How to Draw a Sunset

Sunsets are one of the most beautiful things to witness. As the day fades into night, a spectacular pink and orange sky appears with an array of colors that seem endless. There’s something about a sunset that makes you feel at peace with the world. Maybe it’s because of how they’re so gorgeous and peaceful. Such is the beauty behind nature’s light show at twilight – but do you know how to draw a sunset? 

Sunset is the perfect time for you to take a break from work and draw some beautiful colors. Your mind will be refreshed after you finish this drawing. Drawing a sunset is not always easy but it’s worth the effort to create something so stunning and memorable. The following article will give you an overview of how to draw a sunset, step-by-step!

Sunset Drawing Step by Step

As the sun sets, it’s time to set up your materials and prepare for a little bit of artistry. It might seem daunting at first, but these easy steps will make drawing a sunset with just one pencil, pen, and color as easy as can be. It’s so easy to make a sunset drawing, even if you’re not an artist. Let us show you how to do it step by step:

Draw a Sunset: Method 1

sunset drawing step-by-step
Step 1: Start by drawing a rectangle
sunset drawing step-1

In this tutorial on how to draw a sunset, we will be planning the drawing first. It is recommended that you use a pencil for this step so that you can go over it with a pen later. Create a large rectangle, to begin with.

After that, draw a horizontal line just above the halfway point as shown in the reference image. Put a small circle under the horizontal line at the bottom of the circle. Drawing a circle can be quite difficult without a drawing compass; if you have one, however, this is a very helpful procedure for this part.

Step 2: Erase the planning drawings
sunset drawing step-2

We suggested that you draw in pencil for the previous step of your sunset drawing. In this second step, you will learn why. We will now erase the portion of the circle which is below the line we drew. A small section of the circle can also be erased while drawing a mountain.

Don’t leave too much space around the picture, and you should be able to see what you should endeavor to achieve from the reference picture. Trace the horizontal line with a pen and wipe away any leftover pencil.

Step 3: Draw mountains
sunset drawing step-3

During the next step of our guide to drawing a sunset, we will utilize the space left between the circle and the horizontal line.

Make some mountain shapes by tracing around the rectangle a bit higher up on one side and getting slightly lower on the other.

In the reference picture, you can see that the circles should connect to the horizontal line and that the gaps between them should be filled in.

Step 4: Draw reflections on the water
sunset drawing step-4

This step involves drawing a reflection of the setting sun on the water. Drawing simple zig-zags in a triangular pattern beneath the sun will accomplish this.

Step 5: Draw a tree
sunset drawing step-5

Draw a palm tree to make it look more attractive. On top of the mountain, draw two curving lines that intersect, and now the tree trunk is ready.

Step 6: Draw the trunk and leaves of tree
sunset drawing step-6

Create leaves by drawing several lines from the trunk in different directions. Then, draw them in pairs with the ends pointing upwards.

Step 7: Draw all leaves
sunset drawing step-7

Each leaf should be completed almost in the same way.

Step 8: Add more detail including bird
sunset drawing step-8

Create a sunset landscape with other details. Create curved waves of water by drawing wavy curved lines. Make some birds fly in the sky by drawing curved lines.

Step 9: Add color
colorful sunset drawing

Your sunset drawing is already wonderful, but now you can make it even more beautiful by adding some vibrant colors!

Draw a Sunset for Kids: Method 2

Draw a Sunset for Kids step by step

This section is for kids who want to draw a sunset. The instructions are easy and there is a picture of what it should look like at the end so you can compare your work with mine. Let’s start drawing step by step:

Materials you need:

  • Drawing paper
  • Black marker
  • Crayons
Step 1: Draw the first hill borderline
sunset drawing for kids step-1

You’ll want to start drawing your border at the base on one side before heading up towards where you think will represent peak height then descending again down the other side until reaching ground level once more – just don’t forget about all those pesky little bumps which may interrupt this long gradual slope

Step 2: Draw the second hill
sunset drawing for kids step-2

Draw a second line above that to represent a second hill.

Step 3: Draw the third hill
sunset drawing for kids step-3

The third hill will be represented by a zig-zag line above the first two.

Step 4: Draw ground road
sunset drawing for kids step-4

Using two curved lines, draw the road on the ground portion.

Step 5: Draw more roads lines
sunset drawing for kids step-5

The road in the hills should also be narrower in 2 other sections.

Step 6: Draw trees on hills

Create trees and bushes on each hill by drawing many intersecting curves. Add sun draws to the hilltop.

Step 7: Draw some clouds
sunset drawing for kids step-7

The hills should be surrounded by clouds. So, now draw some clouds above the hilltop.

Step 8: Add color
sunset drawing for kids step-8

Now just color the drawing to complete the sunset drawing. Be creative with your drawing by choosing appropriate colors and making it look appealing.

Final Words

It’s always nice to look at pictures of the sun setting in order to find peace and calm, especially if it has been a long day or week. Drawing something that is beautiful can be therapeutic for both artist and viewer alike. Drawing sunsets is a fun way to practice your drawing skills and get better at shading.

If you’re an artist, this may be a good opportunity to try something new in your portfolio. For those of us who are not artists, it can be still therapeutic as we learn more about the process behind creating art. Thank you for reading this blog post on how to draw a sunset. We hope it was helpful and that the steps were easy enough to follow along with.

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