How to Print Notes from iPhone

how to print notes from iphone

Did you know that you may print stuff from your iPhone’s Notes app? It is a fantastic tool, but it is challenging to figure out how to print from Notes on iPhone unless you know where to search. We will show you how to print notes from your iPhone in this article so you can keep paper copies of your notes or scanned documents.

How to Print Notes from iPhone

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Working with devices that are not Apple is exhausting since Apple devices do not play well with other brands of electrical gear. On the other hand, Apple is putting a greater emphasis on user-friendliness. With these simple steps, you may now print things, documents, or notes from the Notes app on your iPhone:


To do anything on your phone, you must unlock your phone. Even your three-year-old kid knows that, right? After unlocking the phone, you will need to open the Notes app on your iPhone.


Once your notes app is open, choose the note you want to print from the notes listed in the app.


You will find more icons in the upper-right corner if you look carefully. Once you have located that icon, tap the more icon.


Now, look closely, and you will find the drop-down menu. Select the “Send a Copy” from the drop-down menu.


If you feel the necessity of seeing more options, swipe up to view the Print option.


From the view of the Print option, choose “Print.”


See if any printer is listed in the printer portions or not. Tap Select Printer if there is no printer that you have chosen before.


After tapping on “Select Printer” from the list, choose the printer you want to use.


Now, look at the upper-right corner. You will find a “Print” option. Tap that option, and your document will start printing.

Is it Possible to Send Apple Notes?

Yes, it is possible. You can send a copy of your notes from your iPhone with ease. Follow these steps as guidance:


Open Select Send a Copy from the drop-down menu.

The Notes app on your iPhone. 


Choose the folder in which your note is saved.


Select the note you want to send by tapping on it.


The Action Menu, or the three dots in the top-right corner of your screen, should be tapped.


Now, tap on “Send a Copy,” which you can find on the drop-down menu.


Select the method for sending a copy of your note.

Is it Possible to Share Apple Notes?

Are you trying to share notes from your apple device but getting stuck? Do not worry because we have the solution laid out step by step for you.


Again, open the Notes app from your iPhone.


Choose the folder in which your note is saved.


Select the note you would like to share by tapping on it.


The Action Menu, or the three dots in the top-right corner of your screen, should be tapped.


Select the option to share the note.

You may share a remark with others by inviting them. Choose how you want to deliver your invitations. **Share Options **can also allow others to make modifications to your notes.

 Why Can’t I Print from Notes on iPhone?

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There could be many reasons why someone can’t print from notes on their iPhone. One reason might be that the notes are not saved in PDF format. Another reason might be that no printer is connected to the iPhone, or the printer is not turned on. So check your printer if it’s plugged in. 

How to Print from Notes on Mac

Follow these simple steps to print your notes on Mac. 

  • Open Notes App
  • Select the note you want to print by clicking on it.
  • Select File from the taskbar page.
  • Now click on print from the dropdown menu.
  • From the list of printers, choose the one you want to use.
  • At the bottom of the page, click the Print button.

How to Print iCloud Notes from a PC

iCloud is a great way to store and share notes on your iPhone or iPad, but what if you want to print them out? It’s pretty easy to print iCloud notes from your PC – you need to follow a few simple steps.

  • First, open a web browser and go to
  • Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  • Open the document you want to print.
  • Click the Tools button in the toolbar
  • Select Print.

Difference Between Sharing a Note and Sending One from your iPhone:

You may be asking what the difference is between sharing and sending a copy of your note. You truly allow individuals access to your notes when you select the Share Note option. Extend an invitation to other people, allowing them to view the note you shared and observe any changes you make in real-time. You can also permit them to update that note if you want to. This option is only available for notes you have saved to iCloud.

On the other hand, sending a copy allows you to share exactly what it says on the tin: a copy of the content in a specified note. The recipient will only be able to see the copied text you send and will not be able to alter the original note. You may also print your note from your iPhone or iPad by selecting Send a Copy from the Send a Copy menu.

How Do I Make My iPhone Notes into a PDF?

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If you’re like most iPhone users, you take a lot of notes on your device. But what happens when you need to share those notes with someone else? One solution is to convert them into PDFs. 

There are two different ways to make your iPhone notes into PDFs. One way is to use the “Print” function on your iPhone. To do this, open the note you want to convert, and tap the “Share” button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Then, tap “Print.” Instead of selecting the printer, click on “Save as PDF.”

Another process is-

  • Open your targeted note to export it as a PDF.
  • Tap the ellipsis once you’re in the note.
  • Select Send a Copy from the drop-down menu.
  • Select generate PDF.
  • Save the file by using the Save button.

How to Create PDF Files from Apple Notes on Any Device

When you have completed creating your notes, export them as a PDF file from the Apple Notes app to share or protect them from further alterations. Apple Notes is undoubtedly one of your favorite note-taking apps if you have an iPad, iPhone, or Mac. This program is easy to use and easily synchronizes your notes to iCloud. This means you can access your notes from various Apple devices, which is useful. However, Apple Notes’ utility does not end there. You may also export your notes as a PDF, among other things.

On Any Device, Save Apple Notes as PDF

Apple Notes can make the procedure a breeze with its export to PDF feature. The main drawback is that you cannot export numerous notes at once. iPhone and iPad users can save Apple Notes as PDF files. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, here is how to export your Apple Notes to PDF step by step:

  • Open any note in Notes to export it as a PDF.
  • Tap the ellipsis (…) icon at the top of the note once you have entered it.
  • Tap on “Send a Copy,” which you will find on the drop-down menu.
  • To create a PDF, tap Markup. Before exporting it, you can annotate your PDF on the markup page. Choose any markup tool, personalize it, and use it to annotate the PDF.
  • Tap Done after you’re finished with your PDF. You will be prompted to store your PDF in Apple Notes.
  • On your iPhone or iPad, tap Save File To and choose an acceptable place.
  • Finally, press the Save button.

On a Mac, you can convert Apple Notes to PDF. On a Mac, the procedure is much simpler. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the Notes app and select a note you want to convert to PDF.
  • From the menu bar, select File.
  • Select PDF as the output format.
  • Rename your PDF file, choose where to save it, and add tags if desired.
  • To save your PDF, click Save.

Convert Your Documents

Pages allow you to convert and open documents on your iPhone or iPad. Pages on your iPhone or iPad allow you to deal with various file formats. Check which Pages support file types on the iPhone and iPad. You can convert a Pages document to Pages on the iPhone or iPad.

  • Use Pages to convert a Pages document to a suitable format so you can open it in another tool like Microsoft Word.
  • Tap the More button after opening the document you want to convert.
  • Select Export.
  • Decide on the format of your document.
  • Set any additional choices if you chose EPUB.
  • Select a method for sending your documents, such as Mail or Messages.  
  • On your iPhone or iPad, open a file in Pages.
  • To open a file in Pages, such as a Microsoft Word document, tap the file in the document manager. If the document manager is not visible, tap Documents (on iPad) or the back button (on iPhone) and tap the file you wish to access. If a file is dimmed, it is not in a compatible format.

You can also access a file in Pages directly from another app, such as the Files app, or via an email:

  • Select the document or attachment in the other app.
  • Select the Share option.
  • Copy to Pages is the next option. The original file will not get tampered with.

How to Use iCloud to Move Files from your iPhone

Apple’s iCloud is the quickest way to transfer notes from your iPhone to a Windows PC. The following is the tutorial:

  • Select iCloud from the drop-down menu under Settings.
  • Log in to iCloud using your Apple ID. The categories can be found in iCloud.
  • Turn “Notes” on, and iCloud will automatically transfer your notes to the cloud.
  • Install iCloud on your PC and sign in with the same Apple ID, and the notes will appear on your computer.
  • This is most likely the quickest method for transferring iPhone notes to a computer. If you want to use Apple’s services, iCloud will be your best option.

How Do I Know If My Printer Has AirPrint?

AirPrint is a feature that comes with most newer printers. It allows you to print wirelessly from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac laptop or desktop. If you’re not sure if your printer has AirPrint, check the printer’s manufacturer’s website. If AirPrint is not listed as a feature, there is a good chance that the printer does not have it. You can also check the Apple official list of AirPrint Printers. ( ) 


How to Print From Notes on iPhone iOS 14??

iOS 14 has made some great changes to the Notes app. You can now print your notes directly from your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how:

  • Open the Notes app and select the note you want to print.
  • Tap the share button and select Print.
  • Select the printer you want to use and tap Print.
  • The note will print out on your printer.

Is It Possible to Print Apple Notes?

To print a note, hit the “More” button, the circle with the three dots icon in the top right corner; then, you will get the Copy option to tap and tap to the Print option again.

Is It Possible to Print iCloud Notes?

You can save a document as a PDF and then print it from any printer on your iPhone.

Is It True That iPhone Notes Are Kept in iCloud?

Your notes are stored in the cloud rather than locally on your device when using iCloud for Notes. You may see them on any device with iCloud and Notes enabled, such as your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. You may also use a web browser to access your iCloud notes.

On a Pc, Where Do iPhone Notes Go??

By going into > Notes, you may access and update notes saved in the Outlook folder of the iPhone Notes app on the web.

Can I Print All Notes From My iPhone?

Yes, you can print all notes from your iPhone. Open the Notes app and tap the share icon in the screen’s upper-right corner to print your notes. Then, select the printer you want to use and tap Print. If you’re going to print a specific note, open the note and tap the share icon in the screen’s upper-right corner. Then, select the printer you want to use and tap Print.

Can Apple Notes Be Converted to Word??

No, it’s not possible to directly convert Notes to Word files. However, you can copy text from the notes, paste it into a document file, and save it in word format. 

Can I Save a Note as a PDF?

Yes, you can save your Note to a PDF file. Open the notes you want to save as PDF, click on ellipses and click share. And then click export as PDF. 

How Do I Print All My Apple Notes?

Unfortunately, you can’t print all of your documents at once. You have to print every document one by one manually. 

How Do I Transfer Notes From My iPhone to a Word Document?

There is no direct way to Transfer Notes from iPhone to a Word document. However, you can easily copy your note from the Note app and paste it into a word document. 


Although iPhones are known for their incapability of connecting with other brands, millions and millions of people are using Apple’s iPhone. Be it for the look or the fractures of it. But if you are one of those who utilize their smartphone properly and get things done through an iPhone user, you need to know how to print notes from your iPhone. Maybe you are a student or a jobholder, and you need to print something urgently. What will you do if you do not have your laptop or PC in hand? The most common answer will be that you would try to do it using your iPhone. Hopefully, this article will be useful to you. 

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