How to Make Stickers on Procreate

Procreate app is one of the most advanced painting and drawing apps for iOS enabled devices. It is an app for drawing that is fun and full of features. The best part about drawing apps is that you will find different tools in the same app. Each tool has its own unique feature. Similarly, the sticker tool provides the best feature overall. There are many new features in Procreate. You make fantastic stickers with this app, and then you can use these stickers in social media marketing, printing, video editing, and any other type of graphic design work. To make a sticker on the Procreate app, you must know how to make stickers on Procreate and how to start with this tool.

This article will help you make stickers using Procreate. Here is a quick guide on how to make stickers on Procreate, an app for iOS. Follow these instructions below to use Procreate effectively to make stickers.

What is Procreate

We go about our personal or professional lives in a profoundly different way every once in a while, thanks to a significant technological breakthrough. With the iPad’s Procreate app, drawing, sketching, painting, or creating visual art has been made much more accessible. A tablet and a stylus (available from Apple) are required to use Procreate. With Procreate, artists can work digitally and recreate the familiar experience of painting, drawing, and writing on paper.

It was created by Savage Interactive, a tech company based in the island state of Tasmania, Australia. By bringing creative desktop tools into visual artists’ hands – literally – via iPad and Apple Pencil, the company’s designers may have been inspired to think outside the box.

The responsiveness of the interface, particularly when using an Apple Pencil, provides a similar experience to painting on paper for Illustrators, Designers, and Artists who utilize Procreate. Due to that “natural” feeling and the wide variety of brushes available in Procreate (plus the possibility of customizing and adding more), the app has gained popularity, even among seasoned commercial and fine artists. Procreate’s ease, flexibility, portability, and newfound inspiration for iPad have prompted many artists to look beyond analog art tools or old-style digital drawing tablets tethered to desktop computers.

How to Use Procreate for Stickers

If you already know the basics of the Procreate app, you may be able to learn how to make stickers on Procreate through a few steps.


Stickers Making function on Procreate step-1

Once you open the Procreate app, you will automatically be taken to the Gallery. Your first step should be to create a new canvas. On the right-hand side, click the “+” sign. You’ll see a panel of frequently used sizes, including the screen size.

Obviously, you can choose whatever size you want, but I recommend creating a custom canvas size that fits how you intend to use your stickers. If you would like to make the stickers individually or on a sheet, you can do so. Usually, I would start with a 6×6 inch square at 300dpi for individual stickers. If you wish to print your sticker, you will receive a high-quality file.

Stickers Making on Procreate function

8.5″ x 11″ is ideal for a printable sticker sheet. You should set your canvas to the required print and cut restrictions for the Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio if you know you or your customers will make use of your sticker sheet. For Cricut, the maximum size is currently 6.75 inches by 9.25 inches, and for Silhouette, it is 12 inches by 12 inches.

This example features one sticker design on a 6*6 canvas.

Step- 2:

You can now begin drawing on your new canvas! By clicking on the layer icon in the upper right corner of your canvas, the layers panel will pop up. It’ll show one white layer at the beginning. That’s where you have to start building your design.

Stickers Making on Procreate function step-2

To add new design elements, you can add a new layer. After designing your final sticker, you should combine all the layers by pinching their edges together in the layers panel.

making stickers function on procreate

The sticker design can be sent off to a printing company at this point. Print on demand sites like Sticker Mule will use a basic design to prepare your artwork for sticker printing. As a final step, we will show you how to create a white border around your sticker to control its shape or get it ready for printing and cutting.

You can complete your final product in a variety of ways. In our experience, shortcuts don’t produce good results and they don’t save much time. We will explain exactly how you can do everything every time.

Step- 3:

Stickers Making on Procreate step-3

The third step of the process is: open the layers panel. Check the box next to the background layer to create a transparent background for your sticker. Ideally, your sticker outline should have a transparent background so you can see the difference (Here used Procreate in Dark Mode for this).

Step- 4:

Stickers Making on Procreate step-4

Creating a new layer is the next step. Now comes the most important part – by clicking and dragging your new layer to the bottom of the stack, your new layer will be the topmost in your stack. Ideally, you should place it under your sticker design.

Step- 5:

This new layer will serve as the white outline for the sticker you will be applying. In order to create your stickers, you must have a white background for each of them. Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio will also utilize the white edge around the outside edge as a cut line.

Stickers Making on Procreate step-5

Choose the “calligraphy” group from the brushes panel. You will get a clean cut line with the monoline brush. A brush that gives the sticker a fuzzy edge should not be used.

Step- 6:

Stickers Making on Procreate step-6

Create an outline for your sticker design. The border can be thick or thin as desired. Once the outline has been created, fill in all of the shapes with white. To fill in a shape manually, drag the color swatch to the color fill box in the very top right corner of the canvas. In the very top right hand corner of the canvas, there is a small circle with the current color. It is easier to see the color fill on the top layer (sticker design).

You can use either the drawing guide or quick shapes to create the perfect circle or square for your design.

Step- 7:

Stickers Making on Procreate step-7

The important step in creating your sticker is going back to the layers panel and merging the two layers together. A white background shape and the sticker design. You will now be able to import this design as a solid shape into a sticker sheet or design program.

Step- 8:

Stickers Making on Procreate step-8

In the top left corner of the screen, click the wrench icon to save your sticker design. Then, select PNG files from the “Share” drop-down menu. PNG files contain the transparent background and cut lines needed for design programs to recognize the sticker.

How to Make Stickers on Procreate

Next, choose a location where you wish to save your design.

Please note the following:

Once your artwork is selected from the gallery within the Procreate app, it will be automatically saved as a Procreate file. You must export your design in the appropriate format to access another program or device. As you save the file to the iPad camera roll, you can also backup your files with iCloud access.

How to Make a Sticker Sheet

Sticker Sheet made by procreate

If you’d like to combine multiple stickers into a sticker sheet, you can do that very easily. Below are two ways you can do this:


All of your artwork can be saved on your iPad, after which it can be imported onto a new canvas. You should prepare a canvas of the same size as your sticker sheet at 300 dpi. You can add images to your design by clicking “Add” and then “Insert a Photo” (or “Insert a File” if your design was saved as a file). For each sticker, you desire, repeat the process.


Second, you can arrange all of your sticker designs on one sheet in another design program by uploading them to your computer.

Both methods require you to set the background to transparent and save the PNG file containing your sticker sheet as a PNG. You will be able to cut your stickers properly with a Silhouette or Cricut machine by following this step.

The Benefits of Using Procreate

The gallery format of Procreate is familiar to Photoshop users, and it allows you to organize your artwork easily. It will enable you to import files from different sources. Using hand gestures means you can zoom in and out of your artwork and undo changes. As well as composing and adjusting layers, it is also possible to create and develop your artwork at a pace that keeps up with your imagination.

Procreate offers easy integration with existing workflows, which is probably most important for many seasoned professionals. Depending on your preferred methods, the needs of your clients, or a specific project, you can move between other apps and platforms. There are also other industrial-strength digital art programs out there. However, none of them match the power, flexibility, and completeness of functionality and features offered by Procreate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Procreate for free?

A basic version of the app is free and grants you access to all or most of its most useful features. Getting Pro will only cost you $9.99. Procreate app is only available for Apple devices.

Is Procreate better than Krita?

Procreate is rated higher than Krita by reviewers because it meets their business needs better. Among reviewers who compared ongoing product support, Procreate came out the best. Among reviewers, Krita won out over Procreate in terms of feature updates and roadmaps.

Is Procreate hard to use?

Specially designed for professionals, this app offers a wide range of functionality. In fact, if you are a beginner, then you won’t have any problems using this app. With the default brush set, you can still produce a beautiful piece of artwork using the computer. There are also Procreate brushes made by other artists that you can download for free.

Can you edit photos in Procreate?

The answer is yes. However, Procreate can do a lot of things, with even higher quality and more customization, than most photo editing apps on your phone. Cropping, rotating, and resizing are all possible in Procreate.

Final Words

The Procreate app has endless artistic possibilities. It is fun for anyone to use with a nice, large art canvas to work with and thousands of color possibilities. Whether you are a professional artist or just like to doodle in your spare time, it is the only app that can make art come alive on your iOS device.

Procreate is an incredibly powerful application. It’s capable of producing stunningly beautiful design work and professional quality illustrations, and it comes at a fraction of the price compared to many other similar apps. And now that you know how to make stickers on Procreate app, you should have no trouble putting those skills to good use for your next project.

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