How to Print in Reverse

You might sometimes need to print in reverse image or text for various reasons. The main one is to transfer images or text to fabric with iron-on transfer paper. Additionally, you can use the transfer on hard surfaces if you have the right tools. However, before printing on any fabric, you need to know how to print in reverse images or text order in various applications, including MS Word, Google Docs, Publisher, Macs, iPhone, and PowerPoint. Plus, how to print in reverse on different printers.

This article entails all you need to know about printing in reverse hence making your printing more fun. You will have a glance at different ways to print in reverse images and text on various items.

How to Print in Reverse text in Ms. Word

To print in reverse text in a document, you must enter the text in the “Text Box” first. After you reverse the text, you can use “Shape Online” to remove the text box. Here are steps that work on both Office 365 and Office 2016 tools.

  1. To insert a text, go to “Insert” >Text Box and type the text, and format it
  2. Select the text box, right-click and click “Format Shape.”
  3. After clicking the Format panel, it is displayed on the right. Click on “Effects”
  4. On the 3-D Rotation, enter 180 degrees to reverse the text. You can also select other rotations to make the text reversed depending on your preferences.
  5. Click the text box and set “Shape Outline” to No Outline and “Shape Fill” to No Fill.

How to Print in Reverse Order

If you are printing vast volumes of documents, you can consider printing them in reverse order to collate the documents neatly and efficiently. There are 2 ways you can reverse print orders.
Let’s begin

1. Set it in the Ms Word
You only need to make a single command for the printer to reverse print the documents.

  1. Start the word and click “Options” > Advanced
  2. Scroll down to the “Print” section on the right.
  3. Click the “Print Pages in Reverse Order,” making a tick appear in the check box.
  4. Click “OK” and exit.

2. Reverse Print Order using Printer Application Option

  1. Open the Word document.
  2. Click the “Print tab” on the file tab. The Print dialog will display a preview of the document on the right side.
  3. Click on Print All Pages under settings. An options menu will appear.
  4. Click on “Custom Print,” and the cursor will blink inside the black field
  5. Set up the “Custom Print” to print in reverse order
  6. Print

How to Reverse an Image in PDF

  1. Load the PDF to PDFelement
  2. Drag the PDF document to the PDFelement, and it will open. You can also click on the “Open File.”
  3. Choose the image
  4. Click “Edit tab” and enter the editing mode, then click the image to be selected.
  5. Reverse the image in PDF
  6. Now right-click the image and click on: Rotate Right” or “Rotate Left” to reverse the image as you desire.

How to Print in Reverse an Image in Word

If you regularly use Word to make presentations, then sometimes you are forced to reverse the image. Since Microsoft Word has features that will help you with this, amazingly, you can print in reverse a picture by following these steps:

  1. Click on the “Insert tab” in the Word document.
  2. Click on the “Picture option” and add images that you want to the Word.
  3. Go to the “Picture Tools” and click the “Format tab.”
  4. Click on “Rotate” in the arranged group and reverse the image.

How to Print in Reverse an Image in Google Docs

Reversing an image is different from rotating it. When you reverse an image, you flip it vertically or horizontally. Here are steps to reverse an image in Google Docs:

  1. Open the Google docs with the image to be reversed.
  2. Click on the image
  3. Right-click it and select copy
  4. Place the cursor on the image and click enter to move to a new page.
  5. Place the cursor on the page, then click “Insert,” under “Drawing,” and select “New.”
  6. The drawing tool opens.
  7. Right-click on the Drawing tool, then “Paste.” The image will be pasted.
  8. To reverse the image, click the “Actions” drop-down, click on “Rotate,” then select reverse either horizontally or vertically.
  9. Click “Save” and “Close.”

How to Reverse an Image for t-shirt Printing

You can reverse an image on your t-shirt at home with your computer, printer, and t-shirt transfer paper. However, you need to follow these steps:
Assuming that you have the image for your t-shirt transfer, click “Insert” at the top of the window, click “Picture,” and then select the image.

  1. Open the document with the image to reverse
  2. Click on the image to select
  3. Click on the “Format tab” under “Picture Tools.”
  4. Place the cursor on the “Rotate” option in the “Arrange section,” then click the reverse horizontal option.

The image should print in reverse hence displaying properly on the t-shirt after it is ironed on.

How to Print in Reverse an Image for Iron-Transfer

  1. Click “Print” on the File menu
  2. Select printer
  3. Click on the “Properties dialog box.”
  4. Click on Properties, Printer Setup, Preferences, or Printer tab
  5. In the Paper Type, drop-down list select HP Iron-on Transfer
  6. Click on the Advanced tab
  7. Select the reverse image check box
  8. Click OK, then Print

Print in Reverse Image in PowerPoint

  1. Scan the image to your computer as a jpg file
  2. Open PowerPoint
  3. Select Insert from the menu bar
  4. Insert the image, and it will appear in your PowerPoint file
  5. Select Rotate Option under the Format tab
  6. Select reverse horizontally from the drop-down menu
  7. Print the image on transparency paper.

How to Print in Reverse a Photo on an iPhone

Before iOS 13 and iPad OS reversing photos required a third-party app. However, in the latest iPhone, it comes equipped with the Photos app that creates a mirror image without extra steps.

  1. Open the Photos app
  2. Select the image you want to reverse
  3. Click Edit in the top right corner
  4. Select the crop icon
  5. Click the reverse tool icon on the top left to reverse the image horizontally.
  6. Now the image is reversed and ready for you to share

How to Print in Reverse Image or Text on a Mac

If you want to print in reverse an image or text, here are the steps to follow
Print Mirror Image

  1. Open the image you want to reverse print with Preview
  2. Click on the Tools menu and Select Reverse Horizontal
  3. Click the File menu and select the Print field
  4. Make adjustments and click on the Print button to print the mirror image

Print Mirror Text Using the Text Editing Apps

Although you can reverse text directly in MS Word, you can also use TextEdit. Here is how to do it

  1. Click on the File Menu and choose Print.
  2. Click on the Show Details Button to open up the full print settings page
  3. Click on the Application Drop-down menu and select Layout. It will open up new adjustment fields.
  4. Check the box Reverse horizontally

Print Mirror Text Using the Preview App

If you can’t use the above way, you can consider converting the text document into a PDF file or image file and then print in reverse. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the text using the text editing app.
  2. Click on the File menu and use the Export function, create a PDF file of the text.
  3. Right-click the new PDF document and select Open with Preview
  4. Click on the File menu and Select Print
  5. Press on the Show Details, then click the Application drop-down menu and select Layout.
  6. Check if there is a Reverse Horizontal option in the section box
  7. If yes, check the box and mirror-print your document.
  8. If not, click the Cancel button and follow these steps to export the PDF file to an image.
  9. On the Preview, click File Menu and choose Export
  10. In the Format drop-down, select JPG
  11. Click Save

How to print in Reverse an Image in MS Publisher

If your design is a clip art or WordArt, or picture, then flip it horizontally.

  1. On the Arrange menu, reverse
  2. Click Reverse Horizontal

If your design contains text in a text box, turn it into a picture, then reverse it horizontally.

  1. Select the text in the text box in your design
  2. Click Cut in the Edit menu on the Objects bar, then “ Insert” WordArt
  3. Select a WordArt, select a style, and then OK.
  4. Copy and paste the text into the WordArt Text box.
  5. Format the text, and click OK
  6. Select all the objects in the design
  7. Click Group Objects
  8. n the Arrange menu, place the cursor to Reverse and then click Reverse Horizontal.

How to print in reverse a string in C, C++, Java, and Python

You can use either of these methods to reverse a C, C++, Java, or Python string. They include:

  •  Swapping the string characters
    Using recursion
    Using standard library functions

How to Print in Reverse on Different Printers

For Canon Inkjet:

  1. Click the Page Setup tab on Preferences
  2. Select Print in reverse
  3. Click OK

For HP inkjets

  1. Click the Advanced tab in Printing Preferences
  2. Click on Document Options
  3. Click on Layout Option
  4. Under the drop-down menu, select reverse
  5. Click OK

Wrapping Up

Most people are printing in reverse images or text on various items. However, if you are not familiar with print in reverse, you can use the article to help you with how to do it. It makes printing on different things, including t-shirts, caps, and others.

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