How to Hang Canvas Art

Canvas art is one of the most popular forms of home decor. It’s easy to hang, and you can customize it in a variety of styles. This blog post will provide you with tips on how to hang canvas art so that it looks its best! Hanging a canvas art piece doesn’t have to be difficult. A little patience and these simple tips will help you hang your work of art in no time!

Virtually all artwork is best displayed on a wall. But how do you hang canvas art? Using the right hanging system will be easy to create an attractive and functional display that will make your canvas art look as good as new for years. So let’s dive into how to hang large canvas!

Picture to Decorate or Canvas?

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People who are faced with a blank wall may find it confusing to choose what art to adorn it with. It is important to know the difference between a painting and a canvas.

A picture consists of a framed painting or picture. It also supports the structure of the piece by enclosing the edge. Besides a frame and an image, pictures also usually have a mat, which is a space between those two elements.

In general, the canvas is a textile material that is spread and fixed around a frame of bars to serve as a support for painting. The fabrics do not possess a frame, so they have no frame.

Both can be used in different types of spaces, so there is no better option. Everyone has a different taste, so it all depends on their choice.

What Is Considered a Heavy Painting?

The first thing you need to know is the weight of your frame. You should follow the instructions in this article if you want to know how to hang a large canvas. A heavy frame is one with a weight of over 15 kilograms. If you find yourself in this situation, keep reading because this article will show you how to make a safe placement.

Proper Arrangement of Wall Art

Arranging Wall Art properly

Wall Space

If you plan to hang your art on a wall, measure the space and order the appropriate canvas size. According to general rules, art should occupy between 50-75% of a wall’s total area.

An individual canvas print or a series of canvases could be used for this. A large canvas might be surrounded by small to medium-sized canvases, or a single large canvas laid over several smaller ones. You can put up artwork on your wall.

It doesn’t have to be framed, and you don’t need to use just one piece. You could use many pieces of art that are all different sizes, shapes, colors, or materials. There is no end to the style of gallery walls. It is one of the best ways to bring your home decor to life and evoke emotions for you.


Your canvas prints will have a much more significant visual impact if you hang them at the proper height. A canvas or group of the canvas should have its center at eye level when viewed from a distance. You can find the exact center of the canvas by measuring its height from top to bottom and dividing it by two.

The canvas should be 57″ from the floor if you measure in inches. For example, if your canvas is 20 inches tall, then you would need 10 inches for the center. Add this to 57 inches, and you will reach 67 inches, so the top of your canvas needs to be 67 inches from the ground.

What is the significance of 57″? Artwork is hung at eye level in museums and galleries since this is what most people can see. It’s customizable to whatever height you think looks best, or to whatever looks good for you. A person of 5’10” height has an eye-level of 65.”

How to Hang Large Canvas

You should place the largest canvas near the center and the smaller ones around it when you are hanging multiple canvases. It is a good idea to map the wall’s areas with masking tape on the floor. Make a note of the spacing between your pieces after placing your canvas art prints on the floor, and then you’ll know how they’ll fit together. In this manner, you’ll avoid having to hammer and remove nails numerous times, thereby saving wear and tear.


The distance between multiple canvases, whether framed or unframed, should be about 2 – 5 inches. Keeping proper space between your canvas prints and the available wall space is crucial for visual balance.

Framed vs. Unframed

It is possible to choose canvas prints that are the entirely unframed, or custom framed canvas for visual interest. You can experiment with different spacings in addition to following the basic spacing rules outlined above. In order to determine how the pieces fit together, it is a good idea to map them out first on the floor.

Hardware Options to Hang Canvas Art

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Hanging canvas art with broadhead nails is the fastest, but not the best method. You can certainly do it, but it isn’t ideal, and your canvas may not stay straight for long. Even if the pictures are level when you hang them up, they will tilt or fall over because of vibrations. This could happen from your kids running through your house, or if you have a surround sound speaker system that is turned on and it makes vibrations.

Sawtooth Brackets

Using these special brackets made just for this purpose is a better way to hang your canvas art. Sawtooth hangers are attached by nailing them to the back stretcher bar, centered on top. Set the bracket’s center teeth on a nail that has been nailed into the wall. If the canvas is not level and straight, use a bubble level to ensure that it is.

Eye Hooks

The eye hook consists of a wood screw with a hook on one end. Attach an eye hook to the inside of each wooden stretcher bar, ⅓ down from the top of your canvas. The distance between each hook should be the same.

Take the width of your canvas plus 8″ and cut a piece of steel wire that will fit through each eye screw. You can wrap the excess wire over the screw to secure it. Two to three inches below the top of your canvas should be the midpoint of the stretched wire.


You can choose this option if you want to use a large canvas. A variety of J-hooks is either single or double-nailed, which can handle heavy or large canvasses. While small canvas prints can be hung with one hook, larger canvas prints should be hung with two hooks to keep the print level. In order to ensure that your canvas hangs straight, it will be necessary to measure precisely.

Adhesive Strips

It’s the simplest method and the least damaging to your walls. Easy to use, adhesive strips have adhesive and velcro on the back. These strips come in different sizes and are made for different weights. Choose the right size for your canvas prints.

It has a “magic” removable adhesive that attaches to the wall on one side, and a velcro side that attaches to the canvas frame on the other. You can easily remove the canvas from the wall using velcro if you need to move it.

Warning- Keep in mind that the canvas weight should be taken into account. Large and heavy objects will not be able to be held for long by adhesive strips.

Other tips for displaying canvas, photos, and artwork:

  • Hanging pieces without frames can look especially good on retro posters and maps. You can use clear thumbtacks and binder clips.
  • Lean the artwork against the wall on a chair, a shelf, or even on the floor for a more casual look.
  • Easy elegance can be achieved with a picture rail.
  • Arrangements can be done on tea tables, other tables, or book shelves with smaller pieces.
  • It is okay to break the rules from time to time. Do what you think looks good. Do what feels right to you.


What do I need to hang a canvas?

A pair of eye hooks, wire, and nails will be needed.

It is an advantageous method to use since you can adjust the art wire to make sure your canvas hangs right.

Can you hang unframed canvas?

Unframed canvas can be hung in several different ways to maintain its appearance. It depends on the canvas’s size and weight, whether it can be hung with metal hinge clips from a chain, washi tape, dowel, or pushpins.

Does canvas art look cheap?

Compared to traditional prints, canvas art is very affordable. Although the artwork is less expensive, it does not have to look as cheap as it is. Canvas art can be reasonably priced and still look expensive.


It is important to hang your canvas art in the right way. There are many different ways that you can do it, and this post “How to hang canvas art” will help you understand how best to get started with hanging your artwork so that people enjoy looking at it for years. You should consider where the piece of artwork will be positioned, what type of frame you have, and whether or not there is a lot of light shining on the work before deciding which technique would work best. We hope these instructions have been helpful in getting your new work of art up onto the walls where you want them without any hassle at all!

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