How To Clean Shaker Bottles

I could say that at home what is never lacking in the sink is a shaker to clean. There is always a dirty one up to the brim with water so it doesn’t smell bad and what was inside doesn’t dry out.

It is also common for Victor or I to come home with a dirty mixer in our backpack, which has been locked there for hours, in the heat. With this situation, I am describing the best breeding ground for bacteria to reign freely in these shakers.

Most of those that they give us in nutrition stores or those that are sold are made of plastic. We wash them by hand or with the dishwasher, but doesn’t it happen to you that after months of buying it starts to smell bad?

I have a ritual that I like to carry out because it completely disinfects the shakers, it removes the bad smell and all the remains that remain in the part of the lid where it screws and in the recesses of the container.

How To Clean Shaker Bottles

This is what we need to do a deep cleaning of your mixers:

  • Large container where to put them all unscrewed
  • Boiling water
  • Lemons to squeeze

The quantities will depend on how many shakers you are going to clean, in my case, for 6 shakers I used 3 lemons and about two liters of boiling water.

Let’s go to what we are going to do, doing this is very simple: the container is filled with boiling water to put the shakers inside. In my case, I choose two containers, since not everything fits in one and I heat the water in the kettle with which I heat water for tea or coffee.

Once I have the containers with water and I submerge the shakers, I squeeze the 2 or 3 lemons that I use to disinfect and remove bad odors. I stir the shakers well in the water so that the lemon reaches everywhere.

I put the containers aside and let them sit for a couple of hours to take effect.

When I take them out, I rinse them a little with water and either let them dry face up (so it does not smell musty and dries faster) or I dry them by hand with a napkin. And we already have the mixers totally clean for the following uses.

Is there another way to disinfect the shakers?

Some people substitute a few drops of bleach for lemon to disinfect. The truth is that having the option of lemon and having done so well with it, I prefer to avoid the use of chemicals as strong as bleach.

Is it necessary to do a deep cleaning of my mixers?

It is also possible that you wonder if it is necessary to do this, when you have never smelled the shakers, nor do you have any remains. If you don’t see it necessary, I don’t think you have to. Personally, it has always given me the impression that with plastic there are always remains of food, no matter how much we wash them like other things. I’ve been looking for glass mixers (like the one in tuppers) that would be much more hygienic for a long time, but I can’t find them and at the moment, this is how I keep it clean.

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