How to Draw a Hand Holding Something

how to draw a hand holding something

Many people in the world want to learn more about hand drawing. Having skilled hand-drawing abilities is essential to any artist’s success. Hand-drawing is the foundation of most art projects and can take many forms, such as oil painting, sketching, or chalk drawing. Since hands are so important in painting a picture, it’s necessary to perfect drawings of hands early on in an artist’s career. You can learn how to draw a hand holding something through this article.

Being able to draw a realistic hand holding something is an essential skill for any beginning artist that wants to learn how to draw the human form. How to draw a hand holding something is the perfect guide for beginners. It uses simple, step by step instructions that anyone can understand. This article breaks down the hand holding into easy to follow directions. It uses easy to follow symbols and illustrations.

In this article, you can learn how to draw a hand holding something. There are plenty of ways for drawing a hand, but you need to choose the best one for your own practice. Here are three easy methods for you to draw a hand holding something.

How to Draw a Hand Holding Something: 3 Methods

Sometimes drawing hands can be frustrating. But by following this step by step guide below you will learn how to draw hands in a whole new way! We will show you three methods to draw various poses of hands; in a relaxed position, holding a pencil, holding a cell phone, and hand holding a hand.

Method- 1: How to Draw Hand Holding Pencil

Step- 1: Draw three shapes.

shape drawing
Credit: Merrill Kazanjian

Draw three shapes that you see the one on the left will be the tip of the pencil and the two on the right will be fingertips.

Step- 2: Draw your thumb.

thumb drawing
Credit: Merrill Kazanjian

Draw your thumb and notice the fingertip appears slightly thinner than the thumb.

Step- 3: Draw a “K” shape.

making hand drawing
Credit: Merrill Kazanjian

Using the shape of a K, draw a shape over the thumb.

Step- 4: Draw the pencil.

pencil in thumb drawing
Credit: Merrill Kazanjian

When drawing the top of the pencil, it is best to use a ruler for accuracy. Ideally, the pencil should not measure longer than 3 thumbs.

Step- 5: Draw finger.

pencil holding by finger
Credit: Merrill Kazanjian

The finger should be completed by the line drawn over the K-shape.

Step- 6: Draw full hands shape.

pencil holding by hand
Credit: Merrill Kazanjian

To complete the shape of the hand, you must draw in the heel of the hand and the wrist.

Step- 7: Draw cross hatch.

shading the handhold pencil
Credit: Merrill Kazanjian

The next step is to cross hatch the hand drawing all over. In order to make the cross hatching look more realistic, you will need to use an HB pencil to do it.

Step- 8: Add Details.

handhold pencil drawing
Credit: Merrill Kazanjian

Simply add more details to the hand holding the pencil and you are done.

Credit: Merrill Kazanjian

Method- 2: How to Draw Hand Holding a Cell Phone

Step- 1: Draw four lines.

rectangle shape drawing
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

Draw four lines that are slanted towards the right from a rectangle.

Step- 2: Draw a rectangle.

line drawing around the rectangle
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

Now draw a rectangle inside the shape that you’ve drawn.

Step- 3: Join the outer corner.

phone shape drawing
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

Using curved lines, join the outer corner lines together.

Step- 4: Draw A circle and two lines.

mobile phone sketch
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

A circle and two lines as speaker and sensor appear on the top of the phone which you must draw to complete this design.

Step- 5: Draw 3 buttons.

phone sketch
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

On the left, draw 3 ovals to represent buttons. Make a tiny circle at the top of the phone.

Step- 6: Draw the cell phone’s home button.

phone drawing
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

In the middle of the cell phone’s bottom, draw a large circle as a home button. On the right side of the circle, draw a curvature to signify a lock button.

Step- 7: Draw a guideline.

Drawing guideline over phone
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

Draw light guidelines on the bottom of the phone. You will erase these afterward.

Step- 8: Add 3 “J” shapes.

Drawing guideline around phone
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

Using the letter “ j ” shapes, draw three of them in three different directions as shown in the image above.

Step- 9: Add Thumb.

Drawing thumb over phone
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

Draw an upside down “ ? “ mark like shape on the right of the phone. Draw an upside down letter “ U “ shape for the thumb.

Step- 10: Draw fingers.

Drawing finger under phone
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

Draw lines on the finger that are on the left.

Step- 11: Draw hands shape.

drawing handhold phone shape
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

Draw a “ 7 “ shape below the phone, and draw a line on the top-most figure. Also draw a few curve lines.

Step- 12: Draw finger nails.

handhold phone drawing
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

Draw backward letter “ J “ curves on the two fingers that are on the left. Draw a curved line on the thumb.

Step- 13: Draw thumbnail.

handhold phone sketch
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

On the thumbnail, draw two lines. On both left-most fingers, draw curved lines.

Step- 14: Add details on thumb.

sketch of handhold phone
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

Draw 2 curved lines on the right side of the thumb. Draw a line on the thumb.

Step- 15: Complete the hand shape.

hand holding phone drawing
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

Draw backward “ ? “ shape on the left side of the hand. Then draw a line.

Step- 16: Erase guidelines.

hand holding cell phone drawing
Credit: drawinghowtodraw

You can now erase the guidelines you don’t need. Congratulations! You have completed drawing the hand holding cell phone.

Credit: drawinghowtodraw

Method- 3: Draw Hand Holding Hand

Step- 1: Start by drawing ring finger.

shape drawing

On the bottom part of the paper, draw an oval shape. It represents a folded back ring finger.

Step- 2: Draw more 2 fingers back.

shape sketch

Next, draw a similar shape to that which we drew in the previous step on the left side of the ring finger. This represents the hand’s folded middle finger. Draw the two fingers directly touching each other, side by side. Your middle finger and ring finger should be slightly different lengths.

By the end of this step, the hand in the back should be complete except for the ring finger and the middle finger.

Step- 3: Draw the pinky finger back.

finger shape drawing

On the right side of the ring finger, create a smaller oval. You will form the pinky finger at the end of this form. Pinky fingers should be smaller than middle fingers and ring fingers.

Step- 4: Draw index finger.

finger shape drawing

In addition to the oval shape on the middle finger, draw a second oval shape on the left side. This represents the index finger in the back of the hand. In total, there are four fingers on the back of the hand. It is important to keep all four fingers aligned slightly diagonally side by side.

Step- 5: Draw the thumb of both hands.

drawing thumb of both hands

Next to the index finger we drew earlier, draw a thumb on the left side of your paper. That will form the front thumb of the hand.

After you have finished drawing the thumb, draw another finger folded over it. The thumb of the hand is formed in this way, completing all five fingers of the hand.

Step- 6: Draw three fingers.

Drawing fingers

Draw the middle, index, and ring fingers of the hand in the front overlapping each other. In the illustration above, it looks like the front hand rests atop the back hand. This should now partially reveal the holding hands.

Step- 7: Draw the complete form of hand.

form of hand drawing

Make a diagonal line starting from the wrist of the hand and going all the way to the pinky finger. The front hand should now have a complete form after finishing this step.

Step- 8: Draw the wrist.

holding hand sketch

Draw two lines above the front hand of the hand in the back. The back arm of the hand is formed by these two lines. After you’ve drawn the structure of the back of the hand, draw a curved line at the bottom.

Having held hands for so long, the two figures have finally become one! The drawing is almost complete, but some details are still needed to complete it!

Step- 9: Draw nails.

finger nail sketch

Form the nails by drawing uneven square shapes on the tips of each finger. On some of the fingers, like the thumb, you may need to draw a half square shape since some fingers are tilted to one side. The fingernails of the ring and pinky fingers of the hand in front aren’t visible from the bottom, so you don’t have to draw them.

Step- 10: Color it.

colorful holding hand drawing

Here it is, you’ve drawn holding hands successfully. Now is the time to color your drawing! Let’s get started. It is completely up to you what colors you will use for the hands. If you would like to create a skin tone color, mix white, yellow, red, and blue.

Final Words

The best way to learn how to draw a hand holding something is by drawing the fingers first and then connecting them like you would with a skeleton. That way it will be easier for you to keep your proportions correct. All said and done, it is true that you can draw a hand the way you see it or the way you want to see it. However, before picking up your pencils and starting drawing, there is one important tip that you need to remember. And this is “practice makes a man perfect”.

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