How to Frame Diamond Art

The right frame can make all the difference in how your diamond art is perceived. A good frame should complement and accentuate your artwork without overwhelming it or covering up any of its beauty. Framing art is a great way to keep your valuables safe and showcase them in an attractive manner.

Whether you’re looking for an original gift idea or just want something unique and beautiful to decorate your home, you will find what you need with these stunning pieces of diamond art! Below we will discuss how to frame diamond art for your home and get tips on what type of frame material would be best for each project. 

Diamond Art Frames: 4 Things to Consider

 diamond art in a frame

Diamonds are famous for their sparkle, but they can also work wonders with your art. When it comes to framing a piece of artwork, there’s usually more than one option that will suit the style and personality behind the painting or drawing. Diamond Art Frames has all sorts of options when choosing which frame is best suited for you! Let’s have a look at considering these four things:

1. Dust and Dirt

There will likely still be sticky adhesive on the canvas after covering it with diamonds. Dust and dirt can attract to this surface easily. The process of cleaning it will be a bit more involved than simply rubbing it down. 

Diamonds may fall off from the sticky canvas if the diamond painting is regularly cleaned. Or, diamond could shift its position if it wipes frequently. 

Therefore, avoiding this is the best approach. But the following two options are possible:

  • Finish the diamond painting by applying a sealant. There is basically a thin layer of glue applied to the diamonds by either spraying or brushing it on. Diamonds will be protected when cleaned with this layer of adhesive. 
  • For dust and dirt to not accumulate on the canvas, use a frame with a glass. As a result, diamonds do not have to be completely clean. As a result, the adhesive canvas will last longer. 

2. The Problem with Glass 

how to frame diamond art

Diamond art is frequently created by people who love the dazzling effect it produces. Light is reflected from diamond surfaces, creating an effect that looks shiny. 

The sparkle effect is somewhat diminished when you frame the painting behind a glass frame. Also, you might have trouble seeing the painting’s full splendor due to the reflections on the glass surface.

A glass frame might be a suitable choice for some people who want to preserve and keep their canvas as clean as possible. Some people, however, prefer painting with diamonds for their bling factor. 

It really depends on how urgently you want to preserve your painting and your personal preferences. 

3. Diamonds Protrude

You should remember that you are framing a piece of art more than a normal flat piece when choosing a frame with glass. If you don’t choose the right frame, the canvas will simply not fit because the diamonds protrude pretty dramatically from the canvas. 

Due to this, it is recommended to consider a deep-set frame. Art pieces are framed in these types of frames where they are set back from the glass.

This type of frame is also known as a shadow box. It may sound alarming to those of you who desire maximum sparkle. It is not necessary to mount it deep, not at all. Depending on the size of your diamond canvas, you can choose the depth that is right for you.   

4. Size Matters

diamond frame size to arrange

Although it sounds very obvious, it is even more crucial to find the correct frame size when framing diamond paintings. 

The choice of a slightly smaller frame doesn’t usually end up being a huge deal if you can’t find one that fits perfectly. A poster, a painting and a photograph can easily be cut to fit without much impact. 

It is, however, much more difficult to trim a diamond painting. There is a difficulty making minor adjustments because of the diamond rows. It can appear as a large alteration to take out an entire row of diamonds from a painting.

So those who paint diamonds recommend buying a kit and a frame at the same time. Having a frame ready once you have completed your painting will give you the satisfaction of not being disappointed with the final product.

How can you frame diamond art? 

frame size to arrange diamond art

Let’s take a look at some options for frames for diamond art now that we’ve covered some important factors. 

The standard frame

This is exactly what the title says. There’s nothing special about this picture frame. In order to compensate for the diamonds, you need to choose an appropriate size and make sure the frame depth is deep enough. This option is also available with shallower frames as well as deep-set box frames. 

A stretcher bar frame

Creating a diamond ring that keeps your diamonds all exposed and clear is an excellent option.

Stretcher bars do not contain any glass. A wooden frame is stretched and folded around the canvas because it is attached at the back. Canvas is typically attached to frames with staples so that the canvas is taut and secure. 

Mounted on a paint canvas or another surface

Diamond paintings can also be attached to other types of canvas or board. You can do this by using a canvas or picture board. Be sure to avoid creases when you glue the diamond art canvas to the wall. After it dries, you can hang it. 

Supplies You’ll Need to frame diamond art:

  • Diamond Art
  • A Canvas
  • Cutting Mat With Self Healing Capability
  • A Cutting Rule
  • Knife for crafting
  • Adhesive
  • Brayer
  • With staples, staple gun

How to Frame Diamond Art

making frame for diamond art

You should know your diamond art’s finished size before purchasing your canvas.

If you are going to finish your artwork on canvas, choose a smaller canvas size. Using this method, the canvas edges can be wrapped around the canvas while still having those sparkling diamonds on the sides.

Preparation of the Diamond Art & Canvas

To be clear, I do not measure anything. It is possible to measure exactly where you want it centered!

  • The first step is to glue the canvas. As long as you can move the diamond art before it completely dries, you do not need fast-drying glue.
  • Cover the eyeball center with diamond art and lay it carefully on top of the canvas.
  • Work quickly and slide the art until it is exactly where you want it, while the glue is still wet.
  • Push the art into the glue and canvas with the brayer after the art is placed where you want it. 
  • The backside should also be brayed.

Trim the Diamond Art

  • Turn the diamond canvas over and place it on a cutting mat upside down. If you want to leave a little bit of the edges of the diamond art on the canvas, cut them off at 2 inches.
  • In order to wrap around the canvas, we will need to prepare the corners.
  • To cut the diamond art, line the ruler along the edge of the canvas and use a craft knife. 
  • Remove the rectangle from each corner on each side of the canvas. 
  • Each corner should be done in the same manner.

Wrap the Diamond Art Canvas

  • To finish your work, make sure you pull the edges of the diamond art tightly around the canvas.
  • See the wood around the canvas. Put five staples that go through the wood and not the canvas. I started with the middle. Then I put in each end. And then I put in the two center sections.
  • Turn the paper over and see what you have done.
  • You are gonna love the way it looks.

You can see the corners and sides of the canvas. You really can see how well they are wrapped around!


Can Diamond art be framed?

Framing your diamond art can be done with a store-bought frame. But some diamonds art are not in standard sizes. You will need to trim the canvas to fit it into the frame. Make sure the size is a little smaller than your art.

How do you remove wax from a diamond painting?

Tweezers are useful for straightening things out. You can use them to pick up any stray drills or to clean wax from the pen. Advanced diamond painters can also use them to paint with instead of a stylus pen.

Can I use PVA glue to seal diamond painting?

Use a toothbrush to clean the dust off the painting. When you are done, put a glossy paint or PVA glue on it and frame it. You don’t need to cut off the color code if you are using a frame because that will not be seen.


So there’s not much left to say now except congratulations on finding some direction in regards to framing your diamond art! In this blog article how to frame diamond art, we’ve discussed the best ways to frame diamond art for your home. We hope you found it helpful and feel confident in choosing a framing style that will work well with your decor.

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