How to Hang an Unframed Canvas

Many artists do not choose to frame their works of art; instead, they leave the canvas unframed. When there is no frame, you may wonder how to hang an unframed canvas painting you just bought.  A canvas without a frame can be hung in several different ways so that it still looks beautiful on your wall. The size and weight of the canvas should guide the choice of hanging methods, such as nails double-sided tape.

For any type of frameless art, you can hang it on the wall without fear of damage. Our goal in this article is to describe the steps to hanging an unframed canvas step by step. Continue reading to discover the best way to hang an unframed canvas.

What is an Unframed Canvas

A canvas that has not been framed is called an unframed canvas. These artworks can be designed to suit any style due to their frameless borders. The sleek and modern look of unframed canvas prints attracts many homeowners. Their minimalist appearance complements a variety of different decor styles.

What about hanging it on the wall? The internal supporting frame for our canvas prints is made of wooden bars stapled to the canvas. This is already hanging as we install a sawtooth hanger.

Why do We Need to Hang Our Canvas

Modern art tradition calls for frames to be hung before a painting is displayed. From the Renaissance to the Contemporary Art era, frames have been used to protect and define the painting. In order to hang the paintings on the wall, the curator or gallery that curates the paintings install a hook or wire at the back of the works of art.

The purpose of paintings has been decorative since antiquity. A dull wall can be transformed into a stunning and eye-catching area of the house by installing it. This remains true for today as well. Framing artwork, however, is very limiting, in my opinion. The artwork can be restricted to a specific area, as I mentioned earlier.

Benefits of Unframed Canvas

Consider these factors when choosing unframed artwork:

Ideal for large, clean spaces: Have you got a large and clean space that has a unique color on its wall? Canvas artwork without framing can be an excellent decor item if so!

A direct view of your artwork: Unframed canvas keeps the focus on the artwork, as opposed to framed art that can distract you from it.

Cheaper than framed canvas: Compared to framed canvas painting, unframed canvas paintings are more affordable, so you don’t have to worry about exceeding your budget.

Easy Ways to Hang Unframed Canvas

How to Hang an Unframed Canvas

Your canvases have been explored more thoroughly by hanging them unframed. As a result of your artworks, you can create an ambiance in your home that engages the visitors and the objects around them.

To hang your unframed canvas, you will need some essential tools listed below:

  1. Pencil
  2. Eyehooks
  3. Thin wire
  4. Nails
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Tape measure
  7. Hammer
  8. Spirit level
  9. Wall protection pads

Hang an Unframed Canvas: Steps to Follow

Step- 1

The first step is to attach two eyehooks to the stretcher bars on each side. In order to make sure that it’s strong enough, check that the eyehooks are sturdy with your fingers.

Step- 2

Cut two thin wires and attach the ends to the eyehooks. Make sure the wires are thin and robust. Eventually, the strings will deteriorate, causing the painting to be damaged.

Step- 3

Finding a suitable place to hang your canvas is the next step. You can display your artwork on your living room wall if you do not have a separate gallery. Hang your art at eye level so that viewers can see it clearly.

Step- 4

When you decide where to hang the canvas, ensure that it is perfectly level. A spirit level is a simple tool that will do the trick. By doing this, the painting will remain in place and not tilt forward or backward.

Step- 5

It is always a good idea to know your canvas’s center points before hanging. This will make it possible for you to level the canvas without the aid of a spirit level.

Hang An Unframed Canvas Without Nails

It can be difficult to hammer nails or drill screws if you live in a rented apartment, especially if you are prohibited from doing so by your contract. You may wonder if your artwork can still be hung without nails and screws. You might be surprised by the simple solution, which is double-sided tape.

For those who want to avoid hammering nails or drilling screws, adhesive tapes are perfect. These tapes are effortless and do not damage walls.

You can use this by following these steps:

Step- 1

All four sides of your canvas should be taped with double-sided tape.

Step- 2

You will need to mark the spot where you would like to hang the canvas with a pencil. Take the strip of double-sided tape and peel off the other side, then attach it to the wall.

Step- 3

Make sure that the canvas is perfectly level by using a spirit level to ensure that it is absolutely straight.

Step- 4

Make sure the adhesive sticks to the wall perfectly by pressing the canvas gently.

So that’s it!

Pro Tips For Hanging A Unframed Canvas

From beginning to end, here are nine tips you can use to make the overall process easier:

  • Prior to hanging, make sure the wall is clean with a damp cloth.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the dimensions of your canvas, including the center points.
  • Measure the area in which the canvas will be displayed.
  • You should measure the distance between the ceiling, the floor, and the side objects. For best results, the canvas should be hung 56 to 60 inches above the floor, with the midpoint between 8 and 10 inches above any piece of furniture.
  • You can help guide yourself by marking with a pencil an ‘X in the center.
  • If necessary, move furniture or items to make room for easier maneuvering.
  • To avoid scratching your wall, ensure that you use stick-on wall pads on the back of your canvas.
  • Place the canvas in the center and hang it.
  • Once you’ve leveled it, make sure it’s perfectly straight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attach canvas to a wall?

Attach canvas to a wall: Steps to follow,

  • Make a mark on the wall. With a pencil, mark the location where your canvas will go on the wall.
  • Install the wall hook at the marked location. Make sure the hook is nailed into the wall after you have marked it with a pencil.
  • The bracket needs to be attached to the back of the canvas.
  • You can now hang your canvas.
What is a frameless canvas?

A canvas that has not been framed is called an unframed canvas. These artworks can be designed to suit any style due to their frameless borders. The sleek and modern look of unframed canvas prints attracts many homeowners. Their minimalist appearance complements a variety of different decor styles.

Can I frame my own canvas?

A canvas frame with an open back can be used to hold your artwork instead of a frame covered in glass. To hold the canvas in place, look for styles that feature a groove and clips. There should be no problem finding a ready-made frame to fit a standard-sized stretched canvas.

How do you use unframed canvas?

Unstretched canvas can be set up for painting in a few different ways. Using tape around the edges, attaching the canvas to cardboard or wood, and then set it up on an easel is easiest. Alternatively, you can tape the canvas directly to the wall.

Final Words

Your artwork or paintings can enliven your home if you hang them on the wall. Furthermore, if you’re an artist, you’d have something to remind you of your talent, which would be a pleasant experience. Moreover, it signifies your passion for art. You have to remember that although a frame can add character to your painting, it is not mandatory. In addition to saving you time and money, learning how to hang an unframed canvas allows you to explore your artistic side. Be adventurous and open-minded to become an artist.

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