How to Hang Wall Art

The painting is a great way to bring zest to the interior make it more original and cozy. However, many refuse to use such decor because of the need to drill holes in the walls. However, today it is not necessary to violate the integrity of the concrete surface. After all, there are many options for how to hang wall art without drilling directly on the wallpaper.

How to Hang Wall Art

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In order for the picture to look advantageous, it is important to choose the optimal place. The canvas should organically complement the interior.

Finding a Suitable Location

Evaluate the amount of decor in the rooms. If, for example, the living room is full of figurines, photographs, planters, various souvenirs, then it is better to find another place for the picture. In such a room, the painting will be lost. It won’t be easy to see her behind endless things. In addition, the abundance of decor visually overloads the space, creating a feeling of a cluttered room.

See what colors the room is painted in. You need a visually plentiful base shade. He will tell you how harmoniously the canvas will merge into the interior. In our example, the picture is in calm, pink colors. So the room should be in soothing colors. An exception if you want to create a contrasting design.

Evaluate the proportionality of the canvas with the furniture around. Pleasant attracts the eye. Therefore, the objects must be in harmony in size. The width of the picture should be less than the furniture. So, a miniature (20×25 cm) above an elongated corner sofa will look out of place, but it is suitable for decorating a wall above a small bedside table. The dimensions of our picture from the example are 40×30 cm. It can hang over a dining or work table, an armchair, a banquette in the hallway, or a chest of drawers. But above the sofa, the “Delicate Bouquet” will need a company in the form of other canvases so that the wall does not seem half empty.

Determine the Exact Position on the Wall

How much to retreat from the floor to the right along the wall? Now we’ll tell you. The main rule is that the center of the picture should be at eye level. So painting is better to consider: every detail is in sight, which means there is a whole perception.

“At eye level” is 150 – 165 cm from the floor. We measure this distance, put a mark, join it with the center of the canvas and see where it should hang. 165 cm is the standard value. It reduces or increases if the apartment owner’s growth differs from the accepted norms.

If you plan to hang a painting over furniture, first of all, follow the rule “at eye level.” Above the dining table, place the study below, but remember that food is a source of random stains. Often vases are placing on the table. If the picture hangs low, the flowers will have to look for a new place.

Under one picture, an entire wall is rarely assigned. Usually, it is surrounding by furniture. To make the artist’s work look harmonious next to cabinets and sofas, place it in space around the frame. Do not “clamp” the canvas with furniture. The larger a still life or landscape, the more it requires air. Leave approximately the width of the frame on the right and left.

It is vital that there is not too much space. In this case, the painting looks out of place, lonely. Correct the situation with a few additional canvases or photographs placed nearby.

Determine the Need for Lighting

The painting reveals itself with the right lighting. The shades become brighter, small details are noticeable, the texture of the paint appears if the picture is painting with dense, pasty strokes. Therefore, with a lack of natural light and the work location away from the lamps, it is worth thinking about an additional light source specifically for the purchased seascape or the image of galloping horses.

Direct light is harmful to oil paints. Therefore, spotlights are placing at a distance or mounted on the ceiling.

Hang the Picture and Enjoy

This is the sweetest step. If all the points have been observed, we are sure that the result will please you. Don’t know how to decorate the interior? We invite you to look into the catalog of our online store and choose a picture from hundreds of works.

The Main Methods of Fastening Depend on the Wall Material

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Choosing an image is half the battle; it is also essential to fix it correctly. Depending on the material of the wall, the mounting methods are different:

Wooden Walls

Attaching the canvas to a wooden surface is quite simple. You need to drive a nail at the height you need and hang it with a thread or cable.

Concrete Walls

Just driving a nail into a concrete plane will not work. Here you will need a drill or puncher. Using a tool, drill a hole in the intended place and insert the dowel, then screw in the screw. If the canvas is heavy, then make two or more holes. That’s all; we can hang the decoration.

Brick Walls

Brick is a somewhat fragile material. Therefore, you can only drill a hole with a drill, not a puncher. Before inserting fasteners: a screw or a hook, a hole is pouring with cement. If you skip this step, the brick will soon crack.

Drywall Walls

This is a surface of fragile material, and it is desirable to attach light works of art to it. A drywall dowel should screw into the wall using a screwdriver, and a screw should already screw into it. But it is better, of course, to use a special dowel with spacers, which is called a “butterfly.” With it, the image will securely attach to the wall.

How to Hang a Picture without Drilling

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There are several ways to fix the frame without drilling if you can’t drill the wall yourself or don’t want to ruin it.

On a Paperclip or Hook

This method is only suitable for light frames and posters. You need to make a horizontal cut on the wallpaper where you want to place the composition you have conceived. Bend the paperclip into a hook. Pour superglue into the incision, place our hook and cover this place with wallpaper.

On Buttons

The method is similar to the previous one, only instead of a paper clip, we will use a pushpin. You should make an incision, fill it with glue, and hide the base of the button under the wallpaper. You can hang a light poster or photo frames.

On a Hook and Loop

A unique “Spider Hook” mount can buy at any store specializing in building materials. It has four sharp ends, which must drive into the wall with a skein. The hook-spider practically does not leave any defects on the surface. You can already mount heavier paintings on such a mount, about two kilograms.

On Pins and Needles

A not heavy reproduction can attach to an ordinary sewing needle, break off its eye and gently drive it into the wall with a tip. You can also use a safety pin.

On Double Sided Tape

You can attach images to thin paper wallpaper or drywall on double-sided tape. Pieces of adhesive tape must glue to the corners of the frame and gently lean against the wall. The only disadvantage of this method is that it can leave sticky marks when peeling off a canvas or photo frame. To prevent this from happening, peel off strictly at an angle of ninety degrees.


This is a fairly good way to place a composition weighing about two kilograms on any surface. One Velcro must be glued to the frame and the other to the surface. The more weight, the more Velcro you will need. A huge plus is that they leave absolutely no traces.

With Wine Corks

An ordinary wine cork is cut into circles about one centimeter thick. Glue such a circle to the wall with superglue and stick a nail into it. On it, then you need to hang a picture.

With Ceiling Plinth

If you need to attach several frames at once, choose this method. An ordinary plinth is glued to the wall or ceiling; it is sold at any hardware store. The panels are hung on a strong thread or fishing line attached to this plinth. Thanks to this method, several images will be hung at once, and the surface will not be damaged.

With the Help of Chemicals

Also, if you do not want to drill the surface, then the images can be hung with liquid nails or glue.

With Liquid Nails

Liquid nails are a special type of adhesive used for construction purposes. It allows you to bond surfaces with different textures. Glue is applied to the frame pointwise. If the reproduction is heavy, it is better to apply in strips. Liquid nails dry quickly; hold for a couple of minutes. You can remove them from the surface by heating.

With Polymer Glue

This type of glue also does not leave marks on the surface. But for it to dry completely, you need to wait about a day, propping the picture against the wall. As an option, you can stick a hook to the surface and hang the image with a thread or fishing line.

How to Fix a Painting on a Bracket

This is another way without damaging the walls but requiring a drill or puncher. Using brackets, attaching a solid rail to the wall above the ceiling is necessary. Then, using ropes, a picture is hung on it.

How to Hang a Modular Picture on the Wall

A modular picture consists of several parts related to each other in meaning, color, etc. To attach it, it is necessary to determine the correct sequence, to assemble it into one whole. You need to start from the central part. The first module must be hung parallel to the floor. To do this, use the building level. The distance between the image parts is from two to four centimeters.

The methods of fastening modular canvases are the same as the methods of attaching conventional ones:

  • Liquid Nails.
  • Velcro or double-sided tape.
  • Spider hooks.
  • Nails, etc.

Tips for Hanging Pictures on the Wall

Expositions should be hung in the center of your wall, about one and a half meters from the floor. If you have high ceilings in your room, you can use a very good grouping technique. It is necessary to take several small copies and place them around the largest one.

How to Choose a Seat

Finding the right room and place for a canvas or photograph is very important.

In the Bedroom

When choosing a place to attach the canvas to the bedroom, it is essential to consider the size and style of the room’s interior. Often canvases in the bedroom are placed above the head of the bed. This is true if the headboard is not high. You can place a canvas with relaxing motifs for better sleep or a dynamic pattern for better awakening on the wall opposite the bed. To make the ceiling visually higher, you can hang elongated vertical paintings above the nightstands on both sides of the bed.

Children painted the walls with wax crayons: a life hack on cleaning the wallpaper with a hairdryer.

In the Corridor

It also depends on the size of the room. An important rule is that the size of the picture should not exceed a third of the size of the wall. Lighting will help to make the design even better in the hallway.

In the Living Room

When determining the place for the image, it is worth remembering that this is also a decoration, and with its help, the room’s design changes visually. For example, if the living room is too dark, this problem can be solved by hanging a light composition. The location above the sofa looks very advantageous.

On the Kitchen

The composition of several frames will look best in the kitchen. But you need to hang them on the lightest side; the lines will be distorted in the shadow. The right height is at eye level. If you want to place the canvases on opposite walls, make sure that the bottom edges are at the same level.


The bedroom is the place where you return after a hard day. Therefore, it is best to hang an image in this room that evokes peaceā€”for example, a waterfall or a pond. However, you should not do this near the bed; it can cause discord with your spouse. First of all, choose a song you like. It is not advisable to hang a lot at once, the energy will mix, and nothing positive will come of it.


First, take a closer look at the feelings of the child. Find out which color you like best. And attach a poster where this color prevails. Also, if the child has a violent character, then choose a more calm theme, with pastel colors, and vice versa. It does not matter which wall it will hang on; the main thing is that the child has it constantly in front of his eyes.

Living Room

In the living room, attach a composition with a color that suits you and does not cause discomfort.


It is advisable to hang panels in the kitchen with a predominance of green and red. A still life would look better, and images of green fields and trees.


Wall art should match the theme, color, style, or all three. The viewer’s main attention goes to the work that hangs in the center. It is the main object in the entire gallery.

Symmetrically located works look spectacular and, at the same time, win-win. For example, there are one or two large ones in the center, and on the sides, there are several small ones. You can move away from the principle of mirroring and hang miniatures just next to one large canvas. It is beautiful when they all together form a shape, for example, a rectangle, a circle, or a mirror. We hope you read how to hang wall art in this article above.

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