How to Clean Projector Screen

Projectors are becoming essential parts of our daily life day by day. Every projector comes with a large white screen. You can also notice a curtain-like sizable flat screen in your classroom or home theater. So, a projector is one of the essential parts of a projector.

However, you need to take care of the fabric projector screen from time to time. Dust and other dirt leave stains smudges on the screen. Since a dirty and stained screen fabric cannot provide a good quality image, you need to keep your projector screen neat and clean.

To clean the projector screen, you cannot just wash it off with water. In addition, different projector screens need different kinds of requirements. For example, an outdoor projector screen needs to be cleaned more often than a home theater projector screen.

This article will provide you with the ideal solution of how to clean projector screen.

How to Clean Projector Screen

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If you do not know about the correct process of cleaning a projector screen, you may end up damaging it. So, it is crucial to know the suitable method.

Different screen materials need to be washed off in different ways. But we will give you a general process that you can apply for any projector screen.

To keep your fabric projector screen clean, you must follow the methods below step by step:

Step 1: Remove the Dust

Compressed air can clean the dust from an electronic object. You can easily purchase a compressed air can from the shop. To remove minor stains and dust, spray the compressed air all over the screen.

Step 2: Create a DIY Formula

If you do not want to use any in-purchase cleaner, you can make a DIY cleaner at home. For the DIY formula, you need only water and dish soap. Add 95% pure water and 5% dish soap in a bowl. Then, mix it well. Your screen cleaner formula is ready.

Step 3: Wipe the Screen Gently

Now you need a clean microfiber or cotton cloth. First, soak the cloth with your DIY formula. After that, gently rub and wipe the screen fabric in a circular motion. In this process, most of the dirt will get removed.

Step 4: Dry out the Screen

Take a clean and dry cotton sheet. Now, wipe the whole screen to dry it. But you have to make sure that there is no water left out of the screen.

Step 5: Remove the Stubborn Spots

You may notice some projector screen stains even after drying it out. You can use rubbing alcohol or isopropyl only on those spots. But you have to be extra careful about that. For this purpose, soak a cotton bar with isopropyl and clean the stained areas. Then, wipe it with the other side of the cotton bar.

How to Clean an Ambient Light Rejecting Screen

You cannot apply the general method to clean an ambient light-rejecting projector screen because of its unique structure. But you follow the steps below-

  • Rinse a microfiber cloth with clean water and dab it on the screen. But it would help if you did not rub it.
  • If it is an old projector screen, mix water and Formula 409 into a 1:1 solution and wipe the screen gently.
  • Do not use Formula 409 directly on the screen.
  • Do not wipe the projector screen in a circular motion. Instead, wipe it in an up and down motion.
  • You cannot use another formula on the ambient light screen.

Additional Tips

It is not sufficient to know how to clean an elite projector screen. You should also get some extra knowledge besides how to clean projector screens.

Use Rubber gloves:

It would help more if you wore gloves while cleaning. If you do not use gloves, the projector screen may get stained again for your fingerprint.

Say No to Masking Tapes:

Some guidelines recommend using masking tapes for cleaning. However, we strongly disagree with this method. It increases the chance of damaging the projector screen fabric.

Do not Scrub:

A projector screen is a sharp object. So, never scrub the screen with a hard sponge or any scrubbing materials.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

Strong chemicals are harmful to projector screens. Always use homemade cleaners or mild chemicals.

Air Dry is Forbidden:

If you let the screen air dry, it can leave some spots on the screen. So, pat the projector screen gently with a soft dry cloth to avoid extra spots.

Read the Manual:

Most of the projector screens come with manuals. You can also clean the screen by following the given instructions.

Keep it Safe:

Take good care of the projector screen, whether outdoor or indoor projector screen. Fold the screen and keep it in a safe place after finishing the task. In this way, you can protect the screen much better from dirt.

What Should Consider to Purchase a Projector Screen

projector screen set for conference

Nowadays, people use projectors not only for watching movies in the theater but also for office and educational purposes. But you have to look for specific features like projector mirror and projector lens while buying the projector for you. At the same time, choosing a screen type is also essential.

Whether you enjoy a home-theater movie or games, you need a good projector screen. But different purposes require a different screen. So, it is always the best idea if you look for some essential things while buying a projector screen.

Projector Screen Fabric

One of the essential features of a projector screen is its fabric. Several projector screens come with different types of fabrics. However, you need to understand the Gain and Viewing Angle for selecting the right fabric projector screen.

Gain: Gain is the measurement that explains the screen brightness. The screen light gets brighter when you increase the gain.

Viewing Angle: Viewing Angle is the measurement to describe the highest angle from the screen center so that you can see a clear and bright image from any angle.

The balance between these two features is vital for a screen fabric. If the Gain and Viewing Angle work together with a balance, your projector can create a perfect image. So, make sure that the screen has a good Gain and Viewing Angle.

Other features you look for a screen fabric –

Fabric color: Not every screen fabric can create a perfect and crystal clear image. So, you have to choose either white or gray fabric for your screen. The white screen is suitable for a bright place, and the gray screen deals with a dark room.

Transparency: Acoustic transparency is vital for sound effects. Manufacturers make the screen fabric with tiny, barely noticeable holes to reflect the sound.

Types of Projector Screens

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You will find a wide variety of projector screens when you buy one. The projector screens come with portable, ceiling mountable, trim, and many more versions. Your projector screen will vary according to different applications.

Portable Projector Screen

If you often have to move the projector, then a portable screen projector is best. Besides, the portable projector screen is getting popular in schools, colleges, and offices because of its different sizes and portability. You will typically find two types of portable screen projectors- tripods and floor rising.

Electric Projector Screen

Many professionals now prefer an electric projector screen as it is usually significant. An electric projector screen is suitable for a conference room, auditorium, or large classroom. Besides, you can get Floor Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Wall Mounted, and other versions.

Manual Projector Screen

Are you looking for a budget-friendly projector screen for your home theater? You can choose a manual projector screen. This type of screen has an essential window shade operation.

However, they are comparatively easy to use and install. Instead of using a remote or switch, you have to pull down the screen by hand to extend it manually.

Usually, a manual projector screen is small in size. If you want a casual projector with a low budget, a manual screen can be a good option for you.

Fixed Frame Projector Screen

A fixed-frame projector screen is popular in the business marketplace. Although it provides a larger screen image, it is significantly time-consuming.

Projector Screen Paint

If you need a permanent projector screen, a projector screen paint is an easy solution. It is super easy to install and use.

Projector Screen Size

Size is one of the most considerable things while buying a projector screen. Screen sizes vary according to different requirements. For instance, a large Ceiling Mounted or Wall Mounted projector screen is required for a large auditorium or seminar room. On the other hand, a medium-sized screen is enough for your cozy home theater.


The last thing you need for a projector screen setup Is the accessories. After selecting the projector screen type, fabric and size, choose a screen accessory that suits your projector screen best. You may need some cables, remote, project mounts, and other stuff to operate your screen.

Those are the basic features you need to look for while buying a projector screen. But we cannot help mentioning another matter. To clean the projector screen stains, make sure that the screen includes the manual for cleaning the projector screen.

Some extra tips –

  • Please make sure of the high fabric quality of the outdoor projector screen as it gets easily dirty.
  • You have to select a flat and smooth surface for projector screen paint.
  • Select a projector screen according to the projector lens size.


How Do You Remove Stains From a Projector Screen?

Follow the steps to remove stains from projector screen –

  • Spray compressed air to remove dust and small spots.
  • Use Formula 409 or homemade cleaner to clean the screen.
  • Soak a microfiber cloth with a cleaner.
  • Wipe the screen gently with the cloth.
  • Dry out the screen with another dry and soft cloth.
  • Use rubbing alcohol or isopropyl only on the stained areas to remove extra marks.

However, strong and harsh chemicals are not recommended for removing stains from an ambient light projector screen.

Can the Projector Screen Get Wet?

Different projector screens have different fabric materials. But not all of them are water-resistant. Some projector screens can get wet. Even though the screens don’t get wet, the water can damage the reflective coat of the screen. In addition, the screen can get stained if you air dry it after washing. So, keeping your projector screen away from water is always safe.

Why Is My Projector Screen Sticky??

Your projector screen can get sticky for two main reasons. The usual cause is the dirt and other outer stuff. You can easily remove this type of stickiness only by cleaning the screen correctly. However, another reason can be the vinyl decomposing. In this case, you can either fix it temporarily or get a new one.

Can You Wash an Outdoor Projector Screen?

An outdoor projector screen can get easily dirty. But you can wash it with the proper method. You can follow the tips to wash your outdoor projector screen –

  • Do not fold your outdoor projector screen while it is wet; otherwise, the screen gets damaged.
  • Since the outdoor projector screen has a high-quality frame and surface with durable materials, avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Rinse the screen thoroughly after washing it with soap or dishwasher.

What Can I Use to Clean the Projector??

You can use clean water and some light chemicals to clean the projector. The suitable materials for cleaning a projector are –

  • Soft cotton or microfiber sheet.
  • Distilled water.
  • Mild soap or dishwasher.
  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • Isopropyl.
  • Dry cotton cloth.
  • Compressed air spray.


A projector screen is an inevitable part of every projector. The projectors get popular among everyone as they offer different sizes and types of projector screens.

However, to keep your projector screen in good condition, you need to clean it sometimes. But it is not a simple cloth or object that you can wash off with detergent. You need to know how to clean projector screen.

You can find several projector screens with many options. First, decide which type of screen you need and then look for it. If you often need to use a projector screen, look for the easily manageable one.

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