How To Get a Loaner Car From Dealership

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A Loaner car is a saviour while your actual vehicle takes time to fix. In particular circumstances, a dealership or insurance company provides a loaner car to you. If you are trying to get a loaner car from your dealer, you must fulfil a few criteria. In this article, you will get to learn how to get a loaner car from dealership and what you can do and not do with a loaner car.

What Is a Loaner Car?

A Loaner car is an alternative vehicle while your car is at servicing. It covers your transportation solution quickly. Some dealerships and insurance companies offer a loaner car free of cost while your car is being repaired.

Usually, a loaner car is a new car from a dealership that you can get for a few hours or days according to how much time your actual car can take to repair.

How To Get a Loaner Car From Dealership?

If you want to get an alternative vehicle from your dealership, you must fulfil their requirements. So let’s see how you can get one.

  • Your car insurance
  • Your warranty
  • Policies of the dealership

Car Insurance Company

If your car gets damaged by accident or something else happens, insurance companies give you an alternative car. However, your insurance policy must cover the courtesy car. And, all the papers should be up to date.

From Dealership

If your car needs to repair the first thing you need to do is book an appointment to the nearer dealership of your car. While your car is being serviced, you can ask for a loaner car as an alternative. Most of the dealerships provide that free of cost.

However, you must show your necessary documents such as a driving license, insurance, credit, or debit cards.

Once you get everything dealership gives you a form of contract. They will input all of the necessary data, including how much time you need for the loaner car.

After that, they will give you a vehicle as alternative transport.

Are Loaner Cars A Good Deal?

Man explaining How to Get a Loaner Car from Dealership

Since you do not have to pay money for renting a new car, it is a good deal so far. It is a good deal as far as dealerships don’t ask for any charge. Also, often they provide a brand new car to you which has never been used before. So, you can get a chance to drive a brand new horse and enjoy a fantastic experience while your original car is fixed at their servicing centre.

What If You have An Accident With The Loaner Car?

It could be a tricky situation for you to damage the loaner car. Fortunately, it has an easy solution. Most of the time, the dealership covers the necessary expenses. But, that must include in the contract paper.

If you are the victim, someone else hit your car, then you can ask him for the damage cost. On the other hand, if you made a mistake, you can ask the insurance company to cover the damage.

Most of all, if your dealer’s car contract paper says the company will cover the damage cost, then you do not have to pay a cent.

How Long Can You Take a Loaner Car?

Well, that depends on how much your car takes to get ready. It should offer a car as long as you do not get your actual car. However, a contract paper is the most essential thing in this scenario. Nevertheless, you can get it for a maximum of 21 days. In the meantime, they should get your car ready.

Loaner Car Vs. Rental Car

A loaner car is always a good deal since you do not have to pay any money. However, you have to pay the fines, fees, and gas. Also, they have a specific mile limit of drive. It could be something around 50 to 70 miles. Moreover, you can not pick a car on your own. But, they always provide a brand new car as a loaner car. Yet, only one person can drive the car. And, you do not have any freedom in the car. Such as allowing pets, smoking is not permitted in the car.

On the other hand, a rental car is going to charge 50-100 dollars per day. And, it does not have any limit of driving. Anyone above 25 years old can drive a car. But the most fun part is that you can pick a car you want to drive.

So, as long as you have no problem paying the rental money, a rental car is a better deal. And, at free of cost, a loaner car is indeed a good deal.

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Getting a loaner car is not rocket science. However, your car dealership must have that offer for the customers. Although most dealers have that, you can still check that while you are getting a new car or getting car insurance.

And, I believe no matter how comfortable your loaner car is, your car should be repaired in a short time. But, eventually, a loaner car is not your car. And, you can’t do anything with the car. So, as little as you need, a loaner car is good for bringing back your car.

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