How To Make a Lamp From a Bottle

Join the recycled decoration! More and more people are choosing to reuse objects that they no longer use or whose useful life has ended and given them a new aesthetic use so that their home shines with its own light. This is the case of glass bottles that each time can be used for other functions than the mere fact of containing a liquid inside, now they become lamps, picture frames, vases, and so on. In this OneHowTo article, we are going to tell you in a specific way how to make a lamp from bottles, giving you different options that can fit perfectly with the decoration of your home. A practical and creative way to give your home a new touch.

How To Make a Lamp From a Bottle

Steps to follow:

1. Before starting to tell you how to make a lamp from a bottle, we want to indicate that some of the options that we will provide you should be supervised by adults and people with DIY knowledge because, in the event that the bottle has to be cut, it is important to know how to use a bottle cutter, as we tell you in our article how to cut glass bottles that we recommend that you read if you want to carry out the ideas that require it.

2. We start with an idea that is very easy to carry out and the result of which is precious. It is about taking advantage of the entire bottle, that is, you do not have to cut it or carry out complicated DIY operations, but what you do have to do is choose a poem, a letter, writing, or an image that you want to put inside it. As you can see in the image, with the light that we will place inside the bottle we will highlight the content and, therefore, it is recommended that it be a text or image that you like.

To make this lamp, you just have to buy some supports to hold the bottle horizontally, although, if you prefer, you can also place it vertically and avoid this step, as you prefer. Then, you must place the writing you have chosen with the help of long tweezers, you must insert it through the mouth of the bottle folded, and, inside, unfold it with the two tweezers.

To finish, you will have to place the bulb inside, so that it fits, it is recommended that you go to a hardware store or specialized store and get a small flat-bulb that can be inserted perfectly; Another option is to use LED lights that do not require a plug and that can also be perfect for your lamp.

How To Make a Lamp From a Bottle
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3. The next lamp idea that we are going to offer you is a bit more complicated to carry out than the previous one, but the result, as you can see, is spectacular. In this case, it is recommended to use an opaque glass bottle or with a specific color (red wine, for example, is also a good option) so that it offers a more welcoming and warm atmosphere.

This time we will have to cut the bottom of the bottle so that the lighting is greater and to be able to place the bulb. We will have to hang it from the ceiling with a lamp holder that will be attached to the ceiling; then we will simply insert the bulb from below, screwing it in and achieving a result like the one in the image.

How To Make a Lamp From a Bottle
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4. In relation to the previous idea, now we are going to propose another lamp with bottles that is a more elaborate range than the option above but whose result designs. To carry out this craft you will need the following:

  • 3 glass bottles
  • 3 lamps
  • Glass cutter
  • Wire to decorate

The first thing we will do is cut the glass bottles in half so that they are wide open and, thus, the light reaches more spaces in the house. This lamp is perfect to place on the table in the living room or in a space where people usually meet as it offers great lighting and a very striking result.

Once we have cut the bottles, we will take care of decorating the outside of the bottles with wire; The idea is that you surround the outline with wire and make different shapes until you reach the mouth of the bottle. In this step, you can be as creative as you want! To finish, we will have to hang the bottles from the ceiling and screw the bulb from below so that we can insert it without a problem. Ready!

How To Make a Lamp From a Bottle

5. But if you prefer easier ideas of making the option that we propose below is the one that best suits you. It is about using two bottles of different shades (or the same, as you prefer) and placing on top of them some light bulbs that will be connected to the current socket; there is no problem with the cable being visible, just the opposite! This lamp will give an industrial touch to your home, a very modern aesthetic, and is perfect for spaces such as offices or living rooms.

How To Make a Lamp From a Bottle

6. And now, to finish off the simplicity of the recycled decoration, we suggest that you make a lamp using a glass bottle that is opaque and dark to introduce, inside, LED lights (like the ones we use to decorate the Christmas tree) ensuring that there are many small lights inside so that it can illuminate a specific area with a very light and subtle tone.

The best thing about these types of lights is that there are some that go with batteries and, therefore, you don’t have to plug them into the power. But, if the ones you use do require electricity, it is best to pass the cable behind the bottle and tape it so that it does not show too much. Easy right?


7. These are some ideas that we have offered you in OneHowTo so that you can reuse bottles, but there are many more! If you are interested in learning more in detail, we invite you to read our article on decorating with glass bottles in which you will find ideas for making vases, picture frames, or bathroom utensils.

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