How to Draw a Circle

When it comes to sketching, circles, rectangles, and triangles are some of the most important basic shapes to know, along with other geometric shapes. Whenever we draw out our themes, we start with these fundamental forms and piece them together to create more complicated shapes. As artists, the importance of the circle cannot be overstated. Furthermore, understanding how to draw a circle is essential.

It can be challenging to draw circles freehand, but fortunately, there are a variety of tools and tactics available to assist you. Drawing beautiful circles will be a breeze once you’ve discovered the way that works best for you, which may include everything while using a compass for sketching round shapes. In order to make things a whole lot easier for you, we’ve assembled eight simple techniques for drawing a circle in this post, each with a step-by-step methodology. So continue reading to learn quickly!

Draw a Perfect Circle: 8 Methods

Method- 1: Draw a circle using a compass

Step- 1

circle Drawing with a compass step-1

Choose a measurement for the arc or circle to be drawn.

Step- 2

circle Drawing with a compass step-

We place the sharp point of the compass at the center of the intended circle or arc.

Step- 3

circle Drawing with a compass step-

Press down the needle, turn the knob at the top of the compass to draw a circle or arc, and drag the pencil around the center to draw the curve.

Step- 4

circle Drawing using compass step-

A circle is drawn. You can mark its center point, radius, or diameter if required.

Method- 2: Draw circle without a compass

How to make a perfect circle without a compass

Drawing large circles

 circle Drawing without a compass step-1
Source: DaveHax

Simply turn the sheet of paper while holding the pencil or pen while holding just that part of the hand which appears in the photo.

Drawing medium circles

 circle Drawing without a compass step-
Source: DaveHax

We only need to keep our little fingers in place and follow the same process to obtain the perfect medium circle.

Drawing small circles

 circle Drawing without a compass step-
Source: DaveHax

Although all three of these work wonderfully, this may be the simplest. Our middle finger only needs to be supported, the pen needs to be held, and the sheet of paper must be fully turned over.

Here’s a video showing you step-by-step how to make each of the different-sized circles.

Source: DaveHax

Method- 3: Drawing circles by lines

Step- 1

Drawing circles by lines step-1

Draw a straight vertical line across the center of the paper. In order for your circle shape to appear tall, you should extend the line up to the height of the circle’s shape.

Additionally, if you are having trouble drawing straight lines, feel free to use a ruler.

If you are drawing these lines, remember to use light strokes. To make it easier to remove these lines later on, avoid pushing too hard with your pencil.

Step- 2

Drawing circles by lines step-2

In the previous step, we drew a vertical line. Now, we’ll draw a horizontal line intersecting this vertical line. The two lines together contain the circle’s length and width.

Step: 3

Drawing circles by lines step-3

Now, from one corner to the next, draw diagonal lines. This crossline’s center will coincide with the intersection points of the previous lines.

Step: 4

Drawing circles by lines step-4

In the previous steps, we drew intersecting lines to guide you in drawing a perfect circle shape.

In addition, this is a good way to ensure the circle is perfect.

We will use the line’s endpoints as a guide to trace a circle. Draw a line from one endpoint to the next, halfway around the circle, starting at the top.

Step- 5

Drawing circles by lines step-5

Make the last adjustment to the circle’s shape by drawing the second half of it on the right side.

Step- 6

Drawing circles by lines step-6

The reference lines inside the circle are no longer necessary to draw a perfect circle.

With the help of a pencil eraser, erase the lines in the circle in order to smooth it out. A neat and tidy drawing will also be created as a result.

Method- 4: Draw a circle within a square

Step- 1

Draw circle within a square step-1

The first thing you need to do is to draw a line that is the same width as the circle you want.

Step- 2

Draw circle within a square step-2

You can use your pencil to measure this line by pinching it. Then, follow those measurements to draw the three remaining sides.

Step- 3

Draw circle within a square step-3

Using the square you just created, draw diagonals all the way from corner to corner. Where those two diagonal lines cross is the center of the square.

Step- 4

Draw circle within a square step-4

Draw horizontal and vertical lines through the center. By doing this, you will be able to create a star-shaped pattern within your square.

Step- 5

Draw circle within a square step-5

You can measure an entire horizontal or vertical line with your pencil with the pinch grip from the centre to an edge of the square. Trace the dimensions on all four diagonal lines. As you will soon draw your circle, you will be using these marks as guides.

Step- 6

Draw circle within a square step-6

In addition, draw vertical and horizontal guides with slight curves on all four ends before drawing in your circle. During your circle drawing you will refine these to be approximate so you can just make them.

Step- 7

Draw circle within a square step-7

Make sure that you follow all four diagonals of the guidelines in order to connect the four smaller curves you just made. When constructing a circle it is best to begin by drawing ‘Ghost Lines’, to guide you while building the curve.

Step- 8

Draw circle within a square step-8

Now you have completed your circle! Erase the guide lines and you’re done!

Method- 5: Using circular objects

draw circle Using circular objects

The easiest way to draw a circle is with the help of a circular object that you have on hands such as a mug, tape, or cans.

Method- 6: Pencils or pens as a compass

If you don’t have circular objects, you can trace one with the help of two pencils or pens. Place the two pencils in your hand forming a cross, one pencil you will use as support and the other to trace the circle.

With the help of the other hand, turn the blade. This way you will achieve a perfect circle without so much mess.

Method- 7: Ruler traces cardboard circles:

Another way to draw large circles is with the help of cardboard. You just have to cut a rectangle 4 cm wide and 30 cm long, where you can make holes every 2 centimeters with the help of your pencil or a screwdriver and thus form circles of different sizes.

Ruler traces cardboard circles step-by-step

The hole on the edge of the cardboard will be used to place the support, which can be a pencil or pen; in the other holes goes the pencil with which you are going to trace.

The distance of the holes is what will give different circle sizes.

Ruler traces cardboard circles steps

There you have different tricks, so you will no longer have a problem drawing circles in your projects that you can not draw with the compass because they are so big.

Method- 8: Tracing circles with thread

To draw larger circles there is the option of using a long thread. Cut a thread slightly larger than half the size you want the circle to be.

Tracing circles with thread step-1

In this case we want the circle to cover the entire sheet, that’s why our thread is a little bigger than half.

Tracing circles with thread step-2

Tie it from one end to the pencil and from the other to a pin or thumbtack. If you don’t have pins or tacks, you can use another pencil. The pin will be the center and support of the circle.

Tracing circles with thread step-3

Once you have a firm center (that is, the pin), stretch the thread and guide your pencil around the pin until you trace the circle.

Final Words

We hope that you now understand how to draw a circle quickly and efficiently. Several different methods of drawing a circle have been discussed in this article. Choose the one that best meets your requirements.

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