How to Print 2×2 Photo

Certainly, there are some moments in your life when you need some urgent 2×2 size photos for your passport, employment authorization, visa, or other legal documents. But, you might not have the time to go to a photo studio or desire to go through that hassle.

Well, you know what, you can easily complete the whole printing process by using a PC and a printer. There is no need to go for a professional while you can do it independently.

But don’t know about the procedure yet? No worries! Because here, we are to provide you with some complete step-by-step guidelines to let you know how to print 2×2 photos by yourself. So, without further delay, let’s jump in.

How to Print 2×2 Photo

photo printing option

Printing a 2×2 photo isn’t hard at all. Let’s go through the necessary stuff to do so. All you need is to have a PC with appropriate photo editing software.

You will find a lot of software where you won’t need to spend money on service charges. After that, get to know about your requirement of photo size. After doing so, it’s time to go for the photo editing and making process.

Things To Consider While Capturing a 2×2 Photo

It’s important to properly pose for 2×2 official photos to get a suitable one. If you have captured a photo earlier, you need to follow some instructions while printing that. There are some considerations to keep in mind while doing so. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Always print your photo on high-quality paper.
  • Be conscious of the color contrast and combination.
  • It’s better to use a recently captured photo for printing. Usually, it’s recommended to use a photo that’s not more than 6 months old so that it can visualize your present appearance properly.
  • Facial expression while capturing a photo should be neutral. Face direction should be on the camera focus point.
  • Your eyes need to be visible and open towards the camera. You need to avoid any kind of shadow on your face.
  • Unnecessary wearings like veils, hats, caps, headphones, hairbands should be avoided.
  • People should also avoid glasses while capturing an official picture.
  • You need to alter and retouch the photo to change the appearance.

Step-1: First Choose The Template For 2×2 Photo

First, you need to download a preferable software to edit the photo—for instance, Photoshop, Passport Photo Maker, etc. You can go to the official site to download them. We are using Passport Photo Maker as the default software here.

Now, get into the software and go through the available built-in templates to choose one appropriate one. Consider the official requirement while doing so. For instance, you will require a 2×2 passport size photo for a US passport. So, to print a 2×2 passport photo, you will need to follow the steps.

Step-2: Now Crop The Photo To 2×2 Inches

You can choose the appropriate height and width option on the settings option from the software. Now it’s time to crop the image by 2×2 inches. According to official preference, the head size of the photo should be sized between 1 inch and 1⅜ inch. Additionally, the eyes should be sized around 1 and 1⅜ inches from the bottom of the picture.

However, the software helps you to set the photo properly using red and yellow lines. Use this feature to get the appropriate outcome.

Step-3: Now Change The Background Of The Photo

To change the background, tap on the edit tab. It will provide you with a preface where you can smoothly edit according to your requirement. There you’ll find the background changing option. Make it proper white. It will not affect the photo of the face.

Now adjust the highlighting and shadow effect for a sharper image. You can even change the wearing of your body to something formal dress-up. But keep in mind about making the photo look natural. Because too much editing can affect the natural vibe of the photo.

Step-4: Now It’s Time To Print The 2×2 Photo

After completion of editing, now it’s time to print it out. To do so, go to the print tab option and select the size of the paper and the number of photos you want to print. You can print them using a crop mark, which will eventually help you to cut the photo afterward.

Nevertheless, provide the size of the paper according to the number of photos you want. For instance, if you want to get two passport size 2×2 photos, then select 4×6 inches of paper.

Next, go to the page and select the margin as fits for all the photos. That’s how the photo will be placed appropriately.  Next, you can save the photo or directly print them out. We recommend saving them in JPEG format. Now you are good to go with a 2×2 inches passport size photo.

How to Print 2×2 Pictures Without Photoshop?

We all know that Photoshop is one of the popular photo editing software available. However, you can now edit your photos in various ways simultaneously, expecting a quality outcome as well.

One of the useful ways to do that is using Photo Printing Wizard in Windows 10. The step-by-step procedure is to print out your 2×2 photo using Windows 10.

  • First, you need to select the passport-size photo you want to print. If your photo isn’t resized appropriately, then do it beforehand. After that, do right-click on the photo and tap Print.
  • Now, select your preferred options for paper quality and size, number of photos, etc. You will find numerous options for that. After selecting, click Print. Now, wait a while to get your photos printed.
  • You will also find the resize option according to the required photo dimensions. To do so, go to the Home Tab, select the Resize option. Using the feature of the pixel radio box, you can resize at any measure.
  • Finally, get the photo printed and set the printer output to obtain your 2×2 passport size photo.

How to Print 2×2 Photos From a Phone

printing photo by mobile

Another way you can avoid the hassle of going to a photo studio or even using your computer is to use your phone to print 2×2 photos. Using a phone can save you a lot of time and trouble. But yet don’t know how to do it? Well, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

Step-1: Capture The Photo

A decently captured photo by your phone will provide you with a perfect outcome. So, this part is very crucial. If you take a photo by yourself, use a tripod and place it properly to take your picture.

You will also require adequate lighting and proper exposure to perfectly balance the dark and bright combination. Try to use a good camera. Try to avoid flashing while taking the photo.

Because it will create a shadow to the photo additionally maintain the proper framing and positioning while capturing the photo. Plus, check your camera setting before taking the photo.

Especially, check the exposure and focus option and set them according to your preference. Then get a plain and clean background in front of you to take your photo. It’s better to have a white or light-colored background.

Step-2: Editing The 2×2 Photo On Phone

For the editing part, passport-size photos require no manipulation at all. Just a balance between contrast and brightness with natural touch is all it needs. Besides, various documents ask for photos with specific requirements. So, while editing, make sure you keep those in mind.

However, you need to crop the photo with the correct size of 2×2 inches. To do so, you can use various smartphone apps or numerous websites where you will get the feature for resizing. You can crop and resize the photo quite easily using these options.

Step-3: Printing The 2×2 Photo

Now comes the important and final part, which is printing the cropped photo. There are numerous ways to do so. Specifically, you can find three useful ways. These are- (1) printing from online submission, (2) Printing from home, & (3) printing from a store.

Various websites allow you to upload your 2×2 passport size photo, and their responsibility is to print them by charging a service fee. On the other hand, you can print them from your home printer.

You will require a decent printer, photo paper, and specific tools. Some of the printers have the facility to connect through Wi-Fi with your phone. So, that’s how you can print your 2×2 passport-size photo easily.

Nevertheless, you’ve always the option of printing out the photo from a paint store nearby. You need to transfer the photo to the shop staff, and you’ll receive the printed out 2×2 passport size photo from them. These are convenient ways of printing out your photo by using your phone.


Now, we are certain that you are well aware of the procedures about how to print 2×2 photos by yourself using various methods. Printing out your passport size photos is quite common these days. Most people prefer to avoid the hassle of going to a printing store and rather do it by themselves.

However, following the step-by-step procedures mentioned above, you can do it too. Just keep in mind the do’s and don’ts while capturing your photo. That’s how you’ll get the best outcome. Go yourself and give it a try. Good luck!

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