70+ Kitchen Paint Colors

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. It plays a large role in everyday life, but it’s also set to become the new market focus for home buyers. This means that renovating or remodeling your kitchen is more important than ever. When decorating a new space, it can sometimes be challenging to decide what colors will look best. Choosing the right colors can be overwhelming because there are just so many options if you are thinking of painting your kitchen walls. You surely need some inspiration about kitchen paint colors.

The kitchen is the hub of each household, and since we use our kitchen daily, it is important to go with a color that evokes a happy feeling while being functional. Your perfect kitchen paint colors will depend on a variety of different factors. Each one will also impact the style of your kitchen and what you want it to look like in the end.  Choosing the right kitchen paint colors can be a pain. When in the middle of it all, you might find yourself bamboozled and even disillusioned about your decision. Because of this, we’ve created this awesome 70+ kitchen paint colors guide to help you make sense of it all.

70+ Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas

The kitchen is where we spend a lot of our time, and it is also very important in a house. It is not only the room where we cook, but it’s also nice to have it as pleasant as possible. Using the right colors can make a difference in your kitchen.

1. Warm Greige

a kitchen with white chairs

Greige is a color that has seen a lot of discussion over the past few years. Warm greige is a happy medium between beige and gray with just the slightest hint of a warm undertone. The soothing shade could flatter any kitchen design and add an eye-catching accent. If you are trying to find a perfect paint color for your kitchen, something that will go good with almost everything and also something that is visually appealing, warm greige can be something for you.

2. Celery Green

white and celery green painted kitchen wall

We all want our kitchen to be a place where we feel comfort and inspiration. Adding some shade of green in the kitchen can help us achieve this goal. Celery green is one of the most popular green paint colors for kitchen walls, ceilings, and even cabinets. And there are, indeed, numerous benefits of celery green color for your kitchen painted in this color.

3. Turquoise

some fruits on a bowl in kitchen

Turquoise is an excellent color for kitchen painting. It has a cool and calming effect and will make your kitchen look bigger. You just need to make sure that the color of your walls is not too strong. A lighter tone is better because of its soft ambiance.

4. Cloudy Blue

brown colored chair on the kitchen

The advantage of cloudy blue color is that not neutral. Cloudy blue paint color gives a more romantic impression than brown, grey, and green colors. The cloudy blue color is particularly interesting. The color has a blurred, foggy feel to it, which feels like the right representation of clouds. It is a great shade of grey when you want to add a cold undertone to your kitchen.

5.  Purple

cool purple hue painted kitchen

Purple is one of the kitchen paint color ideas that could give you a replacement for your boring room. It is one of the fascinating colors in nature, so many people love to use purple as the painting color. It could be a nice alternative for kitchen decoration. Wall painting with this color will make your room more cheerful and comfortable.

6. Classic Cream

a kitchen with wooden decor

There are many excellent kitchen paint color ideas, but the classic cream color is the most recommended one that you must consider. Classic cream color has many benefits, like you can match it with any other home furniture, and you can design it in different ways to make your kitchen look impressive.

7. Lavender

modern kitchen and a bowl of fruits

Painting your kitchen with lavender will add a touch of elegance to an area that serves as a centerpiece of your home. On the other hand, we can use it to give a dull kitchen an instant makeover at no cost. It can help you create a casual atmosphere or accommodate the needs of society’s growing trend toward healthy cooking and eating.

8. Deep Charcoal

deep charcoal colors kitchen wall

Deep charcoal for kitchen painting is quite a modern color. The color gives you a feeling of warmth, and they can be used as the main source in coloring the whole room or simply just as an accent. A deep charcoal color paint will help make your kitchen more spacious by absorbing more light and providing a cooling effect in summer. Choose a slight tint of gray, which is not too dark to create the perfect deep charcoal kitchen paint color.

9. Fuchsia

bright fuchsia color kitchen wall

Fuchsia may sound like a luxury, but this breezy color also suggests playfulness. You can not go wrong with the color fuchsia when painting a kitchen space. The idea of using fuchsia for the kitchen is classic and has been around for some time. Fuchsia color for the kitchen will ensure that your kitchen looks elegant and stylish at all times.

10. Pale Gray

deep toned kitchen

Modern cool shades of gray paint look attractive in any kitchen. This shade looks nice and pleasant, giving the kitchen a cozy warm feeling. Cool colors look stylish, no doubt about it. But pale gray color is not only one of the most popular colors in home decoration today, but also practical – clean and cool.

11. Pale Green

modern kitchen

Pale green paint color would be absolutely perfect for your kitchen. You want something that will make it look fresh and not clash with the other decorations or appliances. If you didn’t know already, green is good for creating a healthy atmosphere in your home. And since you’re going to be cooking in this kitchen every day, it’s good that you surround yourself with that.

12. Orange

a big modern kitchen view

Orange can be a great color choice for your kitchen too. It creates a feeling of warmth and coziness. The most important thing you need to consider is that combining that color with other colors can be tricky. You should paint some wall panels in different shades of orange and test them out on your walls before deciding which one is the best choice for your kitchen painting.

13. Mustard

yellowish lighted modern kitchen

Everybody says that choosing the right color is one of the key points when remodeling a kitchen. Selecting a color scheme is extremely important because it can bring your house to life and make it look more welcoming. Bright colors are great, but they can sometimes be too intense and energetic, so painting your kitchen in different tones of mustard might be a good idea.

14. Duck Egg Blue

kitchen appliances and a wall clock

Duck egg blue color is a beautiful and unique color for kitchen painting. This duck egg blue should be the paint color theme for your kitchen if you love safe bets. This is one color that never goes out of fashion. If it’s in good condition, it will never look old-fashioned, and there are many ways to decorate a room in duck egg blue, depending on your taste.

15. Black

a green tree on the kitchen

Black color will be a nice idea for kitchen painting. It’s very popular nowadays. Black color is mysterious and sophisticated so that it can be used anywhere in the house, including the kitchen. Black is not only a dark shade, but at the same time, it’s also a symbol of power and authority, which makes it perfect for kitchen design.

16. White

cool white color kitchen view

People are always looking for new design ideas for their kitchen. White is a neutral color and also has a calming effect on the mind. This color is suitable for small kitchens, especially with wood elements. Such a kitchen will seem brighter and wider. But adding some colors of white colors also can make your kitchen looks better.

17. Navy

a fridge on the kitchen

Navy blue or otherwise navy color is the perfect color for a kitchen. The shade of blue navy is an excellent color for any type of room, including the kitchen. Not only because of its rich and royal color but also because of its association with prosperity and wealth.

18. Lush Green

kitchen wall decoration

People are not only interested in the paint color for a kitchen but also the decorating theme. Lush green is a color that is often associated with nature. That’s why it commonly appears in decorating kitchens and bathrooms. The lush shade of this color symbolizes the freshness and youth of the plants. You can also see it on a lot of kitchen cabinets and different kitchen shelves.

19. Blush Pink

kitchen appliance with a white fridg

Blush pink is a color that is inspired by the colors of nature. This soft and inviting tone will add a calming feel to your home. A perfect color for those who want to paint their kitchen in shades of pink.

20. Pale Yellow

cool modern kitchen view

The pale yellow color is a perfect choice if you look for something fresh, contemporary, and comfortable. Yellow kitchen walls will bring the light and warmth that your kitchen might need. And don’t think that this color will make the room look smaller because it’s a universally safe color.

21. Tiffany Blue

a flower vase on the kitchen
Credit: Anthony Masterson

Tiffany blue kitchen color is dreamy and light. Imagine your kitchen decorated in Tiffany’s blue. The best part about this color is that it allows a harmonious combination with white, wood, or even yellow shades.  Whether you’re planning to paint your kitchen or want to replace the old color with some new light yet bold and bright hues, the tiffany blue color will fit right into your scheme.

22. Sandy Taupe

beautifully arranged kitchen

Most neutral kitchen paint colors can be personal and unique. Sandy taupe is a great candidate. Sandy taupe is a lighter, pale brown shade of taupe. The color itself isn’t too unique, but this color looks great in kitchen spaces. This paint color can use on walls, ceilings, cabinets, and trim to create a cohesive look.

23. Bright White

aesthetic kitchen decor

Bright white color is en vogue when it comes to kitchen painting. Bright white paint can make your kitchen feel larger, make the space seem more open and clean, and create a fresh, bright feel that you’ll fall in love with!

24. Brown

a large kitchen room

Brown is a very calming color and good for the kitchen. They bring desire smell to mind. Brown color has always seemed to be a cold and dull color, but today colors are getting brighter and brighter. The kitchen with a brown theme can make your guests happy when they enter.

25. Cool Mint

hanged wall painting in kitchen

The cool mint color is a refreshing combination of green and blue-green. Painting the kitchen in such a color is an interesting way to modernize the space. If you choose this color at least do the countertops in white or another bright tone.

26. Smoky Gray

black white themed dining table

The smoky grey is the popular color used for kitchen painting. Smoky grey color gives a sophisticated and elegant look to your kitchen. If you are looking for beautiful paint colors, it would be better to consider smoky gray color as your kitchen paint.

27. Sky Blue

hanged fry pan on the kitchen

Blue is a little shade that is mildly inspiring, which is why it makes sense to utilize it as a kitchen paint color. Sky blue color brings tranquility, and also, this shade additionally tends to lessen the impacts of warmness. Sky blue is a good alternative to the common white kitchen color scheme that feels a bit more contemporary than the pastel softness of sky blue.

28. Fire Engine Red

a red color painted kitchen shelf

Fire engine red color is a very popular choice of paint for home improvement, particularly in kitchen decors. The color gives your kitchen an inviting and cheerful feel while looking modern and sophisticated, making it the ideal choice for most homes. It is one of the most energetic and eye-catching colors.

29. Cadet Blue

plates on the wooden kitchen shelf

Cadet blue paint color is a popular choice for many people when planning to paint kitchen walls. This color is a perfect fit for those who want to create a room that reminds them of the soothing beach. Blue is a color that goes very well with basically anything else. It’s one of the most popular colors to be used in kitchen remodels, so it won’t feel weird at all. This specific blue hue is light and bright, so it doesn’t look dull and unattractive in an area where you’re spending a lot of your time!

30. Glossy Green

Greaney kitchen interior

Glossy green is one of the most appealing colors. It is an uncompromisingly modern and contemporary style, with a psychological effect of harmony and comfort while making your home look clean and fresh. Green helps you calm down and relax when you’re distressed.

31. Marigold

yellow color combination in kitchen

Marigold paint color for the kitchen can create a warm, romantic atmosphere. This vibrant color is energy-invigorating and inspiring. Marigold makes a great paint color for any room in your house, but especially for the kitchen. The gold color of the marigold makes it a good choice for both men and women so that you can use it in your living room or bathroom as well.

32. Peach Lacquer

pop wall art in kitchen

There are not so many options for kitchen paint colors, but you should choose the right color for your home carefully. Peach lacquer is a perfect and sophisticated color that is quite popular among modern people. The soft and light fan shade is ideal for neutral and contemporary kitchens.

33. Dark Navy

deep color aesthetic kitchen decoration

You may be thinking navy blue is such a dark color. Why on earth would anyone use it for a kitchen wall color? I’ll tell you why. Many people believe that darker colors make the room seem smaller, but this isn’t true. In fact, the opposite is true. Dark navy paint on kitchen walls can actually make your kitchen appear bigger than it is by making the existing light seem brighter, thus making the space appear airier and more spacious.

34. Deep Red

red and white color painted kitchen wall

People love the deep red color, as it is warm and inviting. So, bring this sensation into your home by using deep red paint for your renovation kitchen projects’ walls. Make your kitchen come to life in a whole new way with a deep red color right now!

35. Crimson

used crimson kitchen paint color

Crimson is a vibrant color, and it draws attention to any room. This shade of red should be used where you want to add a feeling of happiness, passion, and even excitement. If you want to make your kitchen look more fancy and elegant, you can try painting it in crimson. This red-blood color is a suitable option paired with good kitchen decorations.

36. Coral

kitchen paint color idea

Coral color has always been one of the hottest kitchen paint colors. Popular in the 60s and 70s, tropical seas and great beaches inspired this bold color. This warm shade can make your room feel airy and welcoming while adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any kitchen.

37. Matte Black

matte black color painted kitchen

Matte black is one of the edgiest, most attractive, and contrasting colors to use for kitchen painting and cabinet refacing. We do lots of thinking about decoration, and none have been more rewarding than with the matte black color we used in our own home. If you’re looking for a monochromatic color scheme, you can use matte black color in combination with warm grey tones. With this kitchen paint color idea, you will achieve a modern look while adding drama and interest to the room’s overall feel.

38. Wine Red

geometric pattern decor on the kitchen floor

Wine red is one of the great ideas for your kitchen painting. Wine red is likely to make your kitchen fresh and dynamic, but you should apply it in different ways to avoid a monotonous color effect. For instance, you could apply the main tone on the ceiling to look like an atmosphere of red wine. Choose different tone of wine red on walls, floor, and cabinets.

39. Light Taupe

simple kitchen decor

Light taupe paint color for the kitchen is a great idea. Taupe is ideal for the home, and paints in the kitchen are often dark colors. In this case, a lighter shade would be best. The light taupe paint color for the kitchen will brighten up the area and give more room for different colors of accessories.

40. Lilac

bright kitchen paint color decor

Paint color for the kitchen is one of the colors you need to pay attention to if you want your kitchen to be lovely. Applying paint colors on a wall can make any room look more spacious than it actually is. If you have a kitchen with dark cabinets and a dark floor, adding lilac colors will help light the space up and give it an open feeling.

41. Baby Pink

green and pink shades kitchen paint color decor

The baby pink color is a great choice if you’re looking to create a stylish and pleasant room. Baby pink is an interesting color, which still has its charm despite the fact that it no longer looks fresh and original. This shade is great for the interior of any room, including the kitchen. It’s a light and delicate tone, which can highlight the best sides of a cute design.

42. Oatmeal

mild kitchen paint with gold and wooden furniture

Oatmeal colors for kitchen painting work well for creating a warm, inviting space. Oats come in various tones, but the most popular oatmeal tone is a light brownish color with a hint of gray. Darker tones like this can make a kitchen look more spacious and bigger. Medium shades like light brown or dark tan are also great for this purpose, although they are not as light as the oatmeal.

43. Peach

a kitchen shelf with kitchen tools

The peach color is aright, often associated with enthusiasm or youth. You will find it attractive in any kitchen space. Peach color belongs to the orange family of colors and has the warmest touch. This delightful peach kitchen paint color offers an exciting look for your kitchen.

44. Bubblegum Pink

colorful kitchen decoration

Bubblegum pink color for kitchen painting is often associated with freshness, sweetness, and innocence. This warm pink hue will do wonders for your modern kitchen design.  If your kitchen space is sunny and bright, bubblegum pink could make it even brighter.

45. Greige

so many kitchen items stored on kitchen wall shelf

If you plan to paint your kitchen, consider using greige color as your kitchen wall paint. Greige is the new neutral and will perfectly match all kitchen decors. Greige is a blend of grey and beige, which makes it unique. It gives beautiful, calm, and relaxing vibes to your kitchen area.

46. Dark Gray-Green

cool kitchen pain colors

f you’re looking to paint your kitchen in a color that will make it stand out, but you don’t want something too bright or daring, then the dark gray-green should do the job. This is a desirable color that will please your taste buds and your aesthetic sense.

47. Soft Gray

all white and gray color kitchen decoration

Soft gray is a relaxing color and is most typically used for kitchen wall painting. This color is neither light nor dark, making the kitchen look bigger and brighter. For people who like to do their cooking with family members, soft gray kitchen paint can be a perfect choice for them.

48. Cream

cream color painted modern kitchen

If you are looking for some kitchen paint color ideas, find the right cream color for the kitchen. The cream color is very gentle and peaceful. The light that comes in most of the houses is soft cream in the morning and evening with white sunshine. So if you want to paint your kitchen this color, try a cream color for kitchen painting.

49. Sage Green


Sage green color deserves great popularity among modern interior designers. In fact, it stands out among other kitchen paint colors. It occurs to be a natural match for any kitchen’s decor. Using sage green enhances the walls and creates brightness.

50. Cornflower Blue


Did you know cornflower blue is one of the colors loved by many homeowners? This is a neat and popular color to paint your kitchen cabinets because it has a fresh look and feel. A cabinet or wall painted in cornflower blue won’t push you away or be too flashy for your house, making it perfect for any modern kitchen.

51. Dark Plum

a bowl of fruits on the kitchen

Dark plum is a wonderful choice for a kitchen paint color. It’s bold but not eardrum-piercing loud, which makes it easy to be comfortable in any surrounding. It’s bold, rich, and romantic. And it will make your kitchen brilliantly beautiful.

52. Pale Blue


These days, many people like shades of color design. For example, pale blue is one of the popular colors. However, not every house has a room that allows you to choose colors. But it is possible to paint the kitchen this pale blue color.

53. Sunflower Yellow

wooden kitchen furniture with yellow wall
Credit: Porch.com

When we think about yellow paint colors for the kitchen, we usually take thoughts to tropical island feeling. Bright sunflowers are associated with warmness and happiness, so this makes sense. However, you do not need to use a strong color to achieve this look – and you can still use cool tones!

54. Puerto Rico Sunshine

shade of orange painted kitchen wall
Credit: Hgtv.com

Puerto Rico sunshine color is a new paint color trending among the architecture industry.  This beautiful kitchen paint color looks great on kitchens in every style and design. If you are not sure which color suits your kitchen best, you can try going for Puerto Rico Sunshine. This wall paint is ideal for busy kitchens because of its durability and subtle features.

55. Aegean Teal

Credit: Hgtv.com

Aegean teal kitchen color is actually a light shade of green. The color was named after the Aegean Sea because the sea has shades of green, blue, and pale white that resemble the color that can be seen on the wall.

56. Peppery

wooden dining chair and table on the kitchen
Credit: Hgtv.com

One of the most accessible and affordable ways to spice up your kitchen is by painting the walls in peppery colors. This shade generally features warm red or orange tones that you can paint with ease and elegance on your kitchen walls. Try it out.

57. Halcyon Green

Credit: Hgtv.com

Green is a kitchen paint color idea when you want to stay away from red and blue. This color will add a peaceful look and will make you happier when you are in your kitchen cooking or eating. Halcyon green kitchen paint color is becoming very popular for home improvement, and it is very good for remodeling your kitchen.

58. Black and White

black and white theme painted kitchen

The Black and white color in kitchen painting produces a classy effect. If you are thinking of painting your kitchen and love the effects produced by black, you should paint mid-tone black or white on the ceiling, walls, wall panels, and shelves.

59. Cavern Clay

Credit: Hgtv.com

Cavern clay color is an earthy, muted shade of brown, which can be great in a kitchen setting depending on the color scheme. It brings out the brightness in your kitchen, and it is a perfect fit for your small-sized kitchen. It gives a decent appearance to your kitchen, and this is entirely up to you and how you want to paint your kitchen. Also, how favorable the hue of an object may depend on various factors such as lighting, background, overall color coordination, and the like.

60. Teal & Concrete


You can use teal and concrete colors to paint a kitchen and create a friendly, fresh, and vibrant atmosphere. The first benefit is the tone. It is semi-transparent, which means that it is not dark and thus creates a vivid atmosphere in the room. The second advantage is the paints that are often used in this color mixture. These are not special paints, but just paints of an ordinary type. In addition, they are very cheap.

61. Creamy White

rustick looks kitchen

Creamy white color for kitchen painting should not just be a random choice, but as you are going to stay in this room for longer, you should pick your favorite and striking color. The creamy white color can bring warmth to the kitchen. For that reason, this is an excellent option for a family kitchen.

62. Crisp White

cool white color kitchen

Crisp white paint color is something you can’t ever go wrong with when talking about kitchen painting ideas. The timeless and sophisticated flavor it offers brings more than just the look to your kitchen; it will also help your kitchen look more spacious. It’s fair to say that whatever design idea you have in mind, crisp white looks better almost every time.

63. Cheery Yellow

yellowish kitchen painted wall

The cheery yellow color is simple and peaceful, but at the same time bright color to paint kitchen walls. It’s an inviting color for everyone. It may be used for kitchen countertops cupboards as well. Paint the walls with cheery yellow color, which is an unexpected color for a kitchen, but it’s surprisingly effective since it makes the room feel warm without looking like a school cafeteria.

64. Pastel Yellow

a bowl of apple on the kitchen
Credit: ppgpaints.com

Pastel yellow color for kitchen painting is a perfect idea to create a fresh and cozy nuance in the space. It reflects warmth and creates a welcoming environment where you feel you can relax. The pastel yellow color brings to mind pictures of warm sunny days and picnics under the trees.

65. Light Grey

wooden furniture on kitchen
Credit: ppgpaints.com

Light gray color for painting the kitchen adds elegance and sophistication as it is a neutral and fresh color that fits with both light tiles and dark in your kitchen. Grey is also a versatile shade meaning it can be paired with white or black appliances to create a sophisticated look or one that is modern, bright, and open.

66. Warm Gray

a clock hanged on the kitchen wall

The warm gray color is a great idea for painting the kitchen walls because it provides a neutral yet beautiful view of choosing the paint. Warm gray color can help you to create more space in the room based on its small pattern and soothe your nerves with relaxing value.

67. Light Blue

simple kitchen interior
Credit: ppgpaints.com

Light blue is a great choice for kitchen colors. If you plan to change your kitchen’s color, a light shade of blue is the best one to go. Light shades are subtle, yet they can have a big impact on the feel of the room. A bright blue color can provide a lively and fresh look in your kitchen, but it might also be overwhelming. If you pursue this kind of paint color, you should consider using other light colors like white or cream, to balance the blue.

68. Warm Reds

Credit: ppgpaints.com

One of the most popular kitchen tones is red, but red has a lot of variations, and if you’re not careful, you can end up with a kitchen that looks like a factory or an ambulance. Painting a room in a bold color is great for aesthetics and can also make you feel more motivated and productive. Red is a powerful choice, so if you want to use it to bring a new life into your home, make sure it’s the right kind of red.

69. Teal

white colors furniture on a teal colored kitchen
Credit: apartmenttherapy.com

If you want a colorful kitchen, you must try a teal color on the kitchen walls. It’s rich and intense but, most importantly, incredibly versatile. You could paint your cabinets teal or just paint the kitchen walls teal. Either way, if the rest of your home is painted in neutral colors, this would be an excellent choice of room to add some color and personality.

70. Shades of Dark Green

kitchen wall painted with green color shades

Shades of dark green color for kitchen painting can make your kitchen look so fresh, elegant, and comfortable. Green is a color with a dramatic flair & if you’re looking for unique effects in your kitchen, green paint colors could be the solution for you. Green is also one of the best kitchen paint colors for small rooms because it tends to open up a space and make it feel bigger. It acts as a neutral color that can work on almost any design style and color scheme.

71. Dark Gray

a modern kitchen beside nature view

Dark gray colors have been very popular in kitchen painting, especially black color. Paint color is one of the kitchen remodeling strategies to bring out the interior decoration. You can go through some paint color ideas for your great kitchen’s paint color ideas. Just by painting kitchen walls in dark gray, you can get a lot of advantages from this paint color.

72. Light Pink

feminine pink color painted kitchen wall
Credit: apartmenttherapy.com

While a pink kitchen is more feminine, it can also be boyish. It is great to paint the walls in light pink colors if you want a contemporary kitchen. Light pink colors are also great for small kitchens. This color combination can give an illusion of the room’s large size and depth. The illusion of depth creates an inviting feeling in the room and creates a sense of spaciousness to the room.

73. Cerulean

Credit: apartmenttherapy.com

Cerulean paint color for kitchen is the one that is characterized by the largeness of impression and tingling of cold tones and blue. The cerulean color goes well with just about any decorating style, from trendy, bright, and classic. It is a cool to cold tone which looks breathtaking when combined with white or dark cabinets.

Final Words

Everyone wants to be satisfied with the color of the walls. But you have to be careful when choosing a color for the kitchen, especially in terms of its impact on the overall décor. Choosing the best kitchen paint colors for your space can help simplify this process by guiding you to the ideal shades for your needs and aesthetic.  Kitchen decor is an excellent area to work on when remodeling or enhancing your home.

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