How To Make Printer Ink Last Longer

How will you feel in case the printer runs out of ink in the middle of your work? Of course, you will get annoyed. Knowing how to maintain the printer ink will save you a lot of money and make your work freely without worrying about the ink running out.

If you are struggling with maintaining your printer ink, then this article will guide you on several steps on how your ink will last longer. Although some of these tips may seem of less value, they may save you a lot of ink.

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How to Make Printer Ink Last Longer

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1. Reduce the Font Size of your Document.

You may be wondering how reducing the font size may save ink, but it does. Some fonts, such as Arial, tend to use more ink than others. On the other hand, you can consider using Times New Roman, Century Gothic, and Ecofont. If you are using a font size that uses much ink, then it is advisable to switch to a font that will save you ink and money.

2. Adjust your printer settings

It is also necessary to adjust your printer to avoid using a lot of ink. The first thing to do is change your printer from default settings to settings that save ink. Here are steps to guide you on how to change the printer’s default settings.

Step 1: on your computer, click the window button on the left corner of your screen.

Step 2: search for Printer

Step 3: now, right-click on your printers name and select “Preferences”

Step 4: change the preferences either to print quality “draft” or to “print in grayscale”

3. Print in Black and White

If you print large batches of documents, you can use a black cartridge to help you save your ink. Unless you are printing images, then using a colored cartridge on regular papers can be wasteful. This will help make the printer ink last longer.

4. Don’t print everything

Not every information is necessary. Before you press print, you can choose to save the copy on your devices. With modern technology, you can opt to store your information on cloud services to avoid losing it.  You will be able to maintain your cartridge for longer.

5. Use the Print Preview tool

Have you ever tried printing something from the web only to realize it can’t fit the page? It is always important to click on a print review to correct any issue before printing the document on paper. It will save you printer ink.

6. Maintain your Printer

You need to regularly clean and maintain your printer to ensure efficiency while printing. You can also let the professional printer technician clean it once a year to prevent the printer from wasting ink. You can regularly clean when there are smears, streaks, and spotty ink on the documents. You also need to follow the proper steps to ensure you do it right. The device will work efficiently and save much printer ink.

7. Proofread your work

Have you ever printed multiple copies of a document only to realize they are duplicates? To avoid reprinting the same document multiple times in the future, ensure you proofread the document several times, hence saving you time and ensuring the printer ink lasts longer. Next time don’t forget to proofread before pressing the print button.

8. Ignore low ink warnings

You always see a low ink warning pop on your printer or computer from time to time to notify you that the cartridge is running low on ink. It is necessary you ignore the alert when sending for the first time because the cartridge still has enough printer ink to last longer.

Not rush to buy a new cartridge; you can opt to do a lab test done by PC World to determine how long the ink level is. Most ink first sends a warning alert that the ink levels are between 8 to 45%.  However, the ink levels differ between different models.  Another feature to let you know when your ink levels are low is light pints or banded text.

9. Check for Clogged Print heads

If your cartridge is not printing properly, you need to check the printheads or nozzles to check if they have clogged. Ensure you remove the cartridge gently from the printer and wipe it with a wet paper towel. Reinstall it and print to see if it’s okay. In case the problem persists, you can seek professional assistance.

10. Use high-quality ink cartridges

If you have used a printer before, then you know how expensive the printer ink is. Don’t go for low-quality printer ink as it affects the quality of printed documents and uses more ink. It is not a must to purchase the original cartridge from the printer’s manufacturer since some are fake. Although it is not easy to get the original one, you can also consider one compatible with the printer.

11. Reset the cartridge memory

You will notice that when dirt or dust particles accumulate on the electronic chip installed on the cartridge, then the printer will send a “low ink warning” alert on the screen. However, it doesn’t mean you need to replace the ink cartridge. The best way to do this is to reset the printer cartridge memory to increase its lifespan. It will print several pages before running out of ink.

12. Keep your printer on

Another essential tip to consider is keeping the printer on if you are using it frequently. Ensure to keep it on until you complete your work as they make the print headless to break and prevent triggering the maintenance cycle each time you use it. Cleaning a printer uses a lot of ink on the print heads before the actual printing.

13. Use high-quality paper

To make the printer ink last longer, you need to be careful when choosing paper quality. If you make a mistake to buy low-quality paper, you will have a flawed quality document and reduce the cartridge life. The low-quality paper causes paper jam which delays workflow and wastes ink.

14. Prefer texts instead of graphics

To save ink cartridges, if you want texts for reference, you better consider text than printing graphics. You only need to print only essential graphics.

15. Use draft mode

If you are not printing a professional document, you can adjust to draft to save your cartridge ink. The draft mode in all modern printers speeds up the printing speed and reduces the amount of printer ink to be used.

16. Turn it off power

It is also essential to turn off the printer when not in use. The print head may get clogged if you leave the printer running. Additionally, the heat produced by the printer dries the ink in your cartridge. Make sure you turn the printer only when you want to use it and turn it off when done with your work.

17. Shake the cartridge

Although the tip may seem as if it doesn’t work, it does. Sometimes your printouts may get dull, but it doesn’t mean the printer ink isn’t over as the ink settles at one corner by shaking can do wonders. However, since the cartridge is delicate, you need to ensure you insert it gently into the printer. This will ensure you get a great printout without replacing the cartridge.

18. Use the printers regularly

You can also keep the ink print head in working condition by regularly using it. If you don’t use the printer frequently, then ink tends to clog into the nozzle and may cause an issue while printing. You can also clean the cartridge manually or automatically. But these methods tend to use a lot of ink during the cleaning process. To make the printer ink last longer, ensure you print a couple of pages once a week for proper printing.

19. Install ink saving software

Download and install ink-saving software which will help you save printer ink. They allow you to use less ink even when used for high-resolution printing use or printing graphics.

20. Maintain the cartridges

  • Cartridges also require maintenance for the printer ink to last longer. First and foremost, you need to store the ink properly from drying out.  Here is what to do when you are not using the cartridges.
  • To preserve the cartridge ink, remove the cartridge from the printer and store them in airtight plastic containers or bags. Ensure you wear gloves while removing it.
  • To avoid the printer ink drying out faster, store the cartridge at room temperature. Exposing the ink to excessively hot or cold temperatures can make it dry faster compared to when at room temperature of about 68 degrees.
  • Another critical method to maintain the cartridge is moistening it regularly. You need to use a damp towel and protective gloves to ensure you wipe any ink spills, preventing clogs. Make sure you dry it before installing it back to the printer.
  • Last and not least, try to print some pages frequently using all colors in your ink cartridges. It will prevent inactive printer inks from drying out.

Final Thought

If you are frustrated with how your printer runs out of ink frequently, then these smart tips will help your printer ink last longer. To save you from buying this expensive ink, you need the tips above to prevent refilling the cartridge all the time.

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