How to Weld Auto Body Sheet Metal?

If you have rusts or dents in your automotive parts, it can be easily repaired without any hesitation. When it comes to welding, you prefer to take a step back and procrastinate it because the work seems frightening and most importantly expensive.

Fortunately, this is a myth. Many people who have worked with different welding projects completely deny the fact that welding is intimidating and expensive. They prefer it as an enjoyable project if it is done with proper techniques.

Nowadays, technology has upgraded beyond our expectations and you can weld auto body sheet metal by yourself if you understand the way to do it correctly and efficiently. Sheet metal is considered the most important part in automotive when it comes to doing work with metals.

However, welding is very crucial. A simple mistake might put you in a tough spot.

This article will provide you all the information that you will need to know before you start welding auto body sheet metal. Read on to find out more.

Type of Welding Needed for Sheet Metal

Various types of welding can be used for sheet metal. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding, Stick welding, and MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding are mainly used for this kind of purpose.

As sheet metals are very thin, welding it might create holes more than your preferred measurement. MIG welding is the best and most efficient to get your job done easily. You will get to know more about this.

Steps for Welding Auto Body Sheet Metal

Steps for Welding Auto Body Sheet Metal

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Before welding, you have to make sure the sheet metals are cut properly and accurately. While welding, make sure the gaps are very small as it will be very tough for you if the gaps are huge. In this case, you will have a hard time joining the metals.

Step 1: Butt Welding

Always use butt weld to avoid any overlapping of seams. Seams are made by cutting down in the middle portion of the overlapping panels. After that, place the tack weld gently so that the panels stick together properly.

If this process is not done, the sheet metal will get heated up thoroughly and will deform its shape. In that case, tack weld properly to keep the arc of the panels cool in between. Tack weld can be done easily with the help of MIG welding gun.

Step 2: Slow and Steady

Continue the process throughout the whole sheet metal and do it slowly and patiently. After doing this, you will see multiple gaps around the welds. The gaps will be around one-fourth of an inch apart.

Step 3: Closing the Gap

Before closing the gaps, grind the top of the welds with an angular grinder to remove any excess weld. Do it to be on the safer side. Now, weld the seams so that the tacked body panels have good connections.

Don’t move to the next seam immediately; give it time to cool the weld so that any warping or deforming of metal can be easily avoided.

Step 4: Finishing Up

When you are done with this, you are very much closer to the finishing line. Once they are welded, smoothen it up. Grind down the entire welds and do it in a way so that the metals get a flush weld.

Avoid grinding the panels. If you do it accidentally, the panel will get thinner than its usual shape. Finish it off by using a primer to avoid any kind of rust on the sheet metal.


  • Go for butt welding and avoid lap welding for auto body sheet metal
  • Take your time while welding so that you can avoid any kind of warping
  • As sheet metals are thin, always set the welding machine in the lowest power possible to avoid creating any large holes in the metal
  • Do the work in your garage or any other private areas where kids are out of reach
  • As welding on metal creates fumes and radiations, always wear safety gloves and eye wears.
  • Make sure your working room has proper ventilation system so that the fumes can easily dissipate out from your room.
  • Before starting, test the welding on other metals to check its performance.


Hope this article gave you all the tools and techniques that will be beneficial for you. Welding is an awesome skill to acquire and if you can master it, you will find that it is not that frightening as it seems like.

Go through the article a couple of time so that you can be a step ahead from all of the people who are planning to give it a try. Best of luck!

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  1. Thank you for your tips on welding sheet metal with your car. If you aren’t as familiar with welding though, it might not be a bad idea to leave it to professionals. I know if I ever needed steel sheet metal welded, I’d just hire a professional.


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