How to Use Google Drawing

Whether you have to make a quick sketch of someone’s profile in a meeting, or you want to show off your design ideas with others, there is a great tool that allows you to do so. This is Google Drawing, and it is one of the best tools for creating drawings in just seconds. Google drawing is an online drawing tool offered by Google for free. Many people wonder about this, and this article aims to answer all their queries about using the tool. In this article, we are going to discuss how to use google drawing with various tips and tricks on Google Drawing. It is an amazing place to store your projects presentations, and a lot more attractively and easily. Even if you have no idea about the platform, it will help you a lot.

Many people want to use Google Drawing. But for most of them, it is difficult to grasp how to use google drawing. In this guide, we try to help you understand how to use google drawing tools to make some unique drawings. Make it your favorite application for creating drawings that you can easily edit with other people.

Google Drawing Tools

You get a blank canvas when you open Google Drawings. There are a few tools you can use:

  • Line tools: There are various types of lines you can draw, such as lines, connectors, curves, and freeform lines. The Line icon can be selected by clicking the down arrow beside it and then being drawn by clicking on the canvas and dragging your cursor.
  • Shape tools: Throughout your drawing, you can use a variety of shapes, arrows, callouts, and math symbols. You can draw shapes by clicking on the canvas and dragging the cursor. To choose a different type of shape, click the down arrow next to the Shapes icon. Clicking on a shape will also let you type text into it.
  • Text box: You can place just text without anything around it by selecting the Text box icon and dragging your cursor where it needs to go. Simply type what you wish in the box.
  • Image tool: Using the Image button, you can choose from your Google Drive, your hard drive, or an external URL to insert an image on your drawing.

As well as tables and comments, you can include other options. You will be able to create and share your basic drawing in no time.

Google Drawings: Quick facts

  • You can use it for free.
  • A canvas of any size serves as the starting point of your creation.
  • The Google Drawings application is accessible via the web or a Chrome application that is possible to use offline.
  • It is possible to open multiple drawings simultaneously and edit them at the same time. Moreover, the users can communicate at the same time.
  • There are many components that can be included in a Drawing. Add text, arrows, shapes, scribbles, images, and more to your canvas.
  • You can share your Google Drawings in a lot of ways. Also, you can make it private, share it with selected people or make it public. You can choose who can see and edit it.
  • As you work on the Drawing, it will be automatically saved.
  • Embedding Google Drawings in a blog or website is possible. Also, they are available for download as a JPEG, a PNG, a PDF, etc.
  • You can insert Google Drawings directly into Google Docs.

How to Use Google Drawing Step by Step

We are going to show you the basic functions of google drawings. So that you can create easy, fun images without needing fancy editing software.

Step- 1: Access to Google Drawing

google drive view

First, you can access google drawings by going directly to or by creating a new drawing directly from your google drive account. In google drive, click the new button, then more, and choose google drawings.

google drawing new page

Now you have a brand new drawing template that will automatically save to your google drive.

Step- 2: Choose Drawing Background Color

google drawing page color selection

Your google drawing will open with a transparent background. You can change this by right-clicking on the board and choosing a background, and you can choose either a solid color or a gradient for your background.

color picker

You can even choose a custom color if you don’t like the options available.

Step- 3: Toolbars

menu bar

Now let’s look at the options in your toolbar. Here you will find four tools for adding to your drawing line shape text box and images.

Step- 4: Draw Lines

various types of lines on google drawing

Let’s start with lines, and there are several different line types to choose from.

line drawing

Choose the line you would like to use, then use your mouse to draw the line on your background.

Step- 5: Draw Shapes

various types of shapes on google drawing

Next, let’s look at shapes, choose the shape you would like to use, and add it to your drawing.

fill color selector bar

To change the color of your lines and shapes, click on the element, and more options will appear in your toolbar.

drawing on google drawings

You can change the fill color and the border color, and you can also change the weight and dash of your border.

Step- 6: Add Text

If you would like to add text to your drawing, choose the text box option from the toolbar, then draw your text box wherever you would like it to type your text into the box.

You can change the appearance of your text box by using the options in the toolbar.

Step- 7: Insert Images

If you want to add an image to your drawing, choose insert image from the toolbar, then choose how you would like to locate your image. You can upload an image from your computer, your google drive, or even take one with your device’s camera.

uploading car on google drawing

If you would like to search google for an image, choose to search the web. Use the search bar to find the image you want, then click insert. Use your mouse to adjust the size and location of the image.

To arrange the order of the elements of your drawing, go to the menu and click arrange. You can move the elements backward and forwards within your drawing.

Step- 8: More Editing Options

If you would like more editing options for any of your elements, click the element and choose format options within these options. You can adjust the size and rotation of your element, its position on the page, and even its color and transparency.

Step- 9: Many More Options

There are many more things you can do with google drawings. Such as adding tables, charts, diagrams, and word art. They are all available under the insert menu.

Step- 10: Add Name of Your Drawing

Now that you’ve created your drawing, don’t forget to give it a name. So that you can easily find it later and that’s it. Now you know the basics of using google drawings.

Google Drawings: How to Share & Export Drawings

You can share and export your diagram with others using Google Drawings, as you can with other Google apps. Your drawing is able to share with any user for viewing or editing, publish to the web, or export as a PNG,  SVG, PDF, or JPEG file.

Step- 1

Select one of the file formats and click File > Download to export your drawing to your PC.

Step- 2

When you click Share in the top-left, you will find a box where you can type in the email addresses of those you wish to share the image with. Moreover, by clicking the Get shareable link button, you will be able to copy a direct link to your image for anonymous viewing or editing. When you are done, click Done.

Step- 3

Click File > Publish to Web if you wish to make your drawing publicly accessible on the web and allow it to be embedded on other pages.

Step- 4

By selecting a size under the Image Size drop-down menu under the Link tab, you can specify the size of your published drawing image, then copy the direct URL to this drawing.

Step- 5

In the Publish to the Web window, click the Embed tab to embed your published image on the web. After selecting and copying the HTML code, you can correctly form it into a web page.

Step- 6

You can stop publishing your drawing from the web by clicking the Stop Publishing button at any time in the future.

How to Embed Google Drawing in Your Blog Post

The possibilities for using Google Drawings are endless. Sharing your blog posts with an authentic audience will help you amplify this learning even more. So let’s learn how to embed a google drawing in a blog post step by step.

Step- 1: Open Google Drawings

If you’ve been working on a drawing, you can find it in your Drive. You can open it by double-clicking.

Step- 2: Publish to Web

Publish to the web by going to File > Publish. On the left-hand side of your page, you will find the File icon.

Click on the Embed button. The drawing can be small, medium, or large based on your preferences. Click the Publish button. Your browser will warn you that you are about to publish to the Internet. Click OK to proceed.

Step- 3: Copy the Embedded Code

Press OK, and a box will appear with your HTML embed code. You will need to copy and paste the code into your blog post or web page.

How to copy:

  • If the text isn’t already highlighted, click on it to make it stand out,
  • You can also press Command C (Mac) or Control C (Windows).
  • You can also right-click and choose Copy.

If you want to make your Drawing invisible on the web, go back to these steps and click on the little arrow next to Published content and settings at the bottom of the box. Then click Stop publishing.

Step- 4: Open Your Blog

You need to open your blog dashboard and begin writing your article. Or, click on Posts, then Add New.

Step- 5: Add Media

Click the Add Media button when you have selected the area where you want the Drawing to appear.

Step- 6: Insert Embed Code

Insert the embed code by clicking the Insert Embed Code button on the left side of the Add Media window.

Step- 7: Paste Embed Code

In the box labeled “Insert Embed Code,” paste the embed code.

How to paste:

  • On a Mac, press Command V and Control V on Windows
  • Choose Paste from the right-click menu

Step- 8: Publish

Publish your post when you’re done writing it.

Once you view your published post, your Google Drawing should now be embedded. If you wish to see what your post will look like before publishing, you can preview it.

Final Words

Google Drawing is a powerful tool that can fit into your workflow in a variety of ways. It’s no replacement for professional design software, but it does have some unique applications, and the best part is that it’s completely free. For drawing to be fast and easy, Google drawing should be completely familiar. It contains all the controls needed with almost no learning curve. You get multiple ways to undo and manipulate your drawings in case you make a mistake or want to correct it. Furthermore, when you are ready to share a new design on your blog or website, it’s very simple to export your drawing file in one of several formats, including JPEG image and SVG vector graphics. Thanks for reading this blog on how to use Google Drawing.

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