How to Unblur a Picture

Very few moments are as frustrating as the moment you return home after a wonderful and memorable day, only to realize that half the pictures you had taken throughout the day came out blurry and unfocused. When even the most perfect shot turns out blurry, the disappointment you feel is indescribable. It could be because of the object moving, or a shaky camera or hurrying while taking the picture. Whatever the reason was, you are at a loss by ending up with a blurry collection of beautiful pictures with seemingly irreversible damage. We’ll discuss below, how to unblur a picture using different tools.

Fortunately, there are a handful of ways to save anyone from this unfortunate predicament. The right computer software or online software or professional restoration service can remove all the blur out of your photos and make it as sharp as you want. These unblur tools help you get the perfect shot you’ve been craving for.

How to Unblur a Picture Using Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop is now one of the most handy and reliable software for any image or picture manipulation. It is easy to use and does the job perfectly. There are even countless courses and video tutorials about how to use photoshop for different kinds of editing. The same is the case for unblurring a picture too. There are three possible methods to unblur a picture using photoshop.

Smart Sharpen Tool

The Smart sharpen tool in photoshop created to sharpen detailed areas or parts and minimize the noise.

  • Open your picture in the Adobe photoshop software.
  • Go to the layers panel and click Image layer.
  • Press ctrl+J and duplicate the picture in the software.
  • Choose the convert to smart object option after right clicking the duplicate picture.
  • Click Filter, Sharpen and Smart Sharpen exactly in that order.
  • In the pop-up dialogue box, set the radius of your sharpening effect and the amount for the strength of your sharpening effect.
  • There are other options such as, Fade amount, radius, tonal width and move then around as long as you are satisfying with the end result. These options can found in the Shadow and Highlights tab.
  • Use the options Motion Blur, Lens Blur or Gaussian Blur to unblur the picture completely.
  • If you want to see the changes you’ve made throughout the process, click Preview to see the new picture.
  • Click Ok after you are done editing.

Sharpen Tool

 Sharpen tool is a way less evolved tool than the smart sharpen tool. This tool can found under the Blur tool in photoshop.

  • Click on the Sharpen Tool.
  • Drag the tool over the areas you want to sharpen while left clicking the mouse.
  • There is a menu on top of the sharpen tool. Click on this to adjust the hardness and the brush of the sharpen tool.
  • Click ok when you are done with editing the picture.

Unsharp Mask

  • Open your picture in photoshop.
  • Click on Windows at the top of the screen and select Layers from the options.
  • Select Convert to Smart Object after right-clicking on the correct layer. It has to be the layer of the picture you are unblurring.
  • Click Filter, Sharpen and Unsharp mask exactly in that order.
  • Like in Smart Sharpen tool, there are amount and radius options to fix and control the width and strength of the sharpening effect.
  • Click Ok once you completely satisfied with your finished picture.

How to Unblur a Picture: Different Tools

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How to Unblur a Picture Using Gimp Image Editor

Since Adobe Photoshop is a paid software, it is not possible for everyone to get a hold of it right away. So, if you want a photo editor just at the same caliber as Photoshop, then GIMP is the way to go. It is completely free but gives services almost similar to paid editing services.

  • Upload the picture on GIMP.
  • Click on Blur or Sharpen from the toolbox.
  • Adjust the brush and other minor preferences.
  • Drag the mouse to the part of the picture you want to unblur and select that specific part. If you want to select the whole picture then drag the mouse over all of it.
  • GIMP will automatically sharpen it all as you go.

Following these steps, you will find that the picture no longer blurred.

How to Unblur a Picture Using Snapseed

This is very convenient and easy to access for Android or iPhone users. Users can download it from the Google play store and start unblurring their pictures in a few easy steps right away. Snapseed has a help center to help out with the instructions if someone needs it. 

  • Upload your picture on the Snapseed app.
  •  Select the option Details/Menu.
  • Click on Sharpen/Structure.
  • To customize your preferable settings, select Show More Details and choose accordingly.
  • It is recommending to use the Sharpen option first in order to remove all the blur from the picture and then select Structure to go over and bring out all the details.
  • If you are satisfying with the level of sharpening of the picture, click Done and exit the app.

How to Unblur a Picture Using Fotor

Fotor is an incredible online tool that gives you access to a handful of features and effects for editing any picture. It has to be accessed through a browser. The website is very interactive and perfectly designed for editing purposes. This tool is completely free of charge and can make your pictures look attractive anytime.

  • Go to the Fotor website and click on the Edit a Photo option.
  • There will be a rectangle in the middle of the screen. Click on it to open a dialogue box and choose and upload your blurry picture on it.
  • On the left side of the screen, there is a Basic Adjust dropdown menu where you will find options like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness.
  • For unblurring, adjust the Sharpness slide according to your likeness to get the perfect unblurred picture.

How to Unblur a Picture Using Pine Tools

Pine tools is another online tool for editing pictures. There’s an unblurring option in this tool as well.

  • Import the blurry picture on the Pine Tools site.
  • Find the sharpening tool from the menu and adjust it as much as you want.
  • Once you’re done adjusting, click on Sharpen to apply the effects and get the unblurred picture.

How to Unblur a Picture Using Photo Sharpen

Photo Sharpen is an online editing tool that only uses an algorithm to edit pictures. There are no options to adjust the range or intensity of an effect in this tool, but the website’s algorithm does a pretty good job to do the work it is instructed to.

You have to upload the picture on the website and select the Sharpen option. The website will show you how to unblur a picture and sharpen the picture as a result right away.

Thus, it is proven that there are many ways out there to unblur an accidental blurry photo with ease right away. These methods are easy to access, fast, and useful to achieve an excellent picture you have been hoping for. Therefore, unblurring a picture is just a few clicks away if you have the right tools for it.

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