How to See Deleted Messages on Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram is a well-known smartphone application. Instagram is most widely used for photo sharing, while Instagram Direct is mainly used for private messaging from one person to another.

Sometimes it’s just vital to look at deleted Instagram messages. For example, if you intentionally erased the correspondence with a malicious troll, and two hours later, a worthy and unconditional answer came to mind, which urgently needs to be appealed. Or you mistakenly deleted a message that had the right contacts. Whatever the need to know how to see deleted messages on Instagram, in the first minutes, you are lost because you don’t know how to do it. And we have a list of simple tips on how to see deleted messages on Instagram. Use our instructions and turn your deleted Instagram messages into active status.

Is it possible to recover deleted messages on Instagram? Instagram is the most popular platform for those who like to take photos and look at other people’s beautiful pictures. The application also allows you to enhance videos and images using unique effects, after which you can share the finished product with friends and subscribers. But Instagram has a function for exchanging not only graphics but also messages. This is direct.

Where is the Direct?

instagram message

Swipe left on the screen or click on the paper airplane icon at the top right to go to messages. Here you can send messages or reread them. All conversations are saved. But sometimes, the mail cannot be viewed, as someone deleted everything.

How to find out if there was a failure, an accident, or if it was an intentional deletion of messages on Instagram? Why did the send fail? This happens for the following reasons:

  • the shipment was accidentally deleted during the restoration of the factory settings of the smartphone;
  • removing unused data (photos, audio, contacts, texts, etc.), you could inadvertently get rid of the main messages;
  • there was a virus attack on the phone; in such cases, a lot of things disappear on smartphones, including conversations direct;
  • there was an infection of system files, which led to the loss of materials from Instagram; lost Root-rights of the phone or loss of access to the file system also entails the loss of correspondence;
  • an account is invalid.

Things can be even simpler – there is a chance that you deliberately deleted messages and then regretted them for one reason or another.

Is it possible to read deleted messages on Instagram after determining why direct mail disappeared? We’ll show you how to get your lost information back.

5 Ways to Get Deleted Messages on Instagram on PC

instagram use both phone and laptop

 Instagram was designed to be used on smartphones, not desktops. This makes it harder for lost messages to be returned.

1. Recover Instagram Direct Messages Deleted Due to a Crash

If you think your conversations are gone due to a system glitch:

  • restart the device;
  • log out of your account and log in again;
  • if deleted messages on Instagram are visible to the interlocutor,
  • let him take screenshots of the missing dialogs;
  • write a letter to the technical support staff describing the problem.

 The fourth option with the maximum probability will help you see deleted messages on Instagram sooner.

2. View Deleted Messages on Instagram With a Connected Facebook Account

Did you know that Instagram allows you to be in the same system as Facebook? You will be able to register there through an Instagram account. If you have done this, your chances of seeing deleted messages on Instagram have increased.

  • Go to Facebook, and check your mail.
  • By clicking on the left panel of Instagram Direct, you will see the available dialogs.

3. Recover Deleted Instagram Messages Through the Download Function

You can upload your Instagram data to your computer: photos, comments, account information, etc. At the same time, only one request from the account is processed at a time. It will take a couple of days to collect and send data in some cases.

  • Go to and enter your data (login and correct password).
  • Click on your profile avatar at the top right.
  • Go to “Settings” in the window that opens, and switch to the “Privacy and Security” tab.
  • Scroll down the page to the data download section and request a file archive.
  •  In the new window, enter your email, where your Instagram data will be sent. Click on “Next.”

4. Data Recovery With Instagram Message Recovery

You can return and view deleted messages on Instagram Direct, thanks to the method developed by a former employee of this social network – through the Instagram Message Recovery website.

  • On the Instagram Message Recovery website, enter the name of your Instagram profile.
  • Once logged into Instagram, click on message recovery.
  • Once verified, you can recover lost messages.

5. Recover Deleted Instagram Messages with Bluestacks App

The principle of operation of Bluestacks is to simulate the process of a smartphone (Android) on a computer.

  •  Launch the emulator on your PC.
  • Search the Play Store for the social media app and install it.
  •  Open the app and click on “Archive.”
  •  Select Instagram file
  • Click install.
  • Rescuing data requires saving the Instagram file in advance for backup recovery.
  • Recovery of chats on Instagram on a smartphone or tablet

Recovery of Message on IOS

iphone open instagram

Recovering deleted correspondence on an iPhone will be possible through iСloud cloud storage. Its function is to back up data and works by default on all IOS devices (unless they were forced to shut down). For recovery, you will need:

  • Just make sure you have an iPhone backup beforehand. Launch your iPhone and go to ” Settings ” > ” General ” > ” Reset ” > ” Reset All Content and Settings “.
  • After restarting and setting up the iPhone, you can go to ” App Data ” and click “Restore from iCloud Backup” to recover deleted Instagram messages.
  • You can log into your iCloud account with a password and choose the iCloud backup you want with an Instagram post. It will restore the files you need on your iPhone within minutes.

Recover Deleted Messages From Instagram on iPhone

Is there a way to retrieve deleted messages from Instagram on iPhone directly? If you don’t have a backup of your deleted messages, restoring Instagram messages should be the right choice. iPhone Data Recovery Recommended for recovering Instagram messages to get deleted data like photos, chats, contacts, notes, call history, videos, calendar, apps, etc., back to iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch without any hassle.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable

After you free download and install Instagram Message Recovery, you can launch the program.

Connect your iPhone to your computer with the original USB cable. Follow the instructions on the interface to grant debug rights to the phone.

  • Select Recovery Mode to Scan Your iPhone

Select ” Recover from iOS Device ” and click ” Start Scan ” to analyze your mobile phone and find deleted Instagram messages.

  • Preview Recovered Instagram Messages.

After that, you can check the recovered messages, including the deleted messages from Instagram; you can preview and select the desired Instagram Direct messages just before the recovery.

  • Retrieve deleted messages from Instagram

Check the deleted Instagram messages you want to recover. Then click ” Recover ” to save the files to your computer. Restoring files to the destination folder will only take a few seconds.

Recovery of Deleted Instagram Messages on Android

How to recover and read deleted messages on Instagram on Android? You need:

  • Connect your Android phone to your computer

Just connect your Android phone to your computer with the original USB cable. Download and install Instagram message recovery on your computer. Launch the program and select ” Android Data Recovery

  • Enable USB Debugging Mode

After connecting your Android phone to your computer, you need to enable USB debugging on your Android phone using the screen. After that, you can click the ” OK ” button in the program.

  • Preview Recovered Instagram Messages

Now you can check “Messages, Message Attachments ” and other options you want to recover. The program will automatically root and scan your device.

  • Retrieve Deleted Instagram Messages

Checking all deleted files takes some time. Click on the ” Recover ” button to recover deleted messages and save Android text messages to the computer.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages From iTunes

itunes using
  • Connect iPhone to a computer with the original USB cable. Usually, iTunes starts automatically; otherwise, you can also start the program manually.
  • Select the iPhone menu and select ” Conclusion, “select the option ” Restore Backup ” under the option “Manual Backup and Restore” to recover deleted Instagram messages.
  • Select the iTunes backup with the message, and you can also select the recent backup; then, you can click the ” Restore ” button to get back the deleted files accordingly.

How to Recover Deleted Messages via the Web Version

The procedure for uploading data on the web version of Instagram is similar. At the same time, sending a request via the desktop has a specific advantage: in this case, the downloaded data will be more readable since it is oriented to the computer version. To restore Instagram conversations via the web version:

  • Log in to your personal Instagram profile through the website of the same name.
  • Go to your profile homepage by clicking on your profile photo in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Check the “Settings” box next to the “Edit Profile” button.
  • Click the Privacy & Security tab.
  • restore correspondence Instagram
  • Scroll to the end of the page and in the “Download data” block, click “Request file.”
  • restore correspondence Instagram

Within 48 hours, the user who sent the restore request receives an email to the specified email address with a link to download the archive. If you haven’t received an email, Instagram advises you to check your spam folder. After the link to the archive has been received, it is worth downloading it to the device and opening it using the archiver. Lost correspondence will be in the “Messages” folder.

How to Recover Lost Data With Instagram Message Recovery Online [Official]

Method This method is no longer available at this time.

When using this recovery method, you need to contact the Instagram team so they can help you recover your deleted messages. This is not an app or software that you need to download and install.

  • The first step you need to take is to visit the online Instagram message recovery platform. Go there and sign in to your Instagram account.
  • This will take you to your Instagram account, and on the platform, find the RESTORE MESSAGES button and click on it. This will initiate recovering your lost or deleted messages from your mailbox.
  • Complete the person verification process as far as possible.

This proves that you are a human and not an automaton-like robot. You must complete this process to get your lost messages back. This is for security reasons.


Are Instagram Messages Permanently Deleted?

Actually, no. When you delete Instagram Direct messages from your computer or phone, they disappear from your eyes but remain somewhere on your phone. Only with data recovery software can you scan and find deleted Instagram Direct messages.

Why Did My Instagram DM Conversation Disappear?

There are 4 reasons why your Instagram DM conversations are disappearing. The first is that other recipients you’ve contacted have blocked you. Secondly, there is a possibility that you sent messages due to the Internet connection or others. Thirdly, Instagram has a fantastic feature that makes received messages, including photos and videos, disappear after a while. The last thing is that the recipient you send has permanently deactivated the account.

Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Instagram Direct Messages?

Yes. If you have backed up Instagram messages, you will be able to restore deleted Instagram Direct messages from the backup. Otherwise, you will get professional Instagram messages recovery in this post to recover them.

Summing up

You need to know how to see deleted messages on Instagram. Its well-thought-out functionality allows you to return the lost or accidentally deleted but remove information on Android. Suppose you don’t want to receive messages from a specific user or group of subscribers. In that case, you can block it directly, and thanks to this, you won’t have to spend time on unnecessary manipulations, deleting, or ultimately returning to chat with certain people.

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