST STRETCH! Stretch annoys much in hauling, rigging and other applications. UHMWPE almost has no stretch under working load. This feature really does a great help in saving labors.

The hollow braided cord is a premium UHMWPE fiber in a 1.3mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm braided structure that has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. The hollow interior allows for more durability and easier knot tying than solid core lines without sacrificing weight or breaking strength. It is immune to rot and mildew and offers high abrasion resistance, making it a good choice for use as guy lines on outdoor tents and hammocks.

15x Stronger than Steel

UHMWPE Cords yield extremely high strength (15x stronger than steel by weight ratio) in a compact size and lightweight. Compared to utility cords or mil-spec paracords made of nylon/polyester, UHMWPE cords are much lighter and far less bulkier, convenient for outdoor carry, and easy store with spools.

Tough Cord for Outdoor

As high-tech performance cords, UHMWPE has unbeatable durability in excellent resistance to UV, chemicals, abrasion (comparable to Kevlar), almost no absorption to water, advanced cords for both home and outdoor uses, superior substitutes to steel wires, especially in water use.

2. Flexifoil Kite Flying Lines 2 x 440lb + 2 x 220lb 25m 4-Line Set

Flexifoil Kite Flying Lines 2 x 440lb + 2 x 220lb 25m 4-Line Set | Braided Dyneema | Quad Power Kiting Lines | Strong Reliable and Dynamic for Traction Recreation Kites Sports
  • SIR RICHARD BRANSON | Flexifoil Braided Dyneema is the same flying-line material used by Sir Richard when achieving 3 Successful Kiting World Records in 2012
  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE | Dyneema, known as the world’s strongest, lightest fibre – 15 times stronger than steel (Source: Marlow Ropes)
  • LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE | With 46,354 Flexifoil Braided Dyneema Flying Line-Sets already sold across 96 countries we changed from a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee to a LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE
  • FOR LAND KITING ONLY | Cut the wind with these pre-stretched and specially adapted Flexifoil Kite Flying Lines to give enhanced speed and performance
  • RECOMMENDED | Flexifoil Kite Flying Lines manufactured from Braided Dyneema for Rage, Blurr and Blade Kites | 2 x 440lb + 2 x 220lb 25m 4-Line Set | Provided on a specially designed Flat-8 kite line winder

Here’s Why 46,354 People From 96 Countries Have Bought Flexifoil Braided Dyneema Flying Lines And Why More Than 380,000 People Have Chosen Flexifoil Since We Invented Power Kiting in 1972, by Anthony Van Dort, CEO, Flexifoil International. In 2012, Sir Richard Branson chose Flexifoil to design the kites which powered his family, friends and himself from England to France and in so doing, achieve 3 Guinness World Records.

A survey completed by 1485 kiting enthusiasts reported quality as their number one priority when buying a kite. It is little surprise considering the number of reviews one reads online about lines breaking, straps snapping, lines fraying, kites tearing on minor impact and kites stalling to name just a few! Flexifoil kites and Flexifoil flying lines perform well in the lightest of winds and they are safe, reliable, strong. Flexifoil is a highly trustworthy premium brand – the absolute market leader in superior quality power kites.

And while 46,354 people have already bought Flexifoil Braided Dyneema Flying Lines from Flexifoil, to give you absolute confidence in your purchase, we make you a promise by way of a Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee. You buy Flexifoil Braided Dyneema Flying Lines from Flexifoil here on Amazon, fly your Flexifoil kite with them and we’re certain you’ll be super satisfied – but – if you’re in any way unhappy with your purchase, then we will give you all your money back at any time – guaranteed!

Strength and Security

Kite flying lines for Rage kites and the latest Blurr and Blade kites by Flexifoil. Manufactured from braided Dyneema, which provides precise control, increased strength, and security. Designed to be used with 4-line sets. They are provided on a specially designed Flat-8 kite line winder for easy winding of your lines when at the beach or in the air.

Excellent Strength

Flexifoil Kite Flying Lines are made from 100% Dyneema SK78 and provide excellent strength, low stretch and light weight. They are perfect for flying high-performance kites and 4-line stunt kites.

3. Dual Line Traction Kite Surfing Stunt Trainer Kite Parafoil Parachute

Generic Dual Line Traction Kite Surfing Stunt Trainer Kite Parafoil Parachute - Red, 1.4m
  • - Made of high quality polyester materials with fine workmanship to provide great durability and long serving time
  • -Perfect for flying in the open area, such as park, sea, beach, grassland and other outdoor places.
  • -1.4 meters surfing power kite Parafoil with 2 winder of 3o meters flying lines for easy control and flying
  • -AGE 14+ juniors adult supervision essential at and can start in lighter (3-level) winds and to stronger winds
  • -Fashion pattern and colors- very attractive, beautiful and classic

The Line traction kite surfing stunt trainer kite parafoil parachute is a great way to learn how to surf the skies with a power kite over water. This stunt trainer kite parafoil is easy to fly and provides smooth control by two winder lines of 30m length which are attached around the sail.

It will catch the wind effortlessly and can perform some amazing stunts as it glides on high speeds through the air with ease. The flying lines are made from Dacron which is a specially woven yarn used for sewing together parachutes for increased tear resistance, strength and durability. This flying power kite has a cute design pattern on its wings in pink and white colors, which makes this stunt trainer kite parafoil extremely attractive while flying across the skies or over water.

Dual Line Traction Kite Surfing

Dual Line Traction Kite Surfing Stunt Trainer Kite Parafoil Parachute is made of high quality polyester materials with fine workmanship to provide great durability and long serving time. This kite is suitable for kid and adult, both the beginner or experienced flyer. Great training kites for beginners learn how to do stunt kite surfing, Also it can do impressive stunts and loops when trimmed correctly.

Colorful and Beautiful Pack

This is the 2 lines traction stunt trainer kite parafoil parachute with colorful and beautiful pack. This kite is designed for beginner and intermediate who want to improve their skills of kite flying, when you fly this kite you have strong pulling power in low wind and good upwind ability in high wind.

4. In the Breeze Braided Kite Line, Black, 100 lb/300′

In the Breeze Braided Kite Line, Black, 100 lb/300'
  • Skill level: All
  • Black ABS plastic hoop
  • Comes with an attached snap swivel for easy connectivity
  • Braided polyester line

The In the Breeze Braided Kite Line is a 100 lb/300′ braided polyester line that comes on a durable plastic hoop and features an attached snap swivel for simple kites. This strong, durable kite line makes a great kite add-on for retailers!

Excellent Way to Spend Time

Kites have always been an excellent way to spend time outdoors and bring a little extra fun to your day. But it has never been easier than with the Breeze Braided Kite Line! With its 100-pound strength, you can have ultimate control over your kite, keeping it up high and stable in winds as low as 4 MPH.

Smooth Running

The Breeze Braided Kite Line, Black, 100 lb/300′ is a braided synthetic kite line that is great for kids or beginners to use for smaller kites. This kite line is easy to splice and has a Dacron cover for smooth running through the wind. The braiding gives added strength for extra durability on your kites. It comes with an attached snap swivel for easy connectivity.

5. In the Breeze Dyneema Sport Kite Line Set, 50 lb x 80′

In the Breeze Dyneema Sport Kite Line Set, 50 lb x 80'
  • Sleeved line set on winder for use with two line kites
  • Right and left color coordinated flight straps
  • In the Breeze Item #2997 - 50 lb x 80 feet Dyneema sport kite line set

In the Breeze has been manufacturing outdoor fabric decorative products, kinetic spinners and kites for 30 years. We are an award winning leader in manufacturing offering our customers innovative designs and products. All of our products use the latest techniques.

Our product development team pays attention to every detail including the best fabric compositions, color trends, printing techniques, sewing and embroidery applications. In addition we are using innovative connectors, fiberglass, string, swivels, adherents and findings.

Basic Lines

In the Breeze Dyneema Sport Kite Line Set, 50 lb x 80′ is a great solution when you just need some basic lines. The 100% Dyneema lines are UV stabilized and have a soft feel, making them easy to handle. This sport kit comes with two-piece snap shackles with line stoppers and adjustable flying line tails so you can quickly customize your set up.

Sport Kite Line

The Breeze Dyneema Sport Kite Line Set is designed specifically for use with two line kites. The sleeved lines and winder allow you to keep your kite on the ground until you are ready for launch, and the right and left color-coordinated flight straps to make it easy to keep track of which controls are which.

Buying Guide About Kitesurfing Lines

Kite Line

Breaking Load

Quality kitesurfing lines should have a breaking strength of 300-500 dekanewton (daN) (daN). Usually, for back/steering lines you can use lesser breaking strength lines, as they don’t retain as much weight. Race lines or lines used specifically for foiling are usually thinner for better performances, which means reduced breaking load.


Even if other manufacturers use the same material to construct their lines, why does these particular brand’s lines survive longer than the others? High-end kite lines are treated with a specific coating, which is the answer. It’s similar to applying wax to your car. In addition, it strengthens and hardens the core of the lines, making them more resistant to harm.

The coating process used by each manufacturer differs, despite the fact that they are all employing the same materials. Looking solely at the data, it’s difficult to determine whether coating technology is superior. In order to determine which brand to utilize, we evaluated over ten different manufacturers and line kinds before to making a final decision.


However, thicker lines are generally stronger than thinner lines, albeit at the sacrifice of performance. It is possible to have all of your flying lines made of 2.5mm dyneema with a breaking load of 1000 kg (2200lbs), which will most likely last forever, but the drag will dramatically reduce performance — greater drag equals more air resistance, which will have an impact on flying performance. Additionally, thicker lines are heavier, which would have an adverse effect on the kite’s performance.

How To Make Sure Your Lines Are In Heathy Condition?

1. It is necessary to kite for a few hours if your lines are brand new, even though they have been pre-stretched by the manufacturer. If your lines are old, you will need to kite for a few hours until the connectors and knots are fully stretched. After a few sessions, double-check to see if all lines are the same length.

2. Every 20 hours of kiting, you should check to see if your lines are equal.

3. The bar should be fully powered while you are checking to see if all lines are equal.

4. If everything is in working order, the kite bar will be straight when all lines are connected to a fixed location.

5. If one or both front and rear lines are significantly longer than the others, you can simply change them using the in bar settings (most of bars these days have different adjustments on back leader lines). Another alternative would be to use pigtails of varying lengths as an accent.

6. Keep an eye out for tangles and knots in your lines; they are a common source of frustration. The strength of a line is greatly reduced when a knot is tied on it.

7. Any signs of wear on any line should raise warning flags. It has the potential to snap at any point. It is necessary to replace the line(a pair).

Frequently Asking Question

Can You Fly A 5 Line Kite With A 4 Line Bar?

North kites (with the exception of the Vegas and Rebel) may be flown on both 4 and 5 lines. The fifth line is a safety line, which is referred to as a 100 percent depower system. Until today, all four NKB linebackers have been deployed on two front lines.

How Strong Should My Kite Line Be?

Most power kites will require line weights ranging from 200# to 800#, with the highest weights reaching 800#. Line weights ranging from 50# to 100# are commonly used for stunt kites. Kites with a single line will often only require line up to 50 feet in length.

Why Is Kiteboarding So Expensive?

One of the primary reasons that kitesurfing is so expensive is the high demand for this sport. To be more precise, the lack of it. Kitesurfing is a sport that is not widely practiced. When you think about it, there are approximately two million kiteboarders in the globe, which is a relatively modest market.


A kite line is what holds the kite to the bar by means of a kite leash. Kitesurfer lines then come in all different sizes and thicknesses, depending on what use it was meant for. There are trainer kite lines which are usually the thickest, followed by standard lines and hard core racing lines, which are usually the thinnest. I don’t know how much you know about kitesurfer lines but let me know if i can send you more info on how they work or anything else.

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