How to Do Diamond Art

diamond painting for beginners

Diamond art is a craft that’s both beautiful and easy to make. Diamond art is a relatively new form of art, growing in popularity over the last few years. Unlike more traditional forms, diamond art does not require any artistic skills and can be done by anyone with a bit of patience and a lot of time. This article will provide an easy-to-follow guide to learn about how to do diamond art and get you started on your first piece of diamond art!

What Is Diamond Art Painting?

how to do diamond art

The material used for diamond painting is shiny resin (plastic beads or diamonds) which is applied to a canvas with adhesive before painting. The concept is similar to color by numbers, but this craft does not require any artistic talents and can be a relaxing and fun way to relax.

Diamond painting has been trendy and has become a highly sought-after hobby among the arts and crafts community. If you’re bored at home, you can make this fabulous craft.

Diamond art is much easier than knitting or gardening. It’s quick and stress-free, so it does not require any previous experience. The first time you do it you wouldn’t know anything about diamond painting, but you’d still be able to create a decent piece. As you work on your own artwork, relax and enjoy the experience.

What Are Diamond Art Kits?

You’ll need a kit if you decide to try this style of painting. These kits contain everything required to do one design and are relatively inexpensive (usually $10-20). Even though no additional accessories are necessary, I will list a few items I have found extra helpful below.

A diamond painting kit typically includes similar contents. The following is what is typically included.

  • Your desired size of a printed canvas. There will be a top layer of sticky glue on the canvas and pre-printed designs. There is a plastic cover on the canvas. It shouldn’t be removed! It will hold your artwork until you finish until you take a bit off at a time to place jewels on it.
  • The necessary colors of resin diamonds. It is usually included in the kits extra diamonds so you don’t run out of a specific color.
  • Plastic trays for storing diamonds. Trays are usually included in kits. Diamonds will be dumped on your tray one by one, one color at a time.
  • The diamond-picking pen tool. As you place each jewel on the sticky canvas, the pen will help you hold it.
  • The pen tool requires glue or wax. It’s because of this that jewels stick to pens. I have ordered several kits so far, and all provide a small square of wax. One square seemed too small to me, but so far it has been sufficient.
  • Additional diamonds. You probably received more diamonds than you needed in your kit, so don’t worry if a few get lost.

Diamond Art Painting: How Do You Start?

Do you want to learn how to do diamond art? Your efforts are commendable! What you should do is listed here below.

  • Purchase a Diamond Art Kit. The ideal kit will be eye-catching, have soothing colors, and create an image you will absolutely adore. I recommend a smaller drill kit with a partial drill for beginners, which means that you will only use diamonds to fill part of the canvas.
  • Choose the right size. As a beginner, you may consider starting off with a smaller canvas (roughly 30cm x 30cm) sized kit and moving up the size as you become more proficient. Consider a partial fill which is easier to complete.
  • Ensure you have every tool you need. Make sure you carefully open the kit because it will include everything you need. As soon as you start, you will be frustrated if you discover something is missing or not enough. Make sure your supplies are up to date by checking the inventory list when your kit arrives.
  • Set up your painting on a table in your kitchen or craft room. This will take several hours or days so set it up somewhere that you won’t have to take it down when you want to make food. Make sure that you have enough space for all of the supplies!
  • The color key can be used to choose a color. Put the crystals in the trays carefully.
  • The protective covering must be peeled back a small section at a time.
  • Dip the pen in wax. The wax does not need to be refilled for every jewel, only when it no longer sticks. Wax is typically used for about 20-30 jewels per load.
  • Use the pen to pick up the diamond. Make sure the flat side of it faces down as you pick it up.
  • The pen tip should be gently pressed on the circle or square.
  • You must repeat this step until it is complete. Repetition is the key to getting a perfect picture.
  • Have fun creating!

Tips for Diamond Arts

how to do diamond art
  • It is time to introduce you to the tips for creating diamond paintings now that you know some of the basics.
  • Diamond painting will be improved with these little tricks.
  • The adhesive layer on the canvas will help uncurl and flatten it
  • The canvas is usually rolled up in diamond panting kits.
  • Despite the ease of transportation and the prevention of damage to surfaces, this method introduces a second problem.
  • Rolls of canvas are common.
  • There is an easier and faster way to stick canvas to the table than putting books on top of it or taping it with tape.
  • While the canvas is flat against the surface, lift up the adhesive layer on one corner.
  • All four corners should be done this way.
  • The results will appear immediately after a couple of seconds.


Is Diamond painting easy?

Painters only need to stick diamonds onto canvas. A beautiful painting is made up of diamonds that sparkle like natural diamonds. There is no need for prior experience to start diamond painting.

How long does it take to complete a diamond painting?

The length of time you need to complete a diamond art painting depends on your motivation, but most paintings require between two and nine one-hour sessions. Make your work more manageable by breaking it up into manageable chunks!

Can you roll up a finished diamond painting?

You can roll up your artwork and protect the rhinestones from getting damaged or falling off, but you may find that it is curved once the art is opened up. Rolling up a piece longer and more tightly will increase the chances of this happening.

What do you put on a finished diamond painting?

Assemble all diamond beads so that they are laid flat. Make sure the diamond painting is protected with a plastic or cloth cover. Roll the pin evenly on the beads and then press them down.


If you’ve ever seen diamond art before, then you know that it can be both beautiful and easy to make. This craft is great for people of any age who want to create something they can use or give away as a gift. We hope you learned a lot about diamond art from this article “ How to Do Diamond Art ” and will try it for yourself.

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