How to Remove VHT Nightshade in 5 Minutes

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I can feel your hassles at least a little bit because I am also the victim of this issue. It is a really annoying moment when you can’t remove the VHT nightshade coating from your car’s tail lights even after applying dozens of tricks. Finally, after searching hundreds of times in various forums and online, I found the exact solution how to remove VHT nightshade properly.

VHT Nite-Shades is basically a transparent black coating that is used in the tail light, turn indicators, fog light to give some custom and European style. The coating is basically designed in such a way that you get performance for many years after using it once, and you don’t have to face it in hassles like re-applying again and again.

As a result, users apply Vht nightshade to their car’s light lens in the first case, but later, for various reasons, try to remove it while facing big hassles. But from now on, there is no cause to worry, because we have created this guide with a suitable solution to your problem. So without wasting time, let’s get started on our journey.

How to Remove VHT Nightshade

How to Remove VHT Nightshade

In this section, we will share a simple step by step process that you can apply to remove night shade from almost all lights. As a result, you do not have to search for how to remove nightshade from headlights, tail lights, or anything else separately.

Before You Starting

Step 1: Prepared Yourself

Before doing any kind of removing, replacing, coating, or chemical-related work, you must wear hand gloves for your safety purpose. No matter how little or complicated the task, you must put your own safety first.

Step 2: Remove the Light Lens from The Car

Separate the headlights, tail lights, or light lenses from which you want to remove the VHT nightshade. Use a screwdriver and other tools to remove it safely. When removing the light, you must overlook to separate the joints of the lights so as not to fail any wire.

Step 3: Apply the Goof Off Strength Remover

After removing the light lens from the car, place it on a table, then remove if any dust and sand have reached.

Now it turns to spray; first, apply Goof Off strength remover properly on the part of the light lens where there is nightshade. And wait about 3 to 5 minutes. If you take a fair look, you can see that the VHT nightshade coating is swollen on the lens like bobbles. Then with the help of a damp cloth, wipe off the black coating from the lens.

If the coating is not removed sufficiently, then you can apply Goof Off remover once more in the same process, then you will get an accurate result.

Step 4: Apply The Gunk Foamy Engine Cleaner

After applying Goof off remover and wiping excessing things with the help of a damp cloth, then apply the Gunk Foamy engine cleaner. Though it is used for the safe cleaning of engine components, However, you can also use it for other purposes for secure cleaning.

After complete, the Gunk foamy engine cleaner application then waits again for a few minutes. Then you wipe with the help of a damp cloth again. I think the attached nightshade with the lens of your lights has already been cleansed.

Step 5: Install the Light

After successfully cleaning the VHT nightshade from the vehicle light lens, then dry it for a while, then re-installing the light lens in your car. And check whether the light is ON properly.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Are VHT Nightshades legal?

First of all, you have to keep in mind that all state laws are not the same. Something that is illegal in your state may not be legislated in another state or legally. Therefore, VHT nightshades are not legal for all states also again legal in some states. However, in most cases, VHT nightshades users do not have such a problem. Yet, in our opinion, the first thing you should know is about the different vehicle laws from your state’s govt website.

How long does Vht nightshade last?

Different types of Vht nightshade last different periods, so it is difficult to say precisely how long does Vht nightshade lasts. However, RED VHT usually lasts 8 months or more. Other VHTs last 1.5 years to 2 years or more.

How do I remove the Vht nightshade from my car?

It is pretty simple, but some users explain the process of removing Vht nightshade in a very difficult way. First, remove the lens of the light. Then manage the Goof off pro strength remover spray and apply it to your light lens. Wait a while, and after that, wipe the lens with the help of a damp cloth.

Then again, apply Gunk foamy engine cleaner on the lens in the same process. And wait again for a while, then wipe the lens with the help of a damp cloth. You can see Vht nightshade is completely removed from the lens, and it looks like a new light lens.

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Final Verdict

Though the VHT Nightshade transparent coat is much stronger, you can easily get the removing solution. In our how to remove Vht nightshade guide, we have shared a simple step by step process without going into a very complicated process so that you can easily solve your work without extra cost.

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