How To Secure Subwoofer In Trunk? [3 Easy But Best Methods]

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Subwoofers are great for your car audio system. But the common problem occurs as many find it difficult to secure the subwoofer in the trunk. As a result, the subwoofer slides around. This is risky both for your expensive subwoofer and car. 

I have found the 3 best ways to secure the subwoofer from sliding. They are a more permanent solution and work properly. The ways are: 

  1. Velcro Straps. 
  2. L-bracket. 
  3. Ropes and hinges. 

Let’s jump into the “How to secure subwoofer in trunk” discussion and find out your preferable method! 

How To Secure Subwoofer In Trunk?

Let’s Begin! 

Velcro Straps 

In my view, this is the best way to secure a subwoofer. This method allows you to remove the woofer when you want trunk space for your travel, as well as secure the woofer firmly on the trunk floor. 

Things you need

  1. Velcro Straps. 
  2. Heat gun. 
  3. Scissors. 
  4. Anti-cutter. 
  5. Marker. 

Working Process

Step 1: Take the part of Velcro tape with a soft and cottony texture. Measure the base of the subwoofer and cut straps accordingly with scissors. Heat the adhesive on the back of the subwoofer with the heat gun and mount it on the base of the subwoofer. 

Step 2: Move your carpet from the floor of your trunk. Choose an area where you want to place the woofer. I think choosing one side would be wise as it gives you more usable space. 

Mark the area with a marker and cut the straps accordingly. Remember to take the straps that have a rough texture. Heat the adhesive and glue it to the marked area. 

Step 3: Mark the carpet area where the subwoofer will sit and cut it with an anti-cutter. Place the carpet. Now, place the subwoofer base on the trunk floor where the Velcro straps are placed. Press with firm pressure. 

This way, you can secure the subwoofer on the trunk floor effortlessly. You can also remove the woofer whenever you want. If you want more tightness, then use industrial-grade Velcro straps. 


This method is also great for securing your subwoofer. The downside of this method is you have to drill holes in your trunk floor. But you can add a wooden floor if you don’t want to drill holes in your car trunk. 

Things you need: 

  1. L-brackets. 
  2. 1- or 1.5-inches screws and washers. 
  3. Drill. 
  4. Marker.

Working Process: 

Step 1: Place the box where it does not move on one side. Place the L-brackets and detect how many you need. Mark the places where you need to drill holes. 

Step 2: Take the drill and make the holes where you have marked. Then place the L-brackets and secure them with washers and screws. 

Step 3: Place the woofer box in place. If you can access the trunk from the inside of the car, first bolt the screws and place the woofer. If you can not access the trunk from inside, place the woofer first and then bolt the brackets. 

This method is also great for securing the subwoofer. But this is more like a permanent solution. You can drill holes, keeping the carpet if your carpet is thick. If your carpet is thin, try removing the carpet. 

Ropes and Hinges

This method is also a permanent solution. You have to drill holes in the trunk floor. So, if you do not want to make holes in your floor, try using a wooden floor. 

Things you need: 

  1. Small hinge. 
  2. Small screw with small metal washers. 
  3. Thin but strong ropes. 
  4. Screwdriver. 
  5. Marker.

Working Process: 

Step 1: Place the subwoofer in the trunk where you want to keep it. Place the hinges at the bottom. The number of hinges would depend on your choice and the situation. Try to use plus one hinge with the number of hinges required. Mark the places to drill holes with a marker. 

Step 2: Drill holes and secure the hinges on the trunk floor with screws and washers. Now attach the hinges straight right up on the top of the subwoofer. Use small screws so that the woofer inside is not harmed. 

Step 3: Place the woofer at your marked place. Insert the rope through the 2 speared holes of the bottom hinge. Tie with the hinge that is straight on the top of the sub. Tight strongly. The ropes and hinges method is great as you can remove the woofer when you want by just untying the ropes. 

There are some other things you can use to secure your subwoofer to your trunk floor, like double-sided tape. The methods are temporary and do not give you a permanent solution. So, I recommend these 3 methods to use while securing. 

How To Secure Subwoofer In Trunk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which way should my subwoofer face in the trunk?

Ans: Most of the people face the subwoofer away from the car. But it really doesn’t matter much where the subwoofer faces. The sub emits sound waves that are not directional. So, you can face your woofer in any direction you want. 

Q. How can I connect a subwoofer to your car amp?

Ans: Connecting the subwoofer to the car amp is easy. First, connect the power cable with the car battery. Then give the ground connection. For this, you can remove the carpet and scrape the paint until the metal is visible.

Then plug the RCA cables with the subwoofer output. Then connect the subwoofer and amplifier with the speaker wire. Then connect the power cable, and you are all done. 

Q. How much does a car subwoofer cost?

Ans: Subwoofers come in a variety of prices. Most of the subs range between 100-200. You will get an average quality subwoofer within this range. Going up over 200 will give you a complete subwoofer set with premium quality. 


Securing the subwoofer is an important thing that is overlooked. So many people don’t know the methods for it. From my testing, I have given 3 best methods and steps to get them done. I hope this blog post was a help to you in some way. Thank you.

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