How to Print a Photo for a Locket

The trend of wearing a locket became well-known in the twentieth century. Soldiers used to gift lockets to their loved ones to symbolize their love before going to combat during World Wars. 

In this new generation, a new form of locket had arrived. It is a photo locket. 

Photo locket is a small attachable pendant that has space inside it to attach photos. In this, you can attach any kind of photo you want.

Nothing can beat the beauty of wearing a locket with images of your loved one. In the absence of your loved one, when you wear it, you don’t feel distant from your loved one.

Now you must be thinking about how can you attach photos by yourself? From where you will get this tiny size of the photos? How to print a photo for a locket? Let us introduce you to all the information while printing a photo for a locket. 

Photo lockets and Emotional Attachments

baby girl photo locket

Photo locket pendants are one of the most sophisticated ways of showing love for someone. It makes you feel like someone you love and adore is always with you. Nowadays, you can have hundreds of photo albums on your device, but it does not have that personal touch of love.

For example, you gave your wife a locket attached with a photo of your first date. Every time she puts it on, a flash of happy memories will flash across her mind. 

Where Can you Get This Done:

The trend of photo locket pendants never gets old. So, it is not very tough to get it done. You have the following options to get it done:

Jewelry Shops:

It is something that a lot of jewelry shops do. The first thing you need to do is buy a locket. Lockets are usually small, measuring only a fraction of an inch across. So, you must keep in mind the appropriate size for your locket. For example: if it is a family photo you want to attach, it is wise to choose round-shaped lockets.

Give them the desired picture you want to attach and tell them the photo filter or color corrector you want to use. They will consider your wants, edit your picture, and make alternative options. Then will send the drafts. Whichever you like, they will simply that photo into the locket.

Online Shops or Websites:

There are multiple websites where you can get this type of service. They take orders for image cropping and resizing. You will provide them with the size and shape of your pendant. They will make the photo smaller, but the quality of the photo will remain the same.

Can you Attach your Photos on your Own?

attach baby photo on locket

Oh yes! You can. It is quite exciting and fun. If you have sufficient gadgets, it will not be a difficult job for you. I think it is better to do it independently rather than do it online or in shops.

When you do it by yourself and gift that to someone, it becomes more precious. It adds more value to its specialty. You can also do whatever and however you want, which makes it a more engaging activity.

Now you might be wondering how to print a photo for a locket. What if you mess up?  Well, you don’t have to worry when we are here to help you. We are bringing the simple yet explicit tactics of printing a photo for a locket. Just follow our steps.


Purchase a locket with a photo attachment facility. When you buy it, keep in mind that not every type of locket is suitable for everyone. For example, it is valentine’s day. You want to give your boyfriend a photo locket, so you bought a sparkling girlish locket. That looks strange when he puts it on.

Thus, it is crucial to consider who you’re buying the locket for and why you’re getting it.


After purchasing the locket, you must prepare the picture to attach. Normally photos come with square shapes. The first thing to do is measure your locket’s photo carrying area. Record the approximate width and height of the image space using a tape measure.

You don’t have to be precise; just guess to the nearest millimeter. Now pick the width of the locket. For oval shape, 14mm is perfect. For heart shape, 15mm is good to go.


Edit and resize your photo using any free photo editing websites. You can also find various photo editing apps in the app store. Complete all resizing tasks.


After creating a perfect size picture, save the image so you can print it. Save it as a picture file like JPEG. Print your image in color or black and white if you have your printer. Print on matte or glossy, whatever paper you prefer.

If you don’t have your printer, you can save your image to a USB drive or CD and bring it with you to the store. They will print it for you.

Photo Ideas for your Locket

idea for photo locket

Now the major factor in choosing the photo. By major factor, I did not mean the perfect picture. I was referring to photographs that hold a specific recall.

  • Let’s assume a mother wears a photo locket that has a picture of her child in it. She will not think which picture of her child is more beautiful. She will think every photo is beautiful as a mother. Rather, she will attach a photo of a specific memory, such as the first time her child was able to walk or sit. 
  • Rather than posed photographs, this generation prefers candid photography. The inherent beauty of candid images cannot be explained with words. When you look at a candid photograph, you’ll see that you had no idea your best moments were being captured at the time.
  • You want to gift your wife a photo locket. Now you can attach your wedding photo to it.
  • You also can buy yourself a photo locket by attaching your parent’s picture to it.
  • Some photo lockets have space for more than one photo to attach. There you can add all of your family member’s pictures.
  • It is a nice gift for giving someone special with photos of both parties.

Different Lockets, Different Photos:

I believe that the locket you select is also determined by the type of photo you intend to carry. Memories of different people and situations generate distinct images in our minds. That is why not all lockets are suitable for all types of photographs.

Let’s see how different situations and memories suit different lockets.

  • You want to attach a photo of your grandparents who has passed away. For this scenario, a vintage collection of lockets will be perfect like antique lockets.
  • You wish to give your partner a photo locket for Valentine’s Day. In this case, that vintage collection that goes with your grandparents’ memories will not be a suitable one. Here you will want something enthusiastic. You’ll pick something sparkling here just like a locket made with Bea sterling silver. Lockets made with antique gold also diamonds can be other options.


In this gadget-obsessed age, a phone full of pictures can’t provide the taste of love that a photo locket can. It is simple, natural, yet full of emotions. It makes us realize how fortunate we are to have our loved ones in our lives.

At this point, we believe we could help you with all information on how to print a photo for a locket. Enjoy this beautiful experience.

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