How to Sell Digital Art

As an artist, a question would arise how to sell digital art? Do you have no clue where to begin when it comes to selling art online to make money? I’ll teach you how to sell your artwork on the internet today. Digital art is more than a pastime for many individuals.

For a large number of individuals, it is a legal career. You can generate money no matter how often you doodle or use your tablet and pen. Artists and designers are getting more interested in passive income. They profit from the sale of digital things or tools. It, on the other hand, is not a novel concept.

Many years have passed since the formation of the first royalty-free picture collection. However, times have changed. Dramatically, they now have greater control over the promotion of their work.

Continue reading if you want more time and money. We’ll walk you through the process of how to sell digital art in just five easy steps. Let’s get this article started right now.

How to Sell Digital Art: Benefits

People purchase digital wall art because it enables them to acquire images and paintings that reflect their unique personalities without spending a high price. Etsy is a fantastic resource for low-cost digital wall art. You’ll be able to obtain it there.

  • A buyer may purchase a digital file and then customize it to their specifications. They may use reduced print size to conserve space in a compact area. Customers may also choose a frame that matches their taste.
  • The consumer may then print the wall art at Staples, Walmart, or other substantial chain businesses. Then put it in a frame and hang it up.
  • The user may create their wall art using digital technologies.
  • Digital wall art sellers may generate money without ever having to labor. A seller must first create the work before selling it. As a consequence, each sale resulted in a profit for the merchant.
  • The seller is not obligated to consider completing an order, packing an item for delivery, or doing any other tasks. Consequently, the merchant is under no obligation to stock any of the products.

5 Simple Ways: How to Sell Digital Art

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1. Make your Digital Art

It is a one-of-a-kind project since it is both commercial and personal. Aside from galleries, there is a range of different places to showcase your work and earn money.

  • Consider the expense before you begin. To begin, it may be challenging to sell a print for less than $15. It is because it takes time to create and market digital content.
  • Right now, selling digital art isn’t about generating money. They are more concerned with long-term profits. You will generate money by selling the same low-cost items to many individuals. For an extended period, hard work and effort may not yield results.
  • It would help if you continually looked for new ideas and then created new work to be successful in the digital art industry. Your digital work should be highest-quality and clearly show what you’ve created. Make something to be disappointed if no one buys it.


  • You may use several sketching and graphic design apps on your computer to sell digital art.
  • It’s time to examine your self-employed work more closely. Scanner pre-existing work that fits into the scanner’s window of opportunity.
  • You might also take pictures of your work. To sell digital art, you’ll need a high-resolution camera or scanner. If you want to start a company selling printable digital art files, you’ll need to make sure your assets are in excellent form.
  • The same applies to data storage. Jpegs are ideal for viewing on a computer screen for the most part. Compared to jpg files, tiff files print better. Your digital creation is available for purchase as either PDFs or prints.

When you buy a digital item, you’ll get an email with a link to download it. When you sell a digital art file, you allow the buyer to print it as many times as they like for their personal use. You are not disclosing the password of your file to them.

2. Figure Out What Your Audience Wants

How well-known is your digital art? Many of your Instagram followers or close friends and family desire an original piece of art. If so, do market research and devise a sales plan. To establish who will buy your digital work, you must first identify who will buy it. The use of your digital artwork is completely optional. In this case, you may use “social listening” techniques.

  • Marketing digital art to a specific demographic is crucial. You’ve been crafting mermaids for a long time. It would help if you only sold digital mermaid art to fans of the topic. But you’ll only get promoted to a handful.
  • Consider how you’d want to link your creative work with potential purchasers.
  • You may sell your digital artwork as a download after you’re finished. You can opt to expand your product range after identifying your most fervent fans.
  • Produce your digital art and sell the patterns, brushes, or backgrounds you used to make it.
  • You may also print your digital work if you want to make it easy for your audience. Undullify is an excellent program for producing high-quality art prints, t-shirts, and phone cases. If you wish to order a product sample, make sure it fulfills your requirements first.
  • So many successful products are niche market-driven. Assume your digital creation was a present for a buddy. Is it something they’d be interested in reading? Individuals who cannot purchase your position may get it via this approach.
  • Start with easy tasks and work your way up to harder ones. Starting with digital files and working backward is one option. When you’ve agreed on a marketing strategy, it’s time to start selling your digital work online.

3. Sell Digital Art On Your Website

Your digital product is gorgeous and ready to go global. As a result, you can instantly start increasing your internet presence. A website is required to promote How to sell digital art adequately. Begin with a gallery of 15 or more photos. But this may not be the best way to get them to buy anything. The same folks shop at the same shops. Initially, the pricing and options given by most marketplace sites may pique your interest. It may make it difficult to create money from your website in the long run. They only remain on a web page briefly. You barely have a minute to grab someone’s attention. It is the best course of action. Conceive an eCommerce easter egg that reflects your digital art’s uniqueness. Other strategies to increase your website’s revenue:

  • The navigation on your website should be straightforward. Consider the digital art you want to create and look for website design inspiration on the websites of your favorite online retailers.
  • Make the purchasing procedure as clear and straightforward as possible. The techniques and data presented should be thoroughly examined. You may not be familiar with abandoned shopping carts, but you’d be amazed how often people stop amid a buy to investigate them.
  • Prepare to answer any questions you may have about the purchasing process.

Use Webinar

Webinar marketing is another technique to build attention and purchases. It’s easy to create an online training or sales webinar using WebinarNinja. Consider hosting webinars on digital art or the areas you cover.

Participants should be able to save money. It’s a great way to meet new people, boost your reputation, and make more money. People also want to know whether they can get free stuff from your website. Testimonials and press releases may illustrate customer pleasure. It may help you acquire the trust of your website’s visitors.

Using a reputable website like Symantec or McAfee is vital. To accept credit cards, your website or blog must be PCI-compliant. Using a web builder like Selz instead of starting from scratch saves time. This e-commerce platform manages credit card payments and security for you.

4. Offer Great Customer Service

Spend your time on digital art. Finding new customers is an entrepreneur’s first duty. Customer service comprises guiding online customers through the login and data retrieval process. While it may not be your favorite pastime, it is required to keep your business running. Companies who wish to please their customers must assist them in many ways.

Consider your clients’ concerns. Spend your time on digital art. Finding new customers is an entrepreneur’s first duty. In your digital artwork, you may include proof of authorization. Assure that consumers have access to your resources. Printed clothes and photo frames are examples of tangible things that need shipment. When making a deal, be reasonable and offer accurate shipping information.

5. Promote Your Store

You must constantly think of yourself as a salesman if you want to generate money from your digital job. It means that even if you don’t create digital art, you’ll be able to sell it online.

  • To sell digital art, you’ll need to develop innovative marketing strategies. To establish a social media firm or a blog, you need to do extensive investigation and research. Aside from social media marketing, you should constantly concentrate on the most cost-effective techniques to advertise your brand. Many methods exist to attract new website visitors.
  • Never try to do too many chores at once. Take care not to get overburdened. It is preferable to concentrate on a small number of channels and make them successful. With individual care, individuals may achieve long-term success.
  • Email is an excellent method of communicating with the individuals you wish to contact. You can establish a customer email list if you have your website. It will allow them to learn more about you.
  • Recurring consumers are profitable for many firms. Send an email in this scenario. Send out a newsletter whenever you have anything fresh to show off from the studio.
  • When selling digital art, keep in mind where your buyers are. You may contact them via Facebook. The most efficient approach for others to learn about your digital art and how you create it is to read about it on blogs. To increase the number of people who view your work, connect with other digital art blogs, and offer to write guest pieces for them. Customers are encouraged to share a couple of your links on social media. It would help if you made an effort to convince them.

Do You Have a Strategy in Place to Figure Out How Much your Digital Work is Worth?

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Pricing Original Art

  • To make money from selling art, you must appropriately price your work for online and offline sales. Your time and labor expenditures + material pricing + extra charges + your markup may help you determine the price of your one-of-a-kind piece of art (profit). This approach requires a specified amount of money. Artists, especially those in their early stages, often doubt their own work’s worth.
  • Its flaw is that material costs and manufacturing time do not determine the worth of art. Work by well-known artists may attract a higher price than work by unknown artists. Your price should be competitive with other artists in your field.
  • Keep in mind that galleries often take half of the sale price when you sell your artwork via them. Gallerists can typically assist you in determining a price that is fair to you, the gallery, and the art market.

Pricing Art Prints

  • Calculating the price of art prints and other reproductions using the cost of printing, your marketing and sales expenditures, and markup may be a more practical method. Your markup may fluctuate depending on whether you’re selling open-edition or limited-edition prints.
  • We need to know what your goods stand for and what you’re ready to give up on price. She was determined, even though printing on eco-friendly paper was more costly. It’s vital to inform your customers about these options, especially with higher costs.


How Can Today’s Artists Most Effectively Sell Their Work?

You can create a bespoke eCommerce site to sell your paintings online using a platform like Shopify. While Etsy is a terrific site to sell your crafts and art, you can also promote them on Instagram and Facebook Shops. Discover where your prospective customers browse before deciding on the best internet platform for selling your work.

Is It Profitable to Sell Art On the Internet?

If you’re diligent with your price and advertising, selling art online might be a fantastic option. Ecommerce refers to the purchasing and selling of goods through the internet. For artists, Etsy and Facebook have made this feasible.

What Can I Do to Stop Paintings from being Sold On the Internet?

Anyone intending to sell their one-of-a-kind work online should still consider having a customized website. If you wish to sell original artwork, you’ll need a significant following. Collaboration with various distribution sources, such as a gallery, may increase your chances of getting your work recognized.

Final Thought

You’ll need a lot of time and work to become a skilled digital artist. Be patient and work on your digital art a little every day. Do not surrender. It does, however, pay off in the end. We were inspired to think of new methods how to sell digital art online after reading this article, and as a consequence, we gathered a lot of information.

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