How to Learn Digital Art

digital art for beginners

Being a digital artist is not an easy task. It can be challenging to learn how to use the tools and techniques that are needed for this type of art form. When it comes to how to learn digital art, there are many different ways to do so.

Digital art is a relatively new form of art that has become popular in recent years. It can be confusing to know how to get started when you’re unsure what programs are best for the type of art you want to create.

Learning digital art can be tricky. It is difficult to know where to start with all the programs and tutorials available. So, we’re ready to help you. Our article will teach you how to learn digital art and list the best resources for learning it.  

What is Digital Art?

little boy walking with bicycle digital art

It is a new form of art.

Over the years, digital art has established itself as a field of graphic design, with many new styles emerging due to the evolution of technology. Oil paint, watercolor, and pencil drawings, among others, can now be reproduced on a realistic scale. After vectorization was introduced in the 1980s, graphic artists and designers had more control over some different fields, creating opportunities for speed art to develop rapidly.

Although digital art requires skill sets from traditional drawing, it remains an artistic and creative discipline. Digital work has the same features as conventional work, including perspective renderings, the way contrasts are managed, shadows, light, colors are rendered, and the way gradients are rendered.

Useful in a variety of fields.

Since digital art is improving and becoming more accurate, it is becoming more important. The use of computers is becoming increasingly popular among illustrators, designers, and many creatives. Likewise, we can reproduce reality accurately using the precision of textures that have progressed with technology to create realistic images, matching or even outperforming traditional art. In animation and video games, this technology is used. The technique of “matte art”, which involves integrating computer-generated sets onto filmed scenes, is used with traditional films.

Illustrations based on digital art are also used extensively in publications such as comic books and manga, newspapers, or even for online publication. Vector illustrations allow drawing to be integrated into DTP software.

The Advantages of Digital Art

Easy to erase, correct and undo

This technique allows you to easily and quickly correct mistakes, and that’s one of its main advantages. Using the “Undo” command, anyone can automatically erase that line they just drew and didn’t like. It would be impossible to do this with traditional drawing, as the slightest slip would lead to starting all over. Therefore, we can say that for digital drawing, no error is uncorrectable.

Time saving

In other words, you do not have to physically scan, edit, and retouch your drawings when you draw digitally. This will ensure that you are saving time and adjusting your drawings as you go.

Digitization is not going away, however. In today’s world, many artists employ it as part of their work.

Many professionals prefer to draw sketches by hand and then digitize them to be vectorized. Other artists prefer to use traditional methods of drawing or illustration and only use software, such as Photoshop, for retouching or adjusting their work.

Multiple effects and styles

Multi-effects and artistic techniques are among the distinctive features of drawing software. More than 100 kinds of brushes are available in some software. It’s all possible. This is what it means, right? There is an infinite number of ways to combine them.

Is inexhaustible

In digital support, there are infinite resources and tools. Likewise, you’ll only be storing your projects on the cloud or on the device you use for drawing. There will be no loss in quality or effects of the colors. The sizes are also not specified. Having the ability to draw on large and medium scales will be helpful.

Digital Art: What Do You Need

makes a digital art on digital canvas

To begin, you will need to determine the device you will use for drawing. Five different options are available.

  • PC / Laptop and mouse: Artists who create vector illustrations use these devices extensively. Using the mouse is like writing on paper or painting with a brush.
  • PC, graphics tablet and digital pen: With a graphics tablet, you can draw like you would with a pencil and paper. With this device, you can connect your laptop or PC to a stylus and use it with it.
  • Graphics tablet and digital pen: It is also possible to buy graphics tablets that do not require connecting to a computer. You can use a digital pen directly on them and draw directly on their touchscreens.
  • Tablet and digital pen: Tablets aren’t designed for digital drawing; however, they are an excellent option for drawing, since they have larger screens than graphics tablets. A drawing application and stylus will be needed to do this.
  • Mobile / Smartphone and digital pen: With the different drawing apps available on Google Play or the Apple Store, you can use your mobile phone to make elaborate drawings today. While these computers have large screens, their size limits drawing. Be sure to bring a digital pen with you as well.

Digital Art Software:

The next step is to determine what software needs to be installed once you have all the hardware. It’s important to try several softwares before settling on the one that’s right for you, especially since trial versions are usually available for paid programs. Windows and Mac OS each have their own options, from the most general to the most sophisticated software.

1. Raster drawing software.

A matrix image is simply a picture whose coordinates are x and y, and whose resolution is in pixels, and which can be drawn and edited by a graphic designer, an illustrator or an artist using these software.

Raster software offers a wide array of tools and is easy to use for most people. A great strength of these interfaces is how they manage colors and textures and how numerous effects can be added, such as blur, saturation, and others. For creating and retouching digital images, it will be primarily used.

There is no doubt that Adobe Photoshop CC software is the most popular of these tools. It offers a wide range of drawing tools, which can be used both as editing software and for graphic design. This makes the possibilities almost limitless, even though it is a very generic program.

As a result of its popularity, finding a Photoshop tutorial is quick and easy due to its number available online. It can be very interesting to begin using the open-source GIMP software as a means of discovering the digital art world without investing in a paid program.

2. Vector drawing software.

On the other hand, Vector drawing software uses curves and geometric vector objects to create a drawing instead of using a matrix and pixel. Unlike raster images, a vector image will not lose its quality if resized. Vector-based graphic design software is famous for illustration and advertising since vectors can be used in many formats and can be fully stretched without becoming pixelated, even when it is greatly enlarged. There are many applications available for vector graphics, and Adobe Illustrator CC has various options in its toolbar. This enables users to create many options. On the Internet, there is also an abundance of tutorials on Illustrator. The use of InDesign is more readily accessible to people who need to layout pages. Free software such as Inkscape enables you to create vector drawings with an attractive interface and many options, like raster software, for those without an immediate need to invest in professional software.

Digital Art Tips for Beginners

  • There are a lot of downloadable drawing programs that are paid. You don’t need to draw from the earliest and most expensive sources. It’s a good idea to try any before buying it. Trial periods are usually available for most of them. Make a calm decision.
  • Ensure that your desktop PC has at least 8GB of RAM. You might want to consider expanding it if it isn’t.
  • Before you start creating digital art, you should consider the monitor. The most recommended monitors are above 20 inches.
  • It is much better to use a graphics tablet than a mouse when drawing. Several tablets are ideal for beginners if you are considering buying one.
  • Keep drawing by hand if you want to. It is not necessary to abandon traditional drawing to get started in digital art. They can instead help you gain a better understanding of digital drawing.

In 10 Steps, Learn How to Make a Digital Art

Make a Digital Art on digital canvas

You can now begin using a digital drawing program. What are you planning to draw already? Here’s how you can do it:

1. Create a new file in your drawing program. Make sure your sheet is the right length and width.

2. Name the layer “sketch” and make it transparent.

3. Sketch the drawing you want to make. Perfectionism is not necessary.

4. Using your sketch as a guide, reduce the opacity of your image.

5. Separate each drawing part onto its own layer. Creating a new layer called “hair”, for example, is the best way to draw only a character’s hair. Do not forget to name each layer.

6. Create a new layer and select a pencil tool of the desired size. You should place the “hair” layer over the “sketch” layer.

7. You can work from the sketch to outline your character.

8. Then hide the sketch once you have completed all the parts of your character. Your drawing will be easier to see if you do this.

9. Close your drawing before you color it. In other words, no lines are open.

10. Finally, use the “Magic Wand” or “Paint Bucket” tool to paint on your drawing.


Can I learn digital art by myself?

A strong foundation in traditional media such as painting and drawing is vital for success in digital art. Digital art is similar to traditional art, but the medium is different. In other words, if you are just beginning to draw, you should start from the beginning: drawing simple shapes.

How long does it take to learn digital art?

If you are good at traditional drawing and are willing to spend 1 hour a day practicing, it will take 3 years until you master the skill.

Is digital art hard to learn?

Digital art is hard because it is different from traditional art. You need to use a different skill set than you have for traditional art, but it can be really fun once you get the hang of it.

Should I learn traditional art before digital?

In short, no it isn’t necessary to learn traditional painting. The only necessary thing is learning your fundamentals traditionally. Digital offers tools which can be loud if used incorrectly, but the more unforgiving nature of traditional media forces you to fix mistakes faster.


We hope this article “How to learn digital art“ has inspired you to take the leap and start learning digital art! You can go at your own pace, learn new techniques by practicing them yourself or watching tutorials on YouTube, and work with an instructor if it seems like too big of a task. No matter what level of experience you are starting from, we believe that anyone who wants to create digital art should be able to do so as long as they put in the effort. Have fun experimenting with all these different tools for creating beautiful digital art.

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