How to Unwrinkle Paper

Paper is indeed a flabby object. So even if you are extra careful with your notes, books, or a piece of your favorite sketch sheet, they can get crumple. It is understandable if you get annoyed by that.

For this purpose, we came up with a few solutions to know how to unwrinkle paper. We expect that this step-by-step guide will help you get your ultimate solution.

How to Unwrinkle Paper with Iron

Suppose you have made a beautiful paper poster for your project but accidentally folded it by mistake. Do you often face problems like this? Now you want to get creases out of the paper posters as fast as possible. The iron method is the fast and easy solution for that.

 Follow the instructions to know how to flatten paper with iron:

  • Use your hands to smooth out the wrinkled paper texture as much as possible. That will help you to get plainer paper while you iron it.
  • Place a hand towel or any piece of cloth that is heat-safe over the paper. Because of this, your paper won’t get burnt by iron heat.
  • You have to iron the cloth in a low-heat setting. If you do not do that, your paper sheet can dry out and yellowish.
  • Iron the cloth in a circular motion. Move the iron slowly and frequently.
  • Please check the creased paper a minute later. Stop heating when the paper gets flat.

Extra tips: Here is an additional method for you guys. Sometimes, you can see some wrinkles visible on the paper even after ironing it several times. You can spray a little distilled water on those papers, which will not ruin by light fluid. But, it will be risky if you do that on papers with watercolors, chalk, or other water-based materials.

How to Unwrinkle Paper Without an Iron

Although ironing the wrinkled paper texture is a quick and straightforward solution, it is not always safe for all paper types. Here are some valuable tips if you want to flatten paper without an iron.

Steam Method

If you do not want to use an iron to unwrinkle paper, you can try the steam method. First, select a place in your bathroom that is dry and away from the shower. After that, put the paper in a dry place. Then,  try to flatten it with your hands as much as possible. After that, place an object something like wavy cardboard  (non-metallic) to pass over enough airflow.

Afterward, close all the windows and doors of your shower. Then, set the water temperature at the highest setting and switch on the shower. Thus the environment gets humid. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes, turn off the shower and bring the paper out of the bathroom.

At last, place the paper between two cupboards or something similar and a heavy object on top of it. Then put it aside on your table for 24-48 hours. Consequently, you will amaze when you get the outcome.

Reverse-Rolling Method

Sometimes we need to wrap up some papers like posters or a map to carry it in a small bag or keep things organized. You can apply the reverse rolling method for a rolled paper. However, it is troublesome when the rolled paper does not get back into its previous shape even after unrolling it.

To begin with, roll the paper in the opposite direction of the way. Then, use an elastic band to keep the rolled paper alike. Finally, let it stay for approximately 20 minutes.

Typically you will get the expected result after the given period. But if it does not work, keep that paper inside a heavy book after unrolling it. Finally, you only have to wait several hours to get a smooth flat paper.

Photocopy Method

Already tried all methods mentioned above and are not satisfied with any of those? Or are you too tired to make such arrangements just for flattening a wrinkled paper?

Here is the straight cut for those lazy people. Just manage a photocopy machine and photocopy your creased paper. The new copy will be unwrinkled and solve all of your problems.

We have already shown you some tips and techniques about how to unwrinkle paper. Now we will discuss some best tactics for particular types of paper.

Different Types and Ways Unwrinkle Paper

winkle to unwrinkle paper

How to Unwrinkle Paper that Got Wet

Accidents may happen anytime. Hence, it is not rare that some of your essential pieces of paper get wet. As a result, it gets crumpled while dried out. Instead of getting a panic attack, try this guideline about how to unwrinkle paper that got wet right now-

  • Bring the wet paper into sunlight or fresh air. Then keep it somewhere safe for a while to dry it.
  • You can also microwave it for a few seconds. But make sure that the heating system is shallow.
  • After the rinsed paper gets dry, you will find it wrinkled. If this paper is just regular printed paper, you can use any method you want. You can even make a new copy of it.
  • But if it is some paper that you used watercolor or painted on it, then the steaming method or just sandwiching the paper between two heavy flat objects would be best for it.

How to Unwrinkle Paper in a Book

The most common thing we do with our books is folding the pages as book-markers. Thus the papers of a book get creased. In addition, the paper gets creasy by the force of other weighty objects or sometimes gets wet and crumpled by accident.

If the paper of a book gets creasy by you or by other objects, then the steps below can be enough for making it unwrinkled-

  • Open that book page and try to flatten it with your hands.
  • Flatten the page and close the book. Then, put it aside in a flat position. Besides, put some extra books atop that particular book.
  • Leave it for at least three days. You can check the condition of the creased paper every day.
  • Over three days or so, if you do not get the expected result, you can use the iron method. Spray a little water on the creasy paper to make it slightly damp.
  • Place an iron board under the paper. At the same time, place a towel or any cloth on top of the paper.
  • Iron the cloth directly at low heat for 1-2 minutes and check the page.
  • After ironing it, remove the cloth and board, and close the book again.
  • Please keep it for another day. Your book page will get back to its smooth shape.

Apply the Method Afterward

 Did you get your favorite book wet and now want to fix it badly?

  • Try to dry out the pages as soon as possible. Bring the book under the sunlight or dry out the pages with a ceiling or table fan.
  • When the books get dry, flatten the pages a bit with your hands.
  • Put the book in a flat and complex place and place a heavy object like bricks on top of it.
  • Wait for 3 or 4 days to see the result.
  • You can also use the iron method if it is not risky for your book.

How to Unwrinkle Watercolor Paper

Did your favorite watercolor painting paper get creased? It is not challenging to unwrinkle watercolor paper as it is thick in texture. So we will show you the best way to fix your watercolor paper.

  • Select a smooth surface.
  • Put the watercolor paper on its front to see only the back.
  • Now damp the back with a bit of freshwater.
  • After that, sandwich the watercolor paper with two sketch sheets. But make sure that these two sheets are a little smaller than the wrinkled paper.
  • Place a heavy object (or a pile of books) on top of it and wait for 24 hours.

Usually, this method is enough to make your watercolor paper unwrinkled. You can also iron it better if you first try it on something else, as it risks your watercolor paint.

How to Unwrinkle Tissue Paper

The good news is that nowadays, people have this tendency to build up creative minds and recycle stuff instead of wasting it. If you want to smooth your pocket tissue to reuse it, then follow the steps below-

  • Collect an iron board.
  • Place 2 or 3 tissue papers on the board.
  • Now cover the tissue papers with a heat-proof cloth.
  • Set the iron at low heat and press it on the cloth.
  • After some time, check the tissue paper.

This method works well since tissue paper is pretty fragile. If you do not want to bother about it, give it an excellent shape by folding it.

How to Unwrinkle Laminated Paper 

Laminated paper usually is thin but contains strong paper. As a result, Ironing the laminated paper is the best option to flatten it.

  • Flat the folded paper with your hands and place it on an iron board or a smooth place.
  • Cover it with an oven paper sheet and then some flat cardboard on top of that.
  • Set the iron at its lowest heating point and stack the sheets.
  • Finally, sandwich the laminated paper with two heavy objects for 24 to 48 hours.

How to Unwrinkle Paper Tablecloths

Paper tablecloths are essential materials, especially for any party or event. It is the best option to decorate party tables with the least money. But you often find it folded when you buy it. Folded tablecloths are more than enough to ruin the elegance.

However, you can fix it by following these rules –


  • Flat the paper and lay it on a smooth surface.
  • Fill a spray bottle with water and sprinkle the water on the wrinkled areas.
  • Place a smooth and heavy object over those wrinkled areas.
  • Wait for 20-25 minutes to dry those areas and repeat the process until it gets unwrinkled.


  • Place the folded tablecloth on a large iron board.
  • Spray little water on the wrinkled spots.
  • Spread a towel over the paper tablecloth.
  • Iron it with low heat.
  • Check it after a while and repeat it if you need.


How to Flatten Paper at Home?

First, use your hands to flatten the paper as much as possible. Then, place it on a smooth surface and spray the wrinkled paper with water. After that, put a heavy and flat object on top of the paper. Finally, wait for 1 or 2 days and then check the result.

Can You Steam Paper to Get Creases Out of it?

If you do not want to iron the paper and, at the same time, your wrinkled paper is stubborn, then you can try the steaming method.

  • Flat the creased paper on a complex and smooth board.
  • Place wavy cardboard on top of the paper.
  • Place the whole thing in a dry place in the shower.
  • Turn on the shower at the highest temperature setting.
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and bring your paper outside the bathroom.

Can You Iron Old Paper?

The iron method is suitable for unwrapping old paper. Place the paper on a flat surface. Then, put a kitchen towel on the paper before ironing it. Some people directly iron the paper. If you do that, your paper will get burnt. Set the iron at the lowest heat.

How to Flatten Rolled Paper Fast?

If you have a short time fixing your rolled paper, you can try this easy and quick method. Start rolling the paper from the opposite side. Then, flat the paper with your hands. That can help you get rid of the most wrinkles out of paper.


In conclusion, paper is one of the daily necessities in our life. So, wrinkled papers make trouble sometimes. On the other hand, if we know the hacks about how to unwrinkle paper, our life will get easier.

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