How to Price Art Prints

Art enthusiasts desire art prints all over the world. A beautiful, meaningful art print can make money and fame for the artist. Art lovers from all around the world hunt down beautiful and unique pieces. Once you earn fame and come into the spotlight, it’s easier for art lovers to track you down. Thousands of artists make a comfortable living out of art prints. Today we’ll be talking about how to price art prints to attract customers.

How Much to Charge for Digital Art Prints

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The average charge for digital prints is 29 dollars for each black and white sketch. You can charge up to 75 dollars but not more because if the customers find it way too expensive, they will avoid your prints and go to other competitors. For full color, you can charge from 60-a20 dollars.

How to Price Limited Edition Prints

The special edition print costs will be determined by your brand awareness, as well as whether or not your original piece and copies are in limited supply.

If you’re fresh to producing autographed and personalized prints, a good starting point is to demand nearly twice the cost of the pictures. Smaller copies might command a greater price than bigger prints since the reproduction’s worth rises as the number of available copies decreases. For instance, every hundred prints at forty dollars each, or five-hundred prints at twenty dollars each. Once you notice that most of your publications are running out, raise the price.

Art Pricing Calculator

You’ll be glad to know that there’s an art pricing calculator for helping the artists with the pricing issue. The calculation goes, Artwork Costs + (Artwork Costs / 100 * Desired Profit).

How to Price Artwork for Beginners

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If you’re a beginner, knowing how much to sell your art for is crucial for initially achieving success. You would like to sell your work at a high rate to make it profitable, yet low enough to attract customers and establish strong customers of art lovers.

  • First, look for artists working in the same genre as you also are working at a similar stage of their careers to you.
  • You need to be consistent to make things a lot easier for both you and the gallery you are working with. Your pricing point has the potential of becoming a priority.
  • You can have a written pricing list on hand at all times. Once consumers recognize how much your works cost, it’s simpler to stand firm once people try to persuade you to cut your costs.
  • It is suggested that students offer their work for half a dollar to a dollar per square inch. After graduating Mastery Program, you can always just boost their fees.
  • If you really want to appeal to a wide range of buyers, make art that is available at several price ranges.

Art Pricing Guide

While coming up with the pricing of your art prints, you must consider a few costs and the standard benefit proportion before coming up with the selling price. There are a few things you must figure out first. We’ve provided you a detailed guideline for art pricing:


Firstly, you must recoup your investment in the artwork. These include operating expenses like commercial space, electricity, and heating, among other things. These expenses must be divided among the number of products you intend to sell each month.

Variable Costs

Secondly, there are also your each-painting costs, sometimes known as conventional costs. These include your canvas, paint, brushes, and the amount of time you’ve spent on a particular art. These will differ depending on how much paint you use, the size of the canvas, and other factors. These costs will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Cost of Your Time

Now, what is the value of your time? What kind of profit would you like to make? Assuming you earn $30 an hour, you will earn more than 50k per year.

Set Up your Goal

You must comprehend your objective. What’s your aim when it comes to painting? Do you want to appear as if you worry about what the art industry thinks, or do you want to create art only for your customers? Additionally, how much would you like to earn?

Do your Research

Learn how much other artists’ works cost to buy once you’ve determined your costs and objectives. Look for artists working in comparable genres to you, not some other artists. Examine the pricing of watercolor paintings on Etsy to find all the highest, middle, and cheapest prices.

Observe your Sales

Lastly, deciding on the Price is both art and science in equal measure. So long as you’re earning a profit, there’s no correct or incorrect method of doing this. Charge a few items at various levels to discover whichever sells the most is the most economical.

How to Price Art Prints

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How Much to Charge for Prints

According to the expense of items concept, the prints should cost 2x -7x as much as the product itself. Because artists are likely to sell through a gallery, commissions often range from twenty to fifty percent of the entire transaction price.

How to Price Digital Prints

Pricing digital prints are no big deal at all. The expense model is straightforward. Add up all the inputs (labor + item) and multiply that by your expected percentage to determine the amount you should charge. It’s the only systematic, stable, and trustworthy price structure for your digital prints.

How Much to Sell 8×10 Prints

If you’re a beginner, you can sell your 8×10 prints beginning from $10 to $15. Once you’ve established your brand and start selling at a stable rate, you can easily hike up your price and sell from $22-$25. If the prints are unique and you get lucky, you might get up to $35 for them.

How to Price Giclee Art Prints

The excellence of handmade Giclees and the artist’s reputation are two of the important elements that influence your pricing. A greater quality archival Giclee with the same dimensions as the originals can be worth one-third of the original’s price. Therefore, if your unique 1824 artwork sells for 3K, each 1824 Giclee can be sold 1K.

How to Price Limited Edition Art Prints

Your special edition printing costs will be determined by your brand recognition, as well as whether or not your original piece and copies are popular. The higher your notoriety, the more expensive your limited editions will be. If you’re new to offering autographed and personalized prints, a good starting point is to demand two to four times the expense of the prints.

How to Price Prints on Fine Art America

If you’re planning on looking upon Fine Arts America, the pricing depends on both the reputation of the work and the dimension of the piece. If the artist is well-known and has a demand on the market, he can ask for more than the price, depending on the dimension. However, the table below will show you how the pricing is done in the general case.

8.00”$ 12.00$ 16.00$ 28.00
10.00”$ 12.00$ 23.00$ 35.00
12.00”$ 12.00$ 33.00$ 45.00
14.00”$ 12.00$ 53.00$ 65.00
16.00$ 15.00$ 59.00$ 75.00
20.00”$ 19.00$ 76.00$ 95.00
24.00”$ 26.00$ 94.00$ 120.00
30.00”$ 33.00$ 117.00$ 150.00
36.00”$ 47.00$ 143.00$ 190.00
40.00”$ 54.00$ 186.00$ 240.00
48.00”$ 79.00$ 231.00$ 310.00
60.00”$ 118.00$ 282.00$ 400.00
72.00”$ 167.00$ 333.00$ 500.00
84.00”$ 204.00$ 396.00$ 600.00

How to Price Photography Art Prints

Calculating the cost of printing is critical to your entire business plan. And estimating the cost of a print isn’t as straightforward as counting the number of times you push the print button. Also, see how much your competitions are charging. 


  • How Much Should You Charge for an Art Print?

It depends on what kind of artist you are and the dimensions of the print. 

  • How Should You Price Your Prints?

After calculating all the costs, add how much you want to profit from each copy and then decide on the number. 

  • How Do I Find the Value of Art Prints?

If you want to find the value o art prints, the best option is to observe the competitors. See how much they are charging. Also, make sure that you cover all the expenses first. 

  • How Do You Price Art for Beginners?

For beginners, it’s best to do the pricing at a very moderate range so that the customers get attracted, and your prints get sold. As time goes by and you start earning a reputation, you can always charge more. 


Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, it’s important to know about the right way of pricing your artwork. If you charge too low, then you’ll end up with losses to bear. Again, if you charge too much than the competitors in the market, you’ll lose potential customers. I hope you found how to price art prints from our today’s guide was useful for you.

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