How to Fix a Printer: 9 Steps

Printers are an essential part of any office. They help us in printing documents, pictures and other important things that we need for our daily work. Annoyingly, sometimes they fail to print the most desired documents or pictures properly. This can be due to many reasons like low ink level, paper jamming, etc. Supposing you have faced such problems, then you are lucky to be reading this post. Here we are sharing a detailed guide on how to fix a printer easily without bothering technicians.

So let’s get started…

How to Fix a Printer?

The first step towards fixing your printer paper involves understanding what exactly is causing the printer not to function properly. 

There are very many factors that can cause Epson printer malfunctioning. Below we will highlight several of them and get to understand how we can resolve them anytime they set in.

Common Printer Problems and Their Fixes

1. Printer Won’t Respond

looking to understand the printer problem

If your printer doesn’t respond when you press its buttons, it means there might be some problem with its components.

  • To resolve “my printer won’t print” issues check out the following
  • Is the printer plugged? If YES, is the socket switched on?
  • Is the printer itself switched on? If No switch it on
  • Does it have papers? If No feed enough papers in the tray
  • Check if the power cord is connected correctly

And finally, whether the printer is connected to a network or other external devices you wish to print from.

2. Paper Jamming

removing paper to relief from printing jam

Paper jams occur when the printer tries to load more than one sheet at once into the output tray. It happens because of different reasons including:

  • The wrong type of paper being loaded – resolve by loading the right papers
  • Too much pressure was applied while loading the sheets.
  • A damaged roll of paper
  • An empty cartridge

How to Fix “Paper Jamming” Printer Issue

Resolve the issue by unloading all the jammed pages manually using the manual eject button located near the front panel of the printer. Then reload only those which were printed successfully earlier.

3. Printer Won’t Print

men depressed because printer won't work

Sometimes your Brother printer will fail to print while you are in the middle of your task. When this happens, it goes without saying that you will feel helpless. Luckily, it shouldn’t take all your hopes away as there are several fixes you can try to get things back in order.

How to Fix my “Printer Won’t Print” Issues

Try These Steps to Troubleshoot the Error Message:

  • Make sure the printer’s power supply is turned ON.
  • Reset the printer settings. To do so follow the below instructions:
  • Open the control panel of the printer.
  • Click on the Settings tab
  • Select General Tab
  • Press OK.
  • Now select the Reset option under the Printing Options section.

If Doing So Doesn’t Help, Check Out the Following:

  • Ensure there is enough paper in the tray
  • Check that you have entered the right printing commands
  • Check that you are printing from non-corrupt disks and
  • RESTART if doing all the above doesn’t bear fruits.

4. Bad Print Quality

men worried for bad print quality

Print quality refers to the way the image looks after getting printed. Poor print quality may result from various causes. Some common ones include:

  • Low printer ink Level
  • Damaged Cartridge
  • Corrupted Disk
  • Wrongly installed driver software
  • Incorrect setting of the printer
  • Overloaded system
  • Incompatible hardware etc.

How To Fix “Bad Quality Prints” Issue

  • Ensure there’s enough ink
  • Replace the old cartridges
  • Clean the nozzle
  • Change the default resolution
  • Restart the computer etc.

5. Printer Printing Slowly

men angry to the printer

Have you observed that your printer is taking too long to bring out the first paper? This can be frustrating and annoying too! It will give you headaches when it happens while you have a pile of documents to print or scan. But to your rescue, there are several things you can do to boost your printer’s speed.

But before that, what causes a HP Printer to print slowly?

  • Another possible cause is an overloaded system. You should always keep your operating systems free from unnecessary programs running in the background. Also, ensure that your RAM is sufficient enough to handle the tasks at hand.
  • If you’re having problems with slow printing speeds due to low memory, then make sure that you’ve got plenty of space available for your applications.

6. Printer Stops Working

worried men thinks about the printer

This problem occurs when something stops working inside the printer itself. For example, if you notice that the printer has stopped functioning properly, then chances are that its internal components might not be performing their functions correctly. So, how does one fix such issues?

Well, here are some tips to consider:

  • Try replacing the cartridge
  • Perform a hard reset
  • Reinstall the drivers
  • Restart

7. Printer Won’t Connect to Network

cartoon printer with warning sign

When you connect your Canon printer to a network, you’ll need to configure the IP address manually. The process involves entering the required information into the appropriate fields. Here’s how to set up a new connection:

  • Right-click on the device name and choose Properties.
  • On the Sharing tab, enter the necessary details about the printer including the hostname, domain name, username, and password.

8. Printers Not Responding After Installing New Driver Software

men get angry with the printer

Sometimes, installing a new version of the printer driver software won’t work as expected. And this could lead to several other errors like printers not responding, error messages popping up during installation, etc. How to solve these issues? Follow the steps below:

  • Choose Device Manager.
  • Locate the printer under the Other Devices section.
  • Double click on the printer icon to open the properties window.
  • Select Hardware Tab.
  • Check whether the driver is updated by clicking the Update Drivers button.

9. Printer Produces Too Much Noise

worried men with printer

If you find yourself constantly hearing loud noises coming from your printer, then you may want to check whether the noise level is within acceptable limits. There are two ways to reduce the volume of noise produced by your printer:

  • Reduce the power consumption of the printer.
  • Use quieter materials.

The Bottom Line

Printers come equipped with various features which allow them to perform different types of jobs efficiently. However, sometimes they fail to function properly because of certain reasons. In case you encounter any issue related to your printer, follow the above-mentioned tips on how to fix a printer and resolve the problem quickly.

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