How to Make Bottle Cap / Cork Earrings

Would you like to be able to create your own earrings? If so, don’t miss out on this One HowTo article. We’ll show you how in a very simple way and with recycled materials you can make earrings with a very flattering hippie touch. In this case, it is about using the corks from the wine or champagne bottles that you had at home to shape them and turn them into the main material of some super original and creative earrings. Keep reading and discover in the following lines how to make bottle cap/cork earrings, although you will get some rings that you can also use as a decorative element.

How To Make Bottle Cap/Cork Earrings

How To Make Bottle Cap Earrings

Materials to Make Cap Earrings:

  •  2 bottle corks
  •  Rubber stamp
  •  Stamping ink
  •  22 gauge eyebolts
  •  Earring wires (if they are made of surgical steel, better)
  •  Acrylic paint
  •  Saw knife
  •  Sandpaper
  •  Rag
  •  Pliers

Steps to follow:

1. To start making these cork earrings, first cut the plugs with the knife in such a way that you get some slices of cork, as seen in the photograph. These slices can measure around 6mm.

Next, stretch out a piece of sandpaper on a flat surface and sand the surface of your cork slices by sliding them over the sandpaper in long circles. Remember to sand on both sides and clean the dust from the cork with the cloth.

How to Make Bottle Cap
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2. Use the rubber stamp and black ink to stamp the figure you want on the cork, repeat the procedure on both sides.

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3. Cut the end of the eye bolts at an angle with the pliers. This will create a point that you can later drive into the cork. Cut enough so that the end does not stick out of the cork, then nail them so that the round part is outside the cork piece.

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4. Add the earring wires to each eye stud, then color your stamped figure with a little paint. If you don’t like the rustic look, you can varnish the earrings a bit, so they will also be brighter.

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How To Make Cork Earrings

Making cork earrings is a way to reuse a piece so common in our homes. The bottles of wine, cava, or champagne are a classic from which we can obtain a good raw material for crafts. Not only will we enjoy a drink worthy of the gods, but we will also have at our disposal a light and beautiful cork wood, ideal for many projects. In this case, we will use it to make custom earrings that will be impressive. If you want to become the designer of your own recycled jewelry, take note of these steps to create spectacular cork earrings.

Materials to Make Cork Earrings

  • Corks
  • Earring hooks
  • Craft wire
  • Accounts
  • Pearls
  • Beads
  • Painting
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Marker pen
How To Make Cork Earrings
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Steps to make cork earrings

  1. The first step in making this simple craft is to find the necessary cork for these earrings. We can use a bottle of wine, cava or champagne. In this way we will have an essential piece of these earrings. We are going to wash the cork with hot water and dry it properly.
  2. When we have the cork ready we are going to cut it with the help of a knife . They should be clean cuts of the same size. We can do several to choose the pieces that are most similar. It will not be too noticeable because this type of earrings should not be exact, but it should be as symmetrical as possible.
  3. We make sure that the cuts have created two perfect circles , smooth on both sides. We can fix the cuts a bit if they won’t fit us. Practice is important for this type of craft. As we cut more cork, we will achieve a better result.
  4. The funniest moment of craftsmanship has arrived, design . We will paint the cork circles with the colors that we like the most. We can use acrylic paints and a little glitter or some beads. We paint the base of the color that we like the most.
  5. To put the beads we will use a little wire for crafts. We can join it to the cork with the help of glue so that the hook or hole in the pieces is not too noticeable. The design is what will mark the steps.
  6. We are going to pierce the cork when it is dry . We will pass the wire inside and join it to the hitch. In this way we will get it to be perfectly attached, at the base we will put a bead to make it more beautiful.

In this simple way, we will have created some beautiful earrings in record time. Dare to get down to work with a simple and fun craft that will result in a unique and special piece for your jeweler.

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