How to Fax From Printer

Though many people are using the internet for communication, others still use fax machines. In case you do not know what faxing is, let me explain. A fax machine is a device where you can send a copy of any document via telephone to another fax machine or computer.  Fax machines may be falling out of favor with businesses, but they are not entirely dead just yet. And if you still have to send a fax now and again, you know that getting a document into the hands of someone else by fax is still important. The good news is that there are many ways to do this today. Do you know how to fax from printer?

In this article, we are going to show you how to fax from printer step by step. Faxing is one of the easiest ways to communicate locally, for free. With little or no hassle at all, you can be faxing within minutes.

Is Your Printer Fax Capable

sending fax from printer

Having an active landline phone line and a printer with fax capabilities is all you need to send a fax without a fax machine. In some cases, the device includes the option for faxing and a special button; in other cases, this feature can be added separately. Therefore, if you don’t see a fax option on your printer, all is not lost.

You will be able to use the printer as a fax machine if there is a phone jack (or two) on the printer, which will mean that you can connect a phone line, and the printer will work as a fax machine.

Some multifunction printers do not include fax capability, although a fax kit can be provided to enable these features. To find out if this applies to your printer, check the product information and contact an office equipment supplier.

How to Fax From Printer Through Document Feeder

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Follow these steps to send a fax from your printer using the document feeder.

Step- 1

Install a phone line to your printer. Complete any other task that needs finishing during the startup process by going to the printer’s setup menu.

Step- 2

Store your station ID in the memory of your printer. All the faxed pages will carry the ID on the cover page. You can create custom comments for your cover page that your printer will automatically include as part of the print job.

Step- 3

You need to feed your fax documents into the printer. According to the printer, the pages need to be oriented correctly, but usually, they should face down.

Step- 4

For your document, select the appropriate resolution. Details in fine lines, small type, and images demand a higher resolution than usual.

Step- 5

Unless the document is unusually dark or light, the printer can automatically adjust for contrast. Make adjustments manually if necessary.

Step- 6

Set up a dial tone. Ensure that your other phone is not connected to the same line as the printer.

Step- 7

You can dial the fax or access any numbers you have saved using the control panel. You can store fax numbers on some printers–they function like speed dials.

Step- 8

As soon as the fax light on your printer comes on, you can send a fax. There are several different ways that a printer will let you know when it is ready to send, including beeping, flashing lights, and display panel messages.

Step- 9

The fax will begin after you press the Send button.

How to Fax From Printer Through Printer Driver

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Step- 1

First, make sure all of the necessary connections have been made, such as the telephone line and the computer connected to your printer. Read your printer’s manual for instructions on how to set up.

Step- 2

Download the printer driver from the internet or install it from the CD that came with your printer.

Step- 3

Please open the fax document you wish to send. Choose the ‘File’ option, and then choose the ‘Print’ option or press Ctrl+P.

Step- 4

In the print menu, choose fax.

Step- 5

You will then need to enter the fax number of the receiver. After you enter the details, click ‘Send.’

Step- 6

The printer automatically dials the receiver’s fax machine to send your fax. A confirmation will be sent to you once the transmission has been completed. You may also receive a confirmation from the printer.

How to Receive a Fax With a Printer

Fax-capable printers can also automatically print incoming faxes when they receive them. It’s okay if your device is out of paper. It will save documents in its memory as long as they are needed, and it will print them as soon as possible.

How to Send a Fax From an HP Printer

fax capable hp printer

To send a fax to any recipient who is capable of receiving a fax, you can use the following steps on your HP printer that has fax functionality:

  1. Ensure your printer is ready for faxing. That means you must connect to a landline. You should connect the telephone cord to the 1-Line jack on the back of the printer to connect it to an available line.
  2. To customize your faxes’ appearance, use the Fax Setup Wizard in Windows. Type your contact information in the fax header to customize how your faxes look. The fax will also wait how many rings before answering, as well as what type of phone service you have.
  3. Put your document in the load tray of the printer to send the fax. You can place the document face down on the flatbed scanning surface if you have just one page.
  4. It is good to call ahead to let the person you are faxing know you are sending a fax if their fax number and home or office number are the same. Alternately, type the fax number, make sure your line isn’t already in use, and then hit the Send fax button.
  5. Be patient while the fax goes through. A fax report will typically be sent to you, so make sure your paper tray is full before sending.

Can I Fax From My Printer Without a Phone Line

A regular printer cannot send a fax over a phone line, as it needs to be connected to a telephone line to receive faxes. A wireless fax solution simply was not possible without necessity, and tech companies were forced to come up with one.

Using a digital process, you can wirelessly send and receive faxes from modern printers using a digital process. A printer that supports wireless networking must be equipped with such a component.

For wireless fax to be sent, you need your printer and computer to be on the same network. As a benefit, you only need to configure it once; the printer will remember the network settings for the future.

You can send wireless fax by following these steps.

  • To identify the document on the receiving end, place a document in the tray.
  • Enter the fax number of your recipient into the fax setting,
  • Once the printer has been started, a scan of your document will be sent through the network.

You will need to scan each page individually if your printer does not have a fax tray. The process may be difficult, but it is certainly possible.

Final Words

So, after all of this talk about faxing, we think you now have a pretty good idea of how to fax from printer. In conclusion, the process of faxing from a printer is not a difficult one to understand. The sections in this guide should cover everything you need to know about how to fax from a printer. As you can see, it’s a very simple process.

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