How to Create a Vision Board

A vision board is a powerful tool to manifest all of your dreams using visual imagery. It’s been around for a long time and is most popular in the self-help and new age world. If you’re looking to manifest some big changes in your life, why not create your own vision board? Creating a vision board is an excellent way to begin creating and maintaining focus for your goals. If a vision board still doesn’t sound quite like the kind of thing you’d do, relax. It’s not exactly like it was on the show, but it’s pretty fun too. In just 6 easy steps, we will show you how to create a vision board.

It’s a fun and creative way of setting your intentions and using your visual senses to attract what you want. There are many different techniques for creating a great vision board, but we recommend planning in advance, starting small, and creating a beautiful masterpiece. This article will give you a step-by-step guide, and you will learn how to create a vision board. Creating a vision board is a great way to stay positive and focused. Use this article as a guide for creating your own vision board.

Vision Boards: Do They Work?


With the help of pictures, words, and other items, a vision board helps you visualize your biggest dreams and goals. Vision boards are often ridiculed as being bogus, but that is your mistake. The concept of vision boards is straightforward, and they work because of the power of visualization. You can create your dream life by visualizing your goals to help shape your mindset. A vision board is not just useful for making a wish come true, but it works on many levels as well.

  • When you make a vision board, you’ll get to identify and clear your goals, dreams, and intentions.
  • As a result, they become effective tools for aligning with and changing our values, gratitude, and lifestyle.
  • Dreams and goals are kept alive and believable in our minds and the world by vision boards, which act as visual affirmations.
  • We use them to focus on, plan, and accomplish the tasks necessary to achieve our dreams and goals.
  • You will not be able to achieve perfection with a vision board. This gives us more control over creativity in a way we sometimes forget is possible.
  • Let’s not get stuck in our routines and shoulds of life, but instead, consider what could be and what-ifs, and what maybe, maybe not, could be. 
  • Rather than always reacting to what is happening around us, how about focusing on what we would like to create.
  • Let’s put our own wishes first rather than letting others’ wishes dictate our actions.

Vision Board Ideas to Consider

Adding what you wish to your goal-setting vision board will depend upon what you hope to achieve in your life. A few examples are:

Financial Goals

Adding images of actual money or the items you would like to buy with the money may help you attract more wealth into your life, such as a home, car, bike, etc.

Relationship Goals

Images of happy couples doing romantic things may help you attract romantic love, such as enjoying a romantic dinner, going for a walk in the fresh air, traveling, cooking together, or just snuggling on the couch.

Happiness Goals

Include images that evoke a sense of joy for you if you wish to experience more joy in your life. Nature pictures, pictures of laughing people, cute animals – anything that makes you feel the emotion you wish to experience would be acceptable.

Spiritual Goals

Use images that evoke the kind of spiritual enlightenment you’re seeking if you hope to gain a deeper understanding and contentment. Your image can have specific associations with your faith tradition, or it can be a soothing image from nature that awakens harmony in your heart.

Travel Goals

Include pictures of the exact places you want to visit and the experiences you hope to have while there if you want to experience more travel and adventure.

Using images and other elements to communicate the things, places, and experiences that you wish to manifest in your life will make it easier to realize your dreams. The Law of Attraction will then be unlocked, and you will be able to attract the resources and opportunities that you need to succeed.

You should first check in with yourself and make sure that the vision board ideas you’re putting together align with your overall goals; otherwise, you may manifest situations that aren’t in line with your vision. 

How to Create a Vision Board: Step by Step

how to create a vision board

A vision board is a tool that can help you achieve your goals and bring clarity to what you want in your life. Finding the motivation to complete your goals can be hard. It can be even harder to keep it up! A vision board is a tool that will allow you to focus on what you want and create a plan for it. The foundation for achieving big or little things lies in the ability to visualize your goals. It is something you can look at every day in your home and be reminded of your goals and aspirations. Here are the steps to make one.

Step- 1: Set Your Goals.

First, you must define your goals, so your vision board embodies them. Identify the qualities you want your ideal life to contain and what you must accomplish in the next twelve months to get you there. A good place to start is setting goals.

Step- 2: Collect Magazines with Pictures.

When you do not read magazines or currently do not have any at home, ask your friends for any they no longer want. Additionally, you can pick them up at your local thrift store for just a dollar or two. Another option is to visit your local recycling center.

Step- 3: Choose a Picture that Represents Your Goals.

Make sure you cut out from the magazines or other materials pictures that you feel represent your goals in a meaningful way and speak to your heart.  Choose those that instantly get you jumping up and down with joy. It would be wonderful if we had that in our lives.

They don’t need to be physical objects or literal representations of what you want. Pay attention to how they make you feel instead. It’s okay if you can’t find a picture of your perfect dream house, for example, if you want waterfront property. It may be enough for you to be inspired by an idyllic picture of an ocean sunset.

You could also find a picture that represents love to you – an image of two persons holding hands or a picture of a heart – to attract a new romantic partner into your life instead of looking for a picture of a person who fits your physical ideals.  Your destiny is in your hands, and you can manifest whatever you desire.

Step- 4: Make a Collage Out of Your Photos.

You can now make your vision board after collecting enough photos. Create an attractive display of photos using poster paper or a corkboard. Once you have your pictures in place, you can glue or tape them.

Step- 5: Add Motivational Words.

It’s more important to focus on how you want to feel rather than what you want as your ideal life. To use your vision board to describe how you wish to feel, you can add words that describe how you desire to feel: joyful, powerful, abundant, fearless, strong, loved, healthy, or financially free.

Take some time to create a list of words that describe how you want to feel. You can search for these words in your magazines or write them yourself. Add them to your vision board in a visually attractive way. This will help you keep your motivation high even when the world around you is in chaos.

Step- 6: Think About Your Vision Board Every Day.

Your vision board should be placed somewhere you can see it every day if you want to get the most out of it. At least once or twice daily, you should look at your vision board.

Tips for Getting Inspired

a vision board

If you want your vision board to have the most impact on your life, follow these tips:

  • Feel the inspiration your dream board provides by looking at it regularly.
  • It is a great idea to read them aloud every day.
  • Visualize yourself living the life portrayed in your vision board as you close your eyes.
  • Create a vision for your future and feel it.
  • Think of it as already yours.
  • Take time to appreciate what you already have in your life.
  • Your accomplishments so far.
  • Be aware of the changes you’ve experienced.
  • Don’t take God for granted.
  • The Law of Attraction will influence your life if you accept it.
  • Take a look at it just before you go to bed and the moment you wake up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a vision board include?

Visual affirmations comprised of photographs, magazine words, clippings, and quotes are called vision boards.

How effective are Visionboards?

You can use vision boards to keep track of your goals and dreams every day. Visually seeing them every day is what makes vision boards so effective. Mental workouts such as visualization are among the most popular and effective.

Can you do a vision board online?

You can create a vision board online in just a few minutes. Online tools and other online applications can help you do it in a matter of minutes. To get started, you just need an internet-connected computer or mobile device. The process seems pretty straightforward to me.

What is the most important goal in life?

Happiness. At one stage of one’s life, some goals may seem more relevant, but they may become irrelevant at another. In the age of positive psychology, it’s universally acknowledged that happiness is one of life’s most important goals.

Can you make a vision board on your phone?

Canva is an incredible tool that enables anyone to create amazing designs! You’ll be able to make your digital vision board with this free tool, which you can use as your mobile or tablet background.

Final Words

We hope that you have enjoyed the content on how to create a vision board and will take some of the tips and great ideas shared to help make some changes in your life. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to make a vision board. Create one with whatever images are meaningful to you, goals that you want to achieve, memories from the past, places you want to travel, or just about anything else that inspires you. Have fun with it!

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