How to Draw Bubble Letters

Bubble letters have been popular for years. And with good reason, they are easy to draw, fun, and can take on any shape or style depending on who is drawing them. Bubble letters are indeed a versatile lettering style that can use in both casual pieces and more polished and professional work. Drawing bubble letters can be a lot of fun. You’ll need a certain skill to pull it off, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to turn some letters into eye-catching text. Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw bubble letters? If so, this article is for you.

Let us start by saying you are going to love this article because this is the best resource you need for learning how to make bubble letters with pencil and paper. In this article, we’ll look at two different methods of drawing bubble letters. You’ll find how to draw bubble letters step by step in this article.

How to Draw Bubble Letters Step by Step: 2 Methods

Today we will learn how to draw bubble letters, also known as bubble writing. Okay, so you want to learn how to draw bubble letters, but you don’t exactly know where to start. Never fear, here we will go through two different methods to help you draw bubble letters from scratch.

Method- 1: Draw A B C Bubble Letters Step By Step

how to draw bubble letters

Bubble letters are cool. They’re fun and easy to draw, and they look awesome when you color them in. This method will teach you how to draw a bubble letter A B and C step by step. You can use this lesson to learn how to create your own customized bubble lettering or personalize it with your own font and colors.

Step- 1: Draw A B and C

letter a b c

In order to plan out the first step of our bubble lettering guide, you’ll need a pencil. You can apply what you learn in this guide to the rest of the alphabet once you get the hang of it, as well as numbers.

Start by drawing the A, B, and C in their normal positions using your lightest pencil. For now, we will be using a pencil, as these will only be for guidance and will not appear on the final drawing.

Step- 2: Draw More Shapes

drawing bubble letters

For this part of your bubble letter drawing, you can continue adding shapes to the letters you have drawn in step one. For A, use two larger ovals angled horizontally at the top that touch each other. Then, use a smaller oval between the two for the A’s middle.

You can use two thin and curved shapes for wounds on the letter B using a long and fat vertical oval. Furthermore, in the case of the letter C, you can create this letter by laying a single curve, sausage-like shape over the plan you drew.

Step- 3: Draw the Final Lines of The Letters

drawing outline of bubble letters

So far, we’ve drawn bubble letters with a pencil, but now that we’re at this point, we can switch to writing them with pens. By tracing around the edges of these shapes on the left-hand side of the letters, you can begin tracing around the shapes you created in the previous step.

In the next few steps, we will be drawing the other side of the letters as you can see in our reference image.

Step- 4: Draw Outlines of Letters

A B C outline drawing

In the following step, we will continue to fill in some of the outlines of those bubble letters. Using a pencil, draw around the shapes you drew last time, and complete the outlines of the A and B. Draw two short curved lines inside the letter C.

Step- 5:  Add Details


On this step of our guide on how to draw bubble letters, you’ll finally finish drawing the part of the letters that you’ve been working on. Draw a small triangle inside each of these A shapes to finish them off. The B’s holes can be formed by drawing two small circles inside each bubble.

The rest of the letter C can now be drawn in pen. Once you have drawn these letters in pen, it will be easier to erase the pencil lines.

The following steps will help you draw more letters of the alphabet before moving on to the final step. Creating this could be as simple as following the steps to draw out the letters according to their appearance and then using basic shapes to build in addition to that skeleton. You might even be able to write your own name this way after getting used to it!

Step- 6: Add Color

colorful bubble letters

At this point, your drawing of bubble letters is completed. All that remains is to paint them! As soon as they are drawn, you can add some color to make them more alive. Here, you should really allow your creativity to run wild as you choose the colors you wish to use.

This style of the letter is perfect for fun occasions because they evoke a happy and bright vibe when viewed. We would therefore color these bubble letters drawing with bright, vibrant colors. If you prefer, you could use some muted colors as well.

It is fun to choose the art mediums that you will use to bring your chosen colors to life once you have a vision for the image. Colored pens, acrylic paint, or colored markers would all work well with a bright color scheme. It would be ideal to use watercolors, or colored pencils would be ideal if you want a more delicate look.

You’re done!

Method- 2: Draw Bubble Letters BUBBLE Step By Step

how to draw bubble letters

Step- 1: Draw a Curved Guideline

a curved line

You should start with a guideline for lining up your letters when drawing your lettering. We only need a single line to create the bubble lettering. This line can be curved as well. Straight lines are also acceptable. Here, we will draw “BUBBLE.”

Step- 2: Draw letters with Round Corner

letter B outline above of curve line

When creating bubble letters, avoid pointing lines and corners. Instead, make all lines round. Begin by writing the letter “B.” Keep your bubble letter’s desired shape in mind when writing this letter.

Step- 3: Draw Insides Detail

Letter B

Then, draw the top and bottom section inside lines of your B. Drawing a single continuous line is fine, or you can break it up like the image shows above.

Step- 4: Draw Letters Outline

drawing bubble letter B

The bubble letters here are drawn to look like balloons. However, you may simplify them if you wish. Next, draw your B’s outside lines. Don’t forget to round everything.

Step- 5: Start Drawing Next Letter

Bubble letter drawing step

As soon as you have finished the letter B, move on to the letter U. In this example, a little space separates the letters. If you wish to have your letters overlap, be sure to draw them more closely together.

Step- 6: Draw U Repeating Earlier Steps

BU Bubble letter pencil sketch

As we did with the letter B, draw the letter U in the same way. Overlapping your letters is entirely up to you.

Step- 7: Draw Remaining Letters

bubble letter pencil drawing

This step will draw the remaining letters BBLE, just like the previous steps.

Step- 8: Draw Outlines & Erase Guidelines

outline of bubble letters

If you are happy with how your letters look after drawing them all out, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Simply trace over your pencil lines with a black pen or marker. Clean up your drawing with an eraser after you’ve gone over all your lines.

Step- 9: Color It

red color bubble drawing

Now that you have your letters, you can add some color to them so they look more appealing. My preferred method for coloring is with markers. You can color using them in any way you like.

You can fill in your letters after you choose a color scheme. Probably the best approach to blending different colors in your letters would be to stick with analogous colors. Rambunctious Red and Sunset Orange were used for this example.

Final Words

The key to drawing bubble letters, just like how to draw any letter, is first to understand how the letterforms are structured. Then it’s simply a matter of experimenting and finding your own unique bubble letter style. We hope this article has educated you on how to draw bubble letters. Follow the steps and techniques discussed above, and your bubble letters will be perfect on the first try. Good luck!

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