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Surely the garbage in your house is full of both plastic and glass bottles, right? Instead of throwing them away and ending, like this, with their useful life in OneHowTo, we are going to propose that you make the most of them and can reuse them by giving them another function and thus extending the life of these containers. With the bottles you can get to create decorative objects such as candle holders or toys for children, if you want to know more we invite you to continue reading this article in which we give you different ideas to recycle the bottles.

How To Recycle Bottles- 8 Ideas To Recycle Bottles

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1. A very simple and visually very aesthetic way to recycle bottles is to turn them into ecological pots that are ideal for our plants or flowers to grow healthily. To make this craft, you will have to take advantage of the plastic bottles, cut off the top (known as the neck of the bottle) and add the soil or plant your flowers there. Above all, for the plants to be in good condition, it is important to make three or four holes in the lower part that will help drain the water when you water them.

In the attached image you can see an idea of ​​what we propose, however, you can adapt it to your tastes. For example, you can paint the bottles with paint and give them a different tone from the original, you can write sentences, draw pictures, and so on. Give wings to your imagination and let yourself go!

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2. The little ones will have a great time with this craft that we now propose. At Halloween time you can recycle glass bottles to give your home a spooky touch and a lot of fun! To do this, you will only have to get yourself with glass bottles (such as wine, for example), clean them thoroughly to remove any trace of dirt that may remain and, then, paint them with Halloween motifs like the ones we propose in the image: a pumpkin or a ghost.

To get the final effect to look good, we advise you that instead of painting the bottles on the outside, but the paint on the inside, in this way you will get them to be perfectly covered and without smudges. You will have to let them dry and then stick cardboard on the outside to create that gesture and that gloomy face. Your children will love it!

In this article, we will tell you step by step how to turn bottles into ghosts.

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3. Another of the most elegant and intimate ideas to recycle bottles is to take advantage of them and turn them into perfect candle holders for our candles. To do this, you will have to cut the neck of the bottle to discard the ass and take advantage of the curved shape that it has at the top. We recommend that they be wine bottles as they tend to be darker but, if you prefer, you can opt for one that is transparent and then paint it and personalize it to your own taste; At OneHowTo we tell you how to paint glass bottles.

You will have to cut the bottle and find support to put at the bottom, as you can see in the image, in this way the chandelier will be more dressed.

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4. Another good idea to recycle plastic bottles is to transform them into ideal containers to make an urban garden. You will have to cut the bottle on one side, which will be the area where you will introduce the sand for your own garden; If you want to hang it on the wall, we recommend that you read our article in which we tell you to step by step how to make a garden with plastic bottles.

Enter the sand you want to grow in the area that we have opened and plant the seeds or flowers you want to grow.

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5. The plastic bottles are also suitable to function as containers in which store objects that we usually scattered around the house. For example, in the image, we suggest that you use these containers to store your toothbrush, your makeup objects, the earbuds, etc.

To do this craft you will have to get hold of the bottle in question, cut the top part to take advantage of the depth of the bottom one. Keep in mind that plastic is a material that can cut, so we suggest that you spend a moment with the iron to smooth the area. If your bottles are not colored, you can personalize them yourself by painting and decorating them as you wish.

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6. We continue with another of the ideas to recycle bottles. In this case, they can be both glass and plastic, although the former is more recommended because they will show a clear and more defined image thanks to the glass. The idea is that you turn your bottles into picture frames to show off your photos in a unique and original way.

As you can see in the image, you can choose different sizes and types of bottles as long as the photo is adapted to it, otherwise, it will appear deformed and will not look the same. In this sense, in the case that the photos are landscape, it is best that you opt for smaller and wider containers and, in the case of vertical photographs, opt for taller and more stylized bottles so that the image looks in all its splendor.

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7. A somewhat more elaborate craft is the one that we propose below in which the plastic bottles become a practical wall magazine rack. To do this, you will have to gather several bottles and cut the top part of them so that we only have the body. As we have already mentioned, plastic can be cut so it is recommended that you cover the cut with a pad or that you pass an iron to soften it.

When you have it, you will have to attach all the bottles to a bracket that fits the wall and nail it to keep it fixed. It is a somewhat more elaborate idea because you need DIY tools but, as you can see, the result is original and very practical.

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8. Another way to reuse glass bottles and get something elegant and sophisticated is to create a pendant lamp. Like the previous one, this craft requires some DIY knowledge so that it can really do the function of a lamp and be well attached to the ceiling.

What you have to do is take several glass bottles, cut the bottom, the bottom of the bottle, and hang them from wooden support that, in turn, is hung from the ceiling. You will have to insert the bulb inside the bottle to make it function as a lamp and thus reduce the intensity of the light, creating an intimate and very elegant atmosphere.

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