How to Make Greeting Cards

Your best friend’s birthday is just knocking at the door, you somehow forgot and could not arrange anything special, so what You know a little bit crafting, then make a cute and nice birthday greeting card for her and present that with a cute little buke, and see how much she is blushing to get these amazing things!

A greeting card is not a card, and it is an emotion to express your fondness for that particular person. It is the loveliest and easiest way to put a smile on someone’s face. Greeting cards can be made for several occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, etc. It can be made of standard paper or color paper or by 2D design software to feature an expression of friendship or other sentiments.

Greeting cards are packed with a nice envelope featuring a variety of styles like pop up, die cut or glued on decoration, glittery effects. You have to choose the correct according to your occasion and budget. This writing will give you some basic but important information about greeting cards and their decoration for a better understanding. You will be enlightened with the information on how to make greeting cards, decorate these, and so on.

How to Make Greeting Cards

greeting card top envelope with flower

Hand made cards are simple but the best to receive. You can easily make a greeting card within 10 minutes. Let’s know how to make it.

  • First of all you have to choose a base card to build the foundation of the main card. The base card can be of any kind of papers but if you choose durable papers with some weights then that would be the best.
  • Try to choose a sober color because this color is the feature color of your main card. But the best if you choose white paper as your base card. You can choose any color, don’t worry.
  • After choosing your base card you have to take preparation for folding the paper. If the paper is not pre folded, then you have to fold the whole paper. On your folding, the ultimate look of your card depends.
  • Now it is time to score the card. You have to make a visible line for further folding to get the ultimate shape of the card. You can either use a knife or ruler. But don’t push so hard.
  • This is the final stage of your base card, you have to fold your card carefully along with the score lines. After that you will get a look of a store bought card.
  • In this stage you have to gather several elements to decorate your card. You can use calligraphy pens, ribbon, colors and glue sticks to decorate your card nicely. You can also use wrapping paper to set a unique design to your card, by attaching them as the background of the image.
  • Now you have to apply the gathered things to decorate your card. You can write something with the pens and colors, to specify to whom and for what you making the card. You must allow the ink to dry properly, otherwise it will mess up the whole thing.
  • Then you can put a ribbon to make a bow tie shape and decide where to place it with glue.
  • You can glue up a piece of wrapping paper to set your image in the card.
  • You must wait to let the glue dry.
  • By this time you can add some additional elements to make the card look gorgeous. You can use color papers to make different shapes to bring the popped out look to your card.
  • You can also choose an envelope, but this is optional. When inserting the card into the envelope, you have to be careful.

This is how you can easily make a card for your loved ones and surprise them.

How Can I Make My Greeting Cards Look Professional?

make greeting card professionally

Handmade cards are nice and amazing, but these show extra care and fondness, which is unnecessary in the professional sector. If you want to make any greeting card for professional purposes, get a printable card.

You will get different software to design cards. To make your card look formal, you may add sober colors like black, white, indigo, purple, blue, and deep green. It is important to be very careful about the writing, sentence structure, and font size.

Try to add some simple pictures like sunset, flowers, pens, bow ties, these kinds of conventional things, but don’t make the card too gorgeous and colorful. This is how you design your greeting card to look professional; now, it is time to print it out with hard paper.

How Do You Make Cards?

Usually, I don’t make cards. I am used to buying cards from shops, but I know how to make nice cards to surprise people. But sometimes, I use canva to design cards and print them out. If I am bound to make cards, I am used to taking art paper and cutting it into square pieces. Then I get a square piece of paper, by which I can make nice cards.

I fold them and cut flowers of colorful paper, then paste them on the front side of the paper. That is my base design. Inside the card, I am used to adding texts and stickers, sometimes giving borders with ribbon to give the card a fancy look. This is how I make cards at home.

How Do You Make a Easy Birthday Card at Home?

It may be tough to make a unique birthday card with available things, but it is possible to make a simple birthday card at home. You need to do a few things. Such as,

  • First of all you have to take A4 color paper to fold it like a card.
  • You can cut strips of different color papers and stick them on the front part of the card. This could give a rainbow look to your card.
  • You can write a birthday wish on the front of the paper that is supposed to be your cover page.
  • After making the cover page, open the folding paper to make the inner portion.
  • Now write your loving words to the birthday guy using colors or pens whatever you want.
  • You can also print out a photo to add here.
  • You can complete the card by some final touches like pasting stickers, or applying glitters or bordering up the card. 
  • To write a poem, you can also paste an extra piece of paper inside the card.
  • By this your card is finished. Now put it inside an envelope and deliver it to your birthday buddy.

How Can I Make a Greeting Card to a Friend?

You can easily make a greeting card for a friend by using First of all, you have to open canva, then choose the invitation design option from canva. After that, you have to choose the perfect templates featured in the app. Then apply some elements like flowers, leaves, sun, birds, pandas, or other things featured on the tool option. Now it is time to add images from your gallery for the card’s personalization. By this, your card is finished, now share and print it out.

Can You Make Money from Greeting Cards?

You can make money from greeting cards. There are companies like HALLMARK to make money by submitting greeting card writing. They offer a suitable amount of money to pay for your work. There is an American company called Greeting CARD Association, which pays money for greeting cards. So yes, you can make money from greeting cards and make yourself independent.

How Do You Print Homemade Cards?

To print homemade cards, you must have a printer at your home and connect with your pc.  You can design your card by designing software like canva. Then, press the print option and then get your homemade cards printed.

How Do You Make a Card on the Computer and Print it?

First, I need to install card designing software on my computer; then, I have to open the software. I will get several features to design the card now; I need to go and select options and templates to make a nice card. After completing the design, it is time to save and share the card, then move to the print option. First, I have to ensure that I have a printer connected to my computer. By this I can easily make and print my homemade card at home.

How Do I Sell My Greeting Cards to a Company?

You can easily turn your creativity into a money making process. First, you have to team up a business legally by registering. After that, you have to do marketing of your products. The first time it will be a little tough for you, but you can run a successful card business after some time. You have to print some vouchers and sales sheets introducing your cards to different card companies so that they can know about your card business. Once your business gets published, you can automatically get orders from different card companies. You can also sell cards online through eBay or other online outlets.

How Much Can Writing Greeting Cards Make?

The payment varies from company to company. Different companies offer different amounts. You can easily earn $50 to$ 200 by writing greeting cards. You can even earn more. These rates can be changed according to the company’s guidelines and paying policy. Some companies offer you up to $500 for greeting cards.

How Do You Make a Birthday Greeting?

Making a birthday greeting is like making a birthday card online. In this digital, we love to get things arranged online. You can make a birthday greeting by using the Birthday buddy extension. You can also make birthday greetings on Facebook; it offers you several features to make wishes to your friends. You can post the greeting and photos on your profile if you want. You will get several templates to make a birthday greeting. It is important you choose the suitable one.

Another thing you can do for your special person is writing an amazing birthday note using glitter pens or doodling pens, then border the whole paper and finally give it to your birthday buddy. It seems like you are making a birthday greeting with a letter.

How Do You Make Easy Cards for Kids?

The easiest way to make cards for kids is to make popped out cards. First, you have to make a strong base card to set other designs on the card.  You can add a different shape of paper, either hearts or flowers, paste it inside the card with a piece of paper. It may give a bouncing outlook.

You can make a colorful base card, paste some glittery and gorgeous stickers inside the card, and put a red heart on the cover; this could be another way to make a card for kids. Make the card more special by including a drawing of your children. You may ask your kid to draw something on the front portion of the card and paste a ribbon or stickers inside the card. You can also add any message to your lovely kid. So these are some easiest ways to make easy cards for your kids.

How Can I Make a Birthday Card for My Mom?

First of all, you can select a lovely picture with your mom to paste it inside the card. You can use yellow or sky-blue colored hard paper as the base of the card and then cut a red heart shape to stick it on the card’s cover. You can also use ribbon and glitter to make a border to the heart. Or you can attach a bow tie on the top.

Inside the card, you can attach a picture with your mom and add some lovely texts to express how special the day is and how much you love her. Lastly, give a final touch by bordering up the whole card with glitters or calligraphy pens; you can do the double lining if you use a pen. This is how you can make a birthday card for your mom.


How Do You Say Happy Birthday in Unique Style?

There are many unique styles to say happy birthday, such as:

  • You can play the chipmunk’s happy birthday video.
  • Then you can write many, many happy returns of the day.
  • I wish you a wonderful birthday.
  • I wish you all the best on your special day.
  • May your birthday be filled with laughter!
  •  Wishing you many more candles to blow.
  •  Happy oldies birthday

Now it is your duty to pick up your line to wish.

What Should I Write on Birthday Card?

Casual birthday messages are always nice and sweet. To make your wish casual, You can write messages like: Happy birthday! I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories! Enjoy your special day. Have the best birthday ever! Or, like, have a blast.

You can add some more compliments like-

Throw in some fun. This used to be just an ordinary day…until you came along and made it awesome! …

If you are lacking words, then write: HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

How Do You End a Birthday Card?

You can end up with a birthday card by writing some closing remarks of birthday like: Stay sweet! Wish for something good, and it will come true! Or I want your happiness to be constant! Or I wish you an unforgettable birthday. 

Do You Write Dear on a Birthday Card?

Yes, I write dear on a birthday card to wish my dearest people warmly and humbly. It is quite natural and cute to write dear on a birthday card. It is the most cordial way to address loved ones.

How Can I Make Card Online?

I use to make cards online. First, I set the background color and then choose proper templates, fonts, and pictures. All these things I get in canva, I choose them according to my criteria. After designing the card, I just downloaded, shared, and printed it.


Making greeting cards is an aesthetic part of life events. It represents your emotions as well as your sense of art. It also gives you pleasure by bringing a smile to your loved ones’ faces. In this writing, you are informed about different information on greeting cards. You are acquainted with making different kinds of greeting cards like simpler ones or gorgeous ones. You have got an idea about a unique type of birthday message and also come to know about the money making process by making greeting cards.

Now it is your turn to think of further steps. Either you may concentrate on your craftwork, or you may turn it into a way of earning; both are all about your decision. But watching the smiling faces of your close ones is like the heavenly feeling down to earth. These attributes are like blessings in life; you are welcome to enrich yourself with such blessings.

May your art quality live long!

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