How to Tell if Paint is Bad

Paint is an essential tool. Every building you see uses paint so that it looks appealing. Using paint enhances the looks of a building. Besides the watch, it also coats the raw materials up, protected from dust and similar pollutants. So, color is essential. Every room you see cover with paint. Paint is also using to decorate a room. There are a variety of designs just by using dyes.

Paints come invariants. These certain variants are only appropriate for their specific situations. So, not all paint variants work in all conditions. Paints originate from certain ingredients. There are various qualities of different brands.

Hence, quality differs a lot between multiple brands. They usually come in cans and buckets. It is more efficient to keep paint there as paints are usually thick liquid. Paints are making up of several substances. Distinct brands have different attributes.

After deep analysis today, we will discover how to tell if paint is bad. Like everything, color has an expiry date as well. Again, if you keep paint in an unsuitable environment, it will degrade gradually. There are several elements by which you can confirm the color is terrible or not. Today we will discuss how to tell if paint is bad. So, read till the end and find out how to determine your paint’s quality.

How Long is Paint Good for Once Opened?

opened paint can

As you are aware, there are various variants of paints. They are designing for sessions. Hence, the quality of these variants is indifferent to each other. Not all colors are well equipped for every situation. For that, users need to use a suitable paint type. 

As a result, the quality of these variations is unrelated to one another. Not all paints are suitable for all situations. Users must use the appropriate paint kind for this. Some of the paint options are listed below.

  • Oil paint
  • Enamel paint
  • Emulsion paint
  • Cement paint
  • Plastic paint
  • Cellulose paint
  • Latex paint
  • Zero corrosive paint
  • Chalk paint 
  • Milk paint

Oil Paint

tubes multicolor oil paint

The oil-based paints are thick and spread with ease on any surface. It is also beautiful. Oil paint contains volatile organic compounds. Since the paint type is oil, a layer of oil will form if it stays on a shelf for too long. If the oil paint is adequately sealng in a can, it lasts the longest on a shelf than any other paint. 

Even if the paint was opening and appropriately resealed, the color can last around a decade, while completely intact paints may last up to fifteen years. It dries out quickly if it is opening partially. Oil-based paints are thick and easy to apply to a variety of surfaces. It’s also lovely. Oil paint make up of volatile organic chemicals. 

Because the paint contains oil, a coating of oil will build on the shelf if left on there for too long. Oil paint lasts the longest on a shelf than any other paint if adequately sealed in a container. Even if the paint is opening correctly and resealed, it can endure for a decade, whereas intact paint can last for up to fifteen years. If it is only slightly open, it immediately dries out.

You can tell if the oil paint is terrible if the smell is awful. If the stir is not smooth, you can confirm that the color is horrible.

Latex Paint

latex paint can brush

The most versatile paint variant is latex paint. It is a water-type paint that is using for exterior and interior purposes.  As it originates from the water, this paint type contains lesser toxins than oil paints which is why it is more prone to freezing. 

It can last up to two to ten years if stored properly. If you reside in a colder region, avoid storing latex paint in a garage or storage room. The color will become quite bumpy as a result of the excessive cold.

Remember not to store latex paint in a garage or storage space if you live in a colder climate. The excess cold will make the paint very lumpy. Latex paint is the most adaptable type of paint. It’s water-based paint that may use on both the exterior and inside. 

If properly preserved, it can endure up to 10 years. If you live in a colder region, keep latex paint out of your garage or storage space. The color will become bumpy as a result of the excessive cold.

If the paint makes lumpy and smells stagnant, it is terrible. In this way, you can determine if latex paint is awful or not. Get a new one if you find these elements.

Chalk Paint

human hand chalk painting

Chalk paints are very smooth, and the thickness level is high. These paints are best for smaller projects like doors and furniture. It leaves a striking matte finish representing a modern look when it dries out. Usually, chalk paints last up to 5 years. The minimum expiry is one year. Yet, it will dry up very quickly if exposed to the air. 

It becomes thick if you leave it for too long. You can use it just by using a bit of water. Chalk paints are highly smooth and have a high thickness level. Minor things, such as doors and furniture, are the best painting using these colors.

The validity period is set at one year. It will, however, quickly dry out if exposed to the air. It will thicken if it is left out for too long. With only a little water, you can utilize it. These paints are the best suited for minor items such as doors and furniture. 

One year is the minimum validity period. However, if exposed to the air, it will swiftly dry out. If you leave it out for too long, it will thicken. You may use it with only a little water.

If the paint becomes too thick to use, you have confirmation that it is terrible. Furthermore, if thinning it with water does not work either, you must get a new one as it went horrible.

Milk Paint

milk paint can brush

Milk paint has the shortest lifespan. It does not have any harmful chemicals. As a result, it is very appropriate for jobs that involve animals or children. The milk protein added in this paint type gives it a lifespan of a few days or even a week. If it is mixing before and kept in a tight can, it can last up to a year. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is it should always refrigerate. Even if you take a small break, keep it in a fridge to not get waste. Milk paint has the lowest lifetime. There are no hazardous substances in it. 

Consequently, it’s ideal for vocations that require working with animals or youngsters. So, this painting kind has a few days or maybe a week’s lifetime due to its added milk protein. An essential thing to remember is that it must constantly be kept chilled. Even if it’s only a short break, put it in the fridge so it doesn’t go to waste. The lifespan of milk paint is the most straightforward. It does not include any potentially dangerous compounds.

As a result of the milk protein put to it, this painting only lasts a few days or maybe a week. It can last up to a year if combined ahead of time and stored in an airtight container. An essential thing to remember is that it must constantly be kept chilled. Even if it’s only a short break, put it in the fridge so it doesn’t go to waste.

If the smell gets rancid and the paint stirs terribly, you can assure that the milk paint is awful. Change it if you must.

Enamel Paint

opened can red enamel paint

Enamel paint is creating by the addition of lead or zinc for varnish. Various other pigments are adding to make a wide range of colors. So, these paints are complex and form coatings that are usually glossy. They are easier to clean too.

Due to its pigments, enamel paints become waterproof and chemically resistant. The drying process is slow due to its heavier stains, but it leaves a beautiful result. It also offers excellent coverage, making it very productive for larger projectors. 

The inclusion of lead or zinc for varnish creates enamel paint. So, to generate a broad spectrum of hues, many additional pigments apply. Thus, these paints are stiff and frequently produce glossy coats. 

They’re also easy to clean. Enamel paints are waterproof and chemically resistant due to their pigments. Due to the richer pigments, the drying procedure takes a little slower, but the product is stunning. It also provides excellent coverage, making it ideal for more giant projectors. 

Enamel pain is spoilt if the paint gives off a foul smell and becomes chunky. It is also another point of spoilt if you see it dries out.

Cement Paint

worker cement painting wall

These paints are available in powder form, which is why you need to add water. It is neither water-based nor oil-based. The consistency appears when the users add water to it. The central ingredient of this paint is white or colored cement. 

There are other additives and pigments to it as well. It is typically using on rough surfaces. So, it is very durable. Furthermore, the cement paint is waterproof too. So, this element has a longer drying time, around a day total. 

It isn’t made of either water or oil. When customers add water to it, consistency appears. Whether white or colored, Cement is the main component of this paint, which is why it also has additional chemicals and pigments. 

It’s usually apply on rough surfaces. So, it’s a long-lasting product. Cement paint is also waterproof. Moreover, the element takes longer to dry, around a day. If the powder is tightly sealed in a container, it can survive a long time; otherwise, it will be thrown away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Tell if White Paint is Bad?

There are various factors where you can determine if the paint went wrong or not. Among them, the most common factor is the smell. In the case of white color, if you get a horrible odor after opening the lead, you can confirm it went terrible.

How to Tell if Oil Paint is Bad?

Many variables may use to identify whether the paint has gone wrong. The fragrance is the most common factor among them. If you notice a very foul stench after opening the lead on oil paint, you know it’s gone wrong.

How to Tell if Acrylic Paint is Bad?

In the case of acrylic paint, several factors may be utilized to determine whether the paint has deteriorated. The most prevalent factor among them is the aroma. When you open the lead on acrylic paint and detect a strong odor, you know it’s gone wrong.

How to Tell if Latex Paint is Bad?

There are various variables to consider when it comes to determining whether latex paint has degraded. The scent is the most prominent among them. When you open the can of latex paint and smell it, you know it’s gone wrong.


Paints are available in a variety of colors and textures. These individual variations are only helpful in their circumstances. As a result, not all paint colors are suitable for every occasion. Specific components are used to make paint.  

Different brands have varying levels of quality. As a result, the quality of various brands varies greatly. Cans and buckets are the most common containers. Because paint is generally a thick liquid, it is more efficient to retain it there. Paints are composed of a variety of ingredients. Brands differ in terms of their features. The use of paint improves the appearance of a structure. Aside from the aesthetics, it also protects the raw materials from dust and other impurities.

In the above, we gave detailed instructions on how to tell if paint is bad. We also provided instructions for various paint types as well. If you follow these instructions correctly, you can decide if the color is awful.

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